The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind TRIBUNAL Game of the Year Edition Searchable Database

45 Results For SPEL:FNAM 250 Max
Almalexia's Blessing
Almalexia's Grace
Almalexia's Light
Almalexia's Shield
Almalexia's Wrath
Barenziah's Fire
Blood Curse: Fatigue
Crimson Plague
Dire Shockball
Dread Curse: Health
Fabricant Shock
Gaenor's Abilities
Gaenor's Escape
Gedna's Barrier
Gedna's Damage
Gedna's Refill
Grace of Almsivi
Harthoon's Heavy Eyes
Her Guard Against Terror
Her Hand
Her Hand
Her Ironskin
Her Mirror
Her Mirror
Her Reflected Glory
Her Tamed Lightning
Master Fire Trap
Master Frost Trap
Master Poison Trap
Master Shock Trap
Projectile Trap Spell
Proximity Mine Fire
Proximity Mine Frost
Proximity Mine Life
Proximity Mine Poison
Proximity Mine Shock
Resist Fire
Resist Normal Weapons
Resist Paralysis
Resist Paralysis
Royal Blood
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