The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Bloodmoon Game of the Year Edition Searchable Database

33 Results For SPEL:FNAM 250 Max
Call Bear
Call Wolf
Eddard's Wrath
Erlendr's Speed
Eye of the Wolf
Glenmoril Witch Teleport
Hircine Resists1
Hircine Resists1
Hircine Resists1
Hroldar's Death Blast
Hrothmund's Blessing
Hunroor's Agility
Hunter's Venom
Hunter's Wind
Icy Blood
Immune to Paralysis
Karstaag Resists1
Nikulas's Personality
Resist Paralysis
Sanies Lupinus
Snow Shield
Spirit of the Wolf
Summon Bonewolf
TouchDrain Agility
Trespasser's Bane
Ulfgar Ghost
Ulfgar's Death Blast
Ulfgar's Strength
Weak From Bloodlust
Werewolf Resistances
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