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CELL:NAMEAld-ruhn, Arobar Manor BedroomsAld-ruhn, Arobar Manor Bedrooms
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Hall of WailsBamz-Amschend, Hall of Wails
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Hall of WindsBamz-Amschend, Hall of Winds
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Hearthfire HallBamz-Amschend, Hearthfire Hall
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, King's WalkBamz-Amschend, King's Walk
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Passage of the WalkerBamz-Amschend, Passage of the Walker
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Passage of WhispersBamz-Amschend, Passage of Whispers
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Radac's ForgeBamz-Amschend, Radac's Forge
CELL:NAMEBamz-Amschend, Skybreak GalleryBamz-Amschend, Skybreak Gallery
CELL:NAMEClutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!
CELL:NAMEDagoth Ur, Facility CavernDagoth Ur, Facility Cavern
CELL:NAMEEbonheart, Grand Council ChambersEbonheart, Grand Council Chambers
CELL:NAMEMournhold TempleMournhold Temple
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: BasementMournhold Temple: Basement
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: Hall of MinistryMournhold Temple: Hall of Ministry
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: High ChapelMournhold Temple: High Chapel
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: InfirmaryMournhold Temple: Infirmary
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: Office of the Lord ArchcanonMournhold Temple: Office of the Lord Archcanon
CELL:NAMEMournhold Temple: Reception AreaMournhold Temple: Reception Area
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Andoren ManorMournhold, Andoren Manor
CELL:NAMEMournhold, ArmoryMournhold, Armory
CELL:NAMEMournhold, BooksellerMournhold, Bookseller
CELL:NAMEMournhold, ClothierMournhold, Clothier
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Craftsmen's HallMournhold, Craftsmen's Hall
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Geon Auline's HouseMournhold, Geon Auline's House
CELL:NAMEMournhold, GodsreachMournhold, Godsreach
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Great BazaarMournhold, Great Bazaar
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Ignatius Flaccus' HouseMournhold, Ignatius Flaccus' House
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Llethan ManorMournhold, Llethan Manor
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Magic ShopMournhold, Magic Shop
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Museum of ArtifactsMournhold, Museum of Artifacts
CELL:NAMEMournhold, PawnbrokerMournhold, Pawnbroker
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Plaza Brindisi DoromMournhold, Plaza Brindisi Dorom
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal PalaceMournhold, Royal Palace
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace Throne RoomMournhold, Royal Palace Throne Room
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Barenziah's ChambersMournhold, Royal Palace: Barenziah's Chambers
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: BasementMournhold, Royal Palace: Basement
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: CourtyardMournhold, Royal Palace: Courtyard
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Guards' QuartersMournhold, Royal Palace: Guards' Quarters
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Helseth's ChambersMournhold, Royal Palace: Helseth's Chambers
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Imperial Cult ServicesMournhold, Royal Palace: Imperial Cult Services
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: JailMournhold, Royal Palace: Jail
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Legion DepotMournhold, Royal Palace: Legion Depot
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Royal Palace: Reception AreaMournhold, Royal Palace: Reception Area
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Sadri ManorMournhold, Sadri Manor
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Secret OfficeMournhold, Secret Office
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Temple CourtyardMournhold, Temple Courtyard
CELL:NAMEMournhold, The Winged GuarMournhold, The Winged Guar
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Thendas ManorMournhold, Thendas Manor
CELL:NAMEMournhold, TraderMournhold, Trader
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Vacant ManorMournhold, Vacant Manor
CELL:NAMEMournhold, Velas ManorMournhold, Velas Manor
CELL:NAMENorenen-dur, Basilica of Divine WhispersNorenen-dur, Basilica of Divine Whispers
CELL:NAMENorenen-dur, Citadel of Myn DhrurNorenen-dur, Citadel of Myn Dhrur
CELL:NAMENorenen-dur, The Grand StairNorenen-dur, The Grand Stair
CELL:NAMENorenen-dur, The Teeth that GnashNorenen-dur, The Teeth that Gnash
CELL:NAMENorenen-dur, The WailingdelveNorenen-dur, The Wailingdelve
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Abandoned CryptOld Mournhold: Abandoned Crypt
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Abandoned PassagewayOld Mournhold: Abandoned Passageway
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Armory RuinsOld Mournhold: Armory Ruins
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: BattlefieldOld Mournhold: Battlefield
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Bazaar SewersOld Mournhold: Bazaar Sewers
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: City GateOld Mournhold: City Gate
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Forgotten SewerOld Mournhold: Forgotten Sewer
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's TombOld Mournhold: Gedna Relvel's Tomb
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Manor DistrictOld Mournhold: Manor District
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, CourtyardOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, Courtyard
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, East BuildingOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, East Building
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, North BuildingOld Mournhold: Moril Manor, North Building
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Palace SewersOld Mournhold: Palace Sewers
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Residential RuinsOld Mournhold: Residential Ruins
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Residential SewersOld Mournhold: Residential Sewers
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Tears of Amun-ShaeOld Mournhold: Tears of Amun-Shae
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple CatacombsOld Mournhold: Temple Catacombs
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple CryptOld Mournhold: Temple Crypt
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple GardensOld Mournhold: Temple Gardens
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple SewersOld Mournhold: Temple Sewers
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple Sewers EastOld Mournhold: Temple Sewers East
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple Sewers WestOld Mournhold: Temple Sewers West
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Temple ShrineOld Mournhold: Temple Shrine
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Teran HallOld Mournhold: Teran Hall
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: Teran Hall, East BldgOld Mournhold: Teran Hall, East Bldg
CELL:NAMEOld Mournhold: West SewersOld Mournhold: West Sewers
CELL:NAMEPelagiad, Ignatius Flaccus' HousePelagiad, Ignatius Flaccus' House
CELL:NAMESeyda NeenSeyda Neen
CELL:NAMESeyda NeenSeyda Neen
CELL:NAMESotha Sil,Sotha Sil,
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Central GearworksSotha Sil, Central Gearworks
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Chamber of SohlehSotha Sil, Chamber of Sohleh
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Dome of KasiaSotha Sil, Dome of Kasia
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Dome of SerlynSotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Dome of Sotha SilSotha Sil, Dome of Sotha Sil
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Dome of the ImperfectSotha Sil, Dome of the Imperfect
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Dome of UdokSotha Sil, Dome of Udok
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Hall of DeliriumSotha Sil, Hall of Delirium
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Hall of MileithoSotha Sil, Hall of Mileitho
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Hall of SallaemuSotha Sil, Hall of Sallaemu
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Hall of TheudaSotha Sil, Hall of Theuda
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Inner Flooded HallsSotha Sil, Inner Flooded Halls
CELL:NAMESotha Sil, Outer Flooded HallsSotha Sil, Outer Flooded Halls
CELL:NAMEVivec, High FaneVivec, High Fane
CELL:NAMEVivec, Palace of VivecVivec, Palace of Vivec
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