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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition

990 Results

1absorb agilityAbsorb Agility
2absorb agility [ranged]Absorb Agility [Ranged]
3absorb enduranceAbsorb Endurance
4absorb endurance [ranged]Absorb Endurance [Ranged]
5absorb fatigueAbsorb Fatigue
6absorb fatigue [ranged]Absorb Fatigue [Ranged]
7absorb healthAbsorb Health
8absorb health [ranged]Absorb Health [Ranged]
9absorb intelligenceAbsorb Intelligence
10absorb intelligence [ranged]Absorb Intelligence [Ranged]
11absorb luckAbsorb Luck
12absorb luck [ranged]Absorb Luck [Ranged]
13absorb personalityAbsorb Personality
14absorb personality [ranged]Absorb Personality [Ranged]
15absorb speedAbsorb Speed
16absorb speed [ranged]Absorb Speed [Ranged]
17absorb spell pointsAbsorb Spell Points
18absorb spell points [ranged]Absorb Spell Points [Ranged]
19absorb strengthAbsorb Strength
20absorb strength [ranged]Absorb Strength [Ranged]
21absorb willpowerAbsorb Willpower
22absorb willpower [ranged]Absorb Willpower [Ranged]
23adrenaline rushAdrenaline Rush
24akaviri danger-senseAkaviri Danger-sense
25alad's caliginyAlad's Caliginy
26alit biteAlit Bite
27almalexia's graceAlmalexia's Grace
28almsivi interventionAlmsivi Intervention
29Almsivi RestorationAlmsivi Restoration
30Almsivi Restore FighterAlmsivi Restore Fighter
31Almsivi Restore MageAlmsivi Restore Mage
32Almsivi Restore OtherAlmsivi Restore Other
33Almsivi Restore StealthAlmsivi Restore Stealth
34ancestor guardianAncestor Guardian
35aralor's interventionAralor's Intervention
36armor eaterArmor Eater
37cure_blight_targetAryon's Blight Cure
38Aryon_restAryon's Rest
39ash curse: fatigueAsh Curse: Fatigue
40ash curse: healthAsh Curse: Health
41ash curse: spell pointsAsh Curse: Spell Points
42ash feastAsh Feast
43ash woe blightAsh Woe Blight
45assured balanced armorAssured Balanced Armor
46assured deep bitingAssured Deep Biting
47assured denialAssured Denial
48assured enterpriseAssured Enterprise
49assured fleetnessAssured Fleetness
50assured fluid evasionAssured Fluid Evasion
51assured glib speechAssured Glib Speech
52assured golden wisdomAssured Golden Wisdom
53assured green wisdomAssured Green Wisdom
54assured hewingAssured Hewing
55assured horny fistAssured Horny Fist
56assured impaling thrustAssured Impaling Thrust
57assured leapingAssured Leaping
58assured martial craftAssured Martial Craft
59assured nimble armorAssured Nimble Armor
60assured red wisdomAssured Red Wisdom
61assured safekeepingAssured Safekeeping
62assured silver wisdomAssured Silver Wisdom
63assured smitingAssured Smiting
64assured stalkingAssured Stalking
65assured stolid armorAssured Stolid Armor
66assured sublime wisdomAssured Sublime Wisdom
67assured sureflightAssured Sureflight
68assured swiftbladeAssured Swiftblade
69assured transcendant wisdomAssured Transcendant Wisdom
70assured transfiguring wisdomAssured Transfiguring Wisdom
71assured unseen wisdomAssured Unseen Wisdom
73baleful glowerBaleful Glower
74balyna's antidoteBalyna's Antidote
75balyna's efficacious balmBalyna's Efficacious Balm
76balyna's perfect balmBalyna's Perfect Balm
77balyna's soothing balmBalyna's Soothing Balm
78beast tongueBeast Tongue
79beggar's nose spellBeggar's Nose
81black handBlack Hand
82black-heart blightBlack-Heart Blight
83blessed touchBlessed Touch
84blessed wordBlessed Word
85shrine_dagonfel_spBlessings of the First Corner
86shrine_alddaedroth_spBlessings of the Fourth Corner
87shrine_aldsotha_spBlessings of the Second Corner
88shrine_balur2_spBlessings of the Third Corner
89blight disease immunityBlight Disease Immunity
93blood despairBlood Despair
94blood giftBlood Gift
95blood of the northBlood of the North
96blood_rage_uniqueBlood Rage
97blood sacrificeBlood Sacrifice
98bone guardBone Guard
99bound battle-axeBound Battle-Axe
100bound bootsBound Boots
101bound cuirassBound Cuirass
102bound daggerBound Dagger
103bound gauntletsBound Gauntlets
104bound helmBound Helm
105bound longbowBound Longbow
106bound longswordBound Longsword
107bound maceBound Mace
108bound shieldBound Shield
109bound spearBound Spear
110brevusa's averted eyesBrevusa's Averted Eyes
111brown rotBrown Rot
114burden of sinBurden of Sin
115burden touchBurden Touch
116burning handBurning Hand
117burning touchBurning Touch
118calm creatureCalm Creature
119calm humanoidCalm Humanoid
120calming touchCalming Touch
123chanthrax blightChanthrax Blight
124charioteer abilityCharioteer
126charm mortalCharm Mortal
127charming touchCharming Touch
131clumsy touchClumsy Touch
133colovia's graceColovia's Grace
134command beastCommand Beast
135command creatureCommand Creature
136command humanoidCommand Humanoid
137shrine_balur_spCommand of the Third Corner
138commanding touchCommanding Touch
139common disease immunityCommon Disease Immunity
142corprus immunityCorprus Immunity
143crimson despairCrimson Despair
144cruel earwigCruel Earwig
145cruel firebloomCruel Firebloom
146cruel noiseCruel Noise
147cruel wearyCruel Weary
148crushing burdenCrushing Burden
149crushing burden of sinCrushing Burden of Sin
150crushing burden touchCrushing Burden Touch
151crying eyeCrying Eye
152Cure Blight DiseaseCure Blight Disease
153Cure Blight_SelfCure Blight Disease
154cure common diseaseCure Common Disease
155sp_ccdCure Common Disease
156cure common disease otherCure Common Disease on Other
157cure common disease victimCure Common Disease Victim
158cure corprus diseaseCure Corprus Disease
159cure corpus diseaseCure Corpus Disease
160cure poisonCure Poison
161cure poison touchCure Poison on Touch
162curse agilityCurse Agility
163curse enduranceCurse Endurance
164curse fatigueCurse Fatigue
165curse healthCurse Health
166curse intelligenceCurse Intelligence
167curse luckCurse Luck
168curse personalityCurse Personality
169curse speedCurse Speed
170curse spell pointsCurse Spell Points
171curse strengthCurse Strength
172curse willpowerCurse Willpower
173daedric agilityDaedric Agility
174daedric biteDaedric Bite
175daedric enduranceDaedric Endurance
176daedric fatigueDaedric Fatigue
177daedric healthDaedric Health
178daedric intelligenceDaedric Intelligence
179daedric luckDaedric Luck
180daedric personalityDaedric Personality
181daedric speedDaedric Speed
182daedric strengthDaedric Strength
183daedric willpowerDaedric Willpower
184dagoth_ur_shield_01Dagoth Ur Fire
185dagoth_ur_shield_02Dagoth Ur Frost
186dagoth_ur_shield_04Dagoth Ur Magicka
187dagoth_ur_shield_03Dagoth Ur Shock
188dagoth's bosomDagoth's Bosom
190deadly poisonDeadly Poison
191deadly poison [ranged]Deadly Poison [Ranged]
192demoralize beastDemoralize Beast
193demoralize creatureDemoralize Creature
194demoralize humanoidDemoralize Humanoid
195demoralizing touchDemoralizing Touch
196detect_creatureDetect Creature
197detect enchantmentDetect Enchantment
198detect_keyDetect Key
199dire earwigDire Earwig
200dire noiseDire Noise
201nchuleftingth_trap_spDire Viper
202dire weakness to fireDire Weakness to Fire
203dire weakness to frostDire Weakness to Frost
204dire weakness to magickaDire Weakness to Magicka
205dire weakness to poisonDire Weakness to Poison
206dire weakness to shockDire Weakness to Shock
207dire wearyDire Weary
208disintegrate armorDisintegrate Armor
209disintegrate weaponDisintegrate Weapon
211distracting touchDistracting Touch
213Vivec_AbilitiesDivine Abilities
214divine aidDivine Aid
215divine interventionDivine Intervention
217dragon skinDragon Skin
218drain acrobaticsDrain Acrobatics
219drain alchemyDrain Alchemy
220drain alterationDrain Alteration
221drain armorerDrain Armorer
222drain athleticsDrain Athletics
223drain axeDrain Axe
224drain blockDrain Block
225drain bloodDrain Blood
226drain blunt weaponDrain Blunt Weapon
227drain conjurationDrain Conjuration
228drain destructionDrain Destruction
229drain enchantDrain Enchant
230drain hand-to-handDrain Hand-to-Hand
231drain heavy armorDrain Heavy Armor
232drain illusionDrain Illusion
233drain light armorDrain Light Armor
234drain long bladeDrain Long Blade
235drain marksmanDrain Marksman
236drain medium armorDrain Medium Armor
237drain mercantileDrain Mercantile
238drain mysticismDrain Mysticism
239drain restorationDrain Restoration
240drain securityDrain Security
241drain short bladeDrain Short Blade
242drain sneakDrain Sneak
243drain spearDrain Spear
244drain speechcraftDrain Speechcraft
245drain unarmoredDrain Unarmored
246Dratha_SpiteDratha's Spite
247dread curse: agilityDread Curse: Agility
248dread curse: enduranceDread Curse: Endurance
249dread curse: fatigueDread Curse: Fatigue
250dread curse: healthDread Curse: Health
251dread curse: intelligenceDread Curse: Intelligence
252dread curse: luckDread Curse: Luck
253dread curse: personalityDread Curse: Personality
254dread curse: speedDread Curse: Speed
255dread curse: spell pointsDread Curse: Spell Points
256dread curse: strengthDread Curse: Strength
257dread curse: willpowerDread Curse: Willpower
259summon_centurion_uniqueDwemer Animunculi
261SP_HVaultTrapElectrical Discharge
262elfborn abilityElfborn
264emperor's blessingEmperor's Blessing
265energy leechEnergy Leech
267enervating touchEnervating Touch
269erelvam's wild styErelvam's Wild Sty
270evil eyeEvil Eye
271exhausting touchExhausting Touch
273eye of fearEye of Fear
274eye of nightEye of Night
275eye of talosEye of Talos
276far silenceFar Silence
277father ahazFather Ahaz
278father's handFather's Hand
279fay abilityFay
281feet of notorgoFeet of Notorgo
282felms' gloryFelms' Glory
283fenrick's doorjamFenrick's Doorjam
284shrine_kummu_spFields of Kummu Blessing
285fierce fire shieldFierce Fire Shield
286fierce frost shieldFierce Frost Shield
287fierce shock shieldFierce Shock Shield
288fifth barrierFifth Barrier
289fire barrierFire Barrier
290fire_fathasa_uniqueFire Barrier
291fire biteFire Bite
292fire shieldFire Shield
293fire stormFire Storm
294trap_fire00Fire Trap
298first barrierFirst Barrier
299five fingers of painFive Fingers of Pain
303flay spiritFlay Spirit
304flay spirit [ranged]Flay Spirit [Ranged]
306force boltForce Bolt
307fortify acrobatics skillFortify Acrobatics Skill
308fortify alchemy skillFortify Alchemy Skill
309fortify alteration skillFortify Alteration Skill
310fortify armorer skillFortify Armorer Skill
311fortify athletics skillFortify Athletics Skill
312fortify axe skillFortify Axe Skill
313fortify block skillFortify Block Skill
314fortify blunt weapons skillFortify Blunt Weapons Skill
315fortify conjuration skillFortify Conjuration Skill
316fortify destruction skillFortify Destruction Skill
317fortify enchant skillFortify Enchant Skill
318fortify hand to hand skillFortify Hand to Hand Skill
319fortify heavy armor skillFortify Heavy Armor Skill
320fortify illusion skillFortify Illusion Skill
321fortify light armor skillFortify Light Armor Skill
322fortify long blade skillFortify Long Blade Skill
323fortify marksman skillFortify Marksman Skill
324fortify medium armor skillFortify Medium Armor Skill
325fortify mercantile skillFortify Mercantile Skill
326fortify mysticism skillFortify Mysticism Skill
327fortify restoration skillFortify Restoration Skill
328fortify security skillFortify Security Skill
329fortify short blade skillFortify Short Blade Skill
330fortify sneak skillFortify Sneak Skill
331fortify spear skillFortify Spear Skill
332fortify speechcraft skillFortify Speechcraft Skill
333fortify unarmored skillFortify Unarmored Skill
335fourth barrierFourth Barrier
336free actionFree Action
337freezing touchFreezing Touch
338frenzy beastFrenzy Beast
339frenzy creatureFrenzy Creature
340frenzy humanoidFrenzy Humanoid
341frenzying touchFrenzying Touch
342frost barrierFrost Barrier
343frost boltFrost Bolt
344frost_shieldFrost Shield
345frost shieldFrost Shield
346frost stormFrost Storm
347trap_frost00Frost Trap
354gash spiritGash Spirit
355gash spirit [ranged]Gash Spirit [Ranged]
356ghost abilityGhost Ability
357Ghost CurseGhost Curse
358ghost guardGhost Guard
359ghost_snakeGhost Snake
360shrine_ghostgate_spGhostgate Shrine Blessing
361sp_glyphofweaknessGlyph of Weakness
362shrine_gnisis_spGnisis Shrine Blessing
363god's fireGod's Fire
364god's frostGod's Frost
365god's sparkGod's Spark
366golanar's eye-mazeGolanar's Eye-Maze
367Gothren_goutGothren's Gout
368grave curse: agilityGrave Curse: Agilitiy
369grave curse: enduranceGrave Curse: Endurance
370grave curse: fatigueGrave Curse: Fatigue
371grave curse: healthGrave Curse: Health
372grave curse: intelligenceGrave Curse: Intelligence
373grave curse: luckGrave Curse: Luck
374grave curse: spell pointsGrave Curse: Magicka
375grave curse: personalityGrave Curse: Personality
376grave curse: speedGrave Curse: Speed
377grave curse: strengthGrave Curse: Strength
378grave curse: willpowerGrave Curse: Willpower
379great burden of sinGreat Burden of Sin
380great featherGreat Feather
381great heal companionGreat Heal Companion
382great levitateGreat Levitate
383great openGreat Open
384great resist common diseaseGreat Resist Common Disease
385great resist corprus diseaseGreat Resist Corprus Disease
386great resist corpus diseaseGreat Resist Corpus Disease
387great resist fireGreat Resist Fire
388great resist frostGreat Resist Frost
389great resist magickaGreat Resist Magicka
390great resist shockGreat Resist Shock
391Fireball_largeGreater Fireball
392Frostball_largeGreater Frostball
393greater resist poisonGreater Resist Poison
394shockball_largeGreater Shockball
397hand of araynysHand of Araynys
398hand of dagothHand of Dagoth
399hand of azuraHand of Dagoth
400hand of decayHand of Decay
401hand of endusHand of Endus
402hand of gilvothHand of Gilvoth
403hand of odrosHand of Odros
404hand of sleepHand of Sleep
405hand of the hart-kingHand of the Hart-King
406hand of tureynulHand of Tureynul
407hand of utholHand of Uthol
408hand of vemynHand of Vemyn
409hand of vivecHand of Vivec
410heal companionHeal Companion
411sp_rangedhealHealing Word
413hearth healHearth Heal
414heavy burdenHeavy Burden
415heavy burden touchHeavy Burden Touch
419holy touchHoly Touch
420holy wordHoly Word
422icarian_flightIcarian Flight
423immune to diseaseImmune to Disease
424immune to fireImmune to Fire
425immune to frostImmune to Frost
426immune to normal weaponsImmune to Normal Weapons
427immune to poisonImmune to Poison
428immune to shockImmune to Shock
429imperial acrobatics skillImperial Acrobatics Skill
430imperial alchemy skillImperial Alchemy Skill
431imperial alteration skillImperial Alteration Skill
432imperial armorer skillImperial Armorer Skill
433imperial athletics skillImperial Athletics Skill
434imperial axe skillImperial Axe Skill
435imperial block skillImperial Block Skill
436imperial blunt weapon skillImperial Blunt Weapon Skill
437imperial conjuration skillImperial Conjuration Skill
438imperial destruction skillImperial Destruction Skill
439imperial enchant skillImperial Enchant Skill
440imperial hand to hand skillImperial Hand to Hand Skill
441imperial heavy armor skillImperial Heavy Armor Skill
442imperial illusion skillImperial Illusion Skill
443imperial light armor skillImperial Light Armor Skill
444imperial long blade skillImperial Long Blade Skill
445imperial marksman skillImperial Marksman Skill
446imperial medium armor skillImperial Medium Armor Skill
447imperial mercantile skillImperial Mercantile Skill
448imperial mysticism skillImperial Mysticism Skill
449imperial restoration skillImperial Restoration Skill
450imperial security skillImperial Security Skill
451imperial short blade skillImperial Short Blade Skill
452imperial sneak skillImperial Sneak Skill
453imperial spear skillImperial Spear Skill
454imperial speechcraft skillImperial Speechcraft Skill
455imperial unarmored skillImperial Unarmored Skill
457chameleon_100_uniqueInvisibility Curse
458iron willIron Will
460jack of tradesJack of Trades
462knuckle luckKnuckle Luck
463shrine_koalcave_spKoal Cave Blessing
464kwama_poisonKwama Poison
465lady's favorLady's Favor
466lady's graceLady's Grace
467lady's grace shrineLady's Grace
469drain health_fatigueLife Force
470trap_health00Lifeforce Trap
472lightning boltLightning Bolt
473lightning shieldLightning Shield
474lightning stormLightning Storm
475llivam's reversalLlivam's Reversal
477lover's kissLover's Kiss
478luck_of_the_emperorLuck of the Emperor
479lustidrike_cocktailLustidrike Cocktail
480water_walk_UNIQUEM'aiq's Water Walking
481shrine_maargan_npc_spMaar Gan Blessings
482shrine_maargan_spMaar Gan Shrine
483magicka mult bonus_5Magicka Bonus
484magicka mult bonus_15Magicka Bonus
485magicka mult bonus_10Magicka Bonus
486magicka leechMagicka Leech
488mara's giftMara's Gift
490masterful balanced armorMasterful Balanced Armor
491masterful deep bitingMasterful Deep Biting
492masterful denialMasterful Denial
493masterful enterpriseMasterful Enterprise
494masterful fleetnessMasterful Fleetness
495masterful fluid evasionMasterful Fluid Evasion
496masterful glib speechMasterful Glib Speech
497masterful golden wisdomMasterful Golden Wisdom
498masterful green wisdomMasterful Green Wisdom
499masterful hewingMasterful Hewing
500masterful horny fistMasterful Horny Fist
501masterful impaling thrustMasterful Impaling Thrust
502masterful leapingMasterful Leaping
503masterful martial craftMasterful Martial Craft
504masterful nimble armorMasterful Nimble Armor
505masteful red wisdomMasterful Red Wisdom
506masterful red wisdomMasterful Red Wisdom
507masterful safekeepingMasterful Safekeeping
508masterful silver wisdomMasterful Silver Wisdom
509masterful smitingMasterful Smiting
510masterful stalkingMasterful Stalking
511masteful stolid armorMasterful Stolid Armor
512masterful stolid armorMasterful Stolid Armor
513masterful sublime wisdomMasterful Sublime Wisdom
514masterful sureflightMasterful Sureflight
515masterful swiftbladeMasterful Swiftblade
516masterful transcendant wisdomMasterful Transcendant Wisdom
517masterful transfiguring wisdomMasterful Transfiguring Wisdom
518masterful unseen wisdomMasterful Unseen Wisdom
519medusa's gazeMedusa's Gaze
520skillmephala_spMephala's Skill
521meris' wardingMeris' Warding
522meris's wardingMeris's Warding
523misfortunate touchMisfortunate Touch
525mooncalf abilityMooncalf
526mooneye abilityMooneye
528mother's kissMother's Kiss
529shrine_mountkand_spMount Kand Shrine
530nibenay's witNibenay's Wit
534Ogrul's_Lucky_AgainOgrul's Lucky Again
535Ogrul's_Quick_AgainOgrul's Quick Again
536Ogrul's_Staunch_AgainOgrul's Staunch Again
537Ogrul's_Strong_AgainOgrul's Strong-Again
538olms' benedictionOlms' Benediction
539ondusi's open doorOndusi's Open Door
541orc's strengthOrc Strength
542ordeal of st. olmsOrdeal of St. Olms
543shrine_palace_spPalace Blessings
547trap_paralyze00Paralysis Trap
548poet's whimPoet's Whim
550trap_poison00Poison Trap
553poisonous touchPoisonous Touch
554vampire blood aundaePorphyric Hemophilia
555vampire blood bernePorphyric Hemophilia
556vampire blood quarraPorphyric Hemophilia
557potent poisonPotent Poison
558potent poison [ranged]Potent Poison [Ranged]
560purge magicPurge Magic
561shrine_puzzle_spPuzzle Canal Blessings
563rally beastRally Beast
564rally creatureRally Creature
565rally humanoidRally Humanoid
566rallying touchRallying Touch
567rapid regenerateRapid Regenerate
570red despairRed Despair
575regenerate [ability]Regenerate
576reman's girdleReman's Girdle
577resist coldResist Cold
578resist common diseaseResist Common Disease
579resist corprus diseaseResist Corprus Disease
580resist corpus diseaseResist Corpus Disease
581resist disease_75Resist Disease
582resist fire_50Resist Fire
583resist fireResist Fire
584resist fire_75Resist Fire
585resist frostResist Frost
586resist frost_75Resist Frost
587resist frost_50Resist Frost
588resist magicka_50Resist Magicka
589resist magickaResist Magicka
590resist magicka_25Resist Magicka
591resist paralysisResist Paralysis
592resist poison_75Resist Poison
593resist poisonResist Poison
594resist shock_50Resist Shock
595resist shockResist Shock
596resist shock_75Resist Shock
597rest of st. merrisRest of St. Merris
598restore agilityRestore Agility
599restore attributesRestore Attributes
600restore enduranceRestore Endurance
601Restore FighterRestore Fighter
602restore intelligenceRestore Intelligence
603restore luckRestore Luck
604Restore MageRestore Mage
605Restore OtherRestore Other
606restore personalityRestore Personality
607restore speedRestore Speed
608Restore StealthRestore Stealth
609restore strengthRestore Strength
610restore willpowerRestore Willpower
612rilm's cureRilm's Cure
613rilm's giftRilm's Gift
614rilm's graceRilm's Grace
616roris' bloomRoris' Bloom
617roris's bloomRoris's Bloom
618rust chancreRust Chancre
619saguine leapingSaguine Leaping
620saintly touchSaintly Touch
621saintly wordSaintly Word
623shrine_sanctus_spSanctus Shrine
624dynamic balanced armorSanguine Balanced Armor
625dynamic deep bitingSanguine Deep Biting
626dynamic denialSanguine Denial
627dynamic enterpriseSanguine Enterprise
628dynamic fleetnessSanguine Fleetness
629dynamic fluid evasionSanguine Fluid Evasion
630dynamic glib speechSanguine Glib Speech
631dynamic golden wisdomSanguine Golden Wisdom
632dynamic green wisdomSanguine Green Wisdom
633dynamic hewingSanguine Hewing
634dynamic horny fistSanguine Horny Fist
635dynamic impaling thrustSanguine Impaling Thrust
636dynamic martial craftSanguine Martial Craft
637dynamic nimble armorSanguine Nimble Armor
638dynamic red wisdomSanguine Red Wisdom
639dynamic safekeepingSanguine Safekeeping
640dynamic silver wisdomSanguine Silver Wisdom
641dynamic smitingSanguine Smiting
642dynamic stalkingSanguine Stalking
643dynamic stolid armorSanguine Stolid Armor
644dynamic sublime wisdomSanguine Sublime Wisdom
645dynamic sureflightSanguine Sureflight
646dynamic swiftbladeSanguine Swiftblade
647dynamic transcendant wisdomSanguine Transcendant Wisdom
648dynamic transfiguring wisdomSanguine Transfiguring Wisdom
649dynamic unseen wisdomSanguine Unseen Wisdom
650sanil's murdrumSanil's Murdrum
651scourge bladeScourge Blade
652second barrierSecond Barrier
653self dispelSelf Dispel
654serpiginous dementiaSerpiginous dementia
655seryn's blessingSeryn's Blessing
656seryn's giftSeryn's Gift
657seryn's shieldSeryn's Shield
658shadow formShadow Form
659shadow weaveShadow Weave
661shalidor's mirrorShalidor's Mirror
662shalk_firebiteShalk's Fire Bite
664sheogorath's blessingSheogorath's Blessing
666shield of st. delynShield of St. Delyn
667shield of the armigerShield of the Armiger
669shock barrierShock Barrier
670shock shieldShock Shield
671trap_shock00Shock Trap
676shocking touchShocking Touch
677shrine acrobatics skillShrine Acrobatics Skill
678shrine alchemy skillShrine Alchemy Skill
679shrine alteration skillShrine Alteration Skill
680shrine armorer skillShrine Armorer Skill
681shrine athletics skillShrine Athletics Skill
682shrine axe skillShrine Axe Skill
683shrine block skillShrine Block Skill
684shrine blunt weapon skillShrine Blunt Weapon Skill
685shrine conjuration skillShrine Conjuration Skill
686shrine destruction skillShrine Destruction Skill
687shrine enchant skillShrine Enchant Skill
688shrine hand to hand skillShrine Hand to Hand Skill
689shrine heavy armor skillShrine Heavy Armor Skill
690shrine illusion skillShrine Illusion Skill
691shrine light armor skillShrine Light Armor Skill
692shrine long blade skillShrine Long Blade Skill
693shrine marksman skillShrine Marksman Skill
694shrine medium armor skillShrine Medium Armor Skill
695shrine mercantile skillShrine Mercantile Skill
696shrine mysticism skillShrine Mysticism Skill
697shrine restoration skillShrine Restoration Skill
698shrine security skillShrine Security Skill
699shrine short blade skillShrine Short Blade Skill
700shrine sneak skillShrine Sneak Skill
701shrine spear skillShrine Spear Skill
702shrine speechcraft skillShrine Speechcraft Skill
703shrine unarmored skillShrine Unarmored Skill
705trap_silence00Silence Trap
706sixth barrierSixth Barrier
707skylamp's shadowSkylamp's Shadow
708slave beltSlave Belt
711smite the ungodlySmite the Ungodly
712soothe the savage beastSoothe the Savage Beast
713sotha's graceSotha's Grace
714sotha's mirrorSotha's Mirror
715soul of sotha silSoul of Sotha Sil
716soul trapSoul Trap
719spell absorptionSpell Absorption
720spell drainSpell Drain
721sphere of negationSphere of Negation
722spider touchSpider Touch
723spirit knifeSpirit Knife
724spirit of nerevarSpirit of Nerevar
726spite touchSpite Touch
728star of the westStar of the West
731shrine_stopmoon_spStop the Moon Blessings
734straining touchStraining Touch
735strength leechStrength Leech
736strong featherStrong Feather
737strong fire shieldStrong Fire Shield
738strong frost shieldStrong Frost Shield
739strong heal companionStrong Heal Companion
740strong levitateStrong Levitate
741strong openStrong Open
742strong reflectStrong Reflect
743strong resist corprus diseaseStrong Resist Corprus Disease
744strong resist corpus diseaseStrong Resist Corpus Disease
745strong resist fireStrong Resist Fire
746strong resist frostStrong Resist Frost
747strong resist magickaStrong Resist Magicka
748strong resist poisonStrong Resist Poison
749strong resist shockStrong Resist Shock
750strong shock shieldStrong Shock Shield
751strong spelldrinkerStrong Spelldrinker
754summon ancestral ghostSummon Ancestral Ghost
755summon bonelordSummon Bonelord
756summon clanfearSummon Clannfear
757summon daedrothSummon Daedroth
758summon dremoraSummon Dremora
759summon flame atronachSummon Flame Atronach
760summon frost atronachSummon Frost Atronach
761summon golden saintSummon Golden Saint
762summon greater bonewalkerSummon Greater Bonewalker
763sp_nchurdamzsummonSummon Hrelvesuu
764summon hungerSummon Hunger
765summon least bonewalkerSummon Least Bonewalker
766summon scampSummon Scamp
767summon skeletal minionSummon Skeletal Minion
768summon storm atronachSummon Storm Atronach
769summon winged twilightSummon Winged Twilight
770surpassing balanced armorSurpassing Balanced Armor
771surpassing deep bitingSurpassing Deep Biting
772surpassing denialSurpassing Denial
773surpassing enterpriseSurpassing Enterprise
774surpassing fleetnessSurpassing Fleetness
775surpassing fluid evasionSurpassing Fluid Evasion
776surpassing glib speechSurpassing Glib Speech
777surpassing golden wisdomSurpassing Golden Wisdom
778surpassing green wisdomSurpassing Green Wisdom
779surpassing hewingSurpassing Hewing
780surpassing horny fistSurpassing Horny Fist
781surpassing impaling thrustSurpassing Impaling Thrust
782surpassing leapingSurpassing Leaping
783surpassing martial craftSurpassing Martial Craft
784surpassing nimble armorSurpassing Nimble Armor
785surpassing red wisdomSurpassing Red Wisdom
786surpassing safekeepingSurpassing Safekeeping
787surpassing silver wisdomSurpassing Silver Wisdom
788surpassing smitingSurpassing Smiting
789surpassing stalkingSurpassing Stalking
790surpassing stolid armorSurpassing Stolid Armor
791surpassing sublime wisdomSurpassing Sublime Wisdom
792surpassing sunlightSurpassing Sunlight
793surpassing sureflightSurpassing Sunlight
794surpassing swiftbladeSurpassing Swiftblade
795surpassing transcendant wisdomSurpassing Transcendant Wisdom
796surpassing transfiguring wisdomSurpassing Transfiguring Wisdom
797surpassing unseen wisdomSurpassing Unseen Wisdom
798swamp feverSwamp Fever
799Swimmer's_BlessingSwimmer's Blessing
800Tap EnergyTap Energy
803tempting touchTempting Touch
804test_spellTest Spell
805tevral's hawkshawTevral's Hawkshaw
806the dove's promiseThe Dove's Promise
807the eight giftsThe Eight Gifts
808the eight wondersThe Eight Wonders
809the moth-wing mirrorThe Moth-Wing Mirror
810the red diamondThe Red Diamond
811the rock of llothisThe Rock of Llothis
812third barrierThird Barrier
813thunder fistThunder Fist
814tinur's hoptoadTinur's Hoptoad
816torpor touchTorpor Touch
817touch dispelTouch Dispel
818touchdrain acrobaticsTouchDrain Acrobatics
819touchdrain alchemyTouchDrain Alchemy
820touchdrain alterationTouchDrain Alteration
821touchdrain armorerTouchDrain Armorer
822touchdrain athleticsTouchDrain Athletics
823touchdrain axeTouchDrain Axe
824touchdrain blockTouchDrain Block
825touchdrain blunt weaponTouchDrain Blunt Weapon
826touchdrain conjurationTouchDrain Conjuration
827touchdrain destructionTouchDrain Destruction
828touchdrain enchantTouchDrain Enchant
829touchdrain hand to handTouchDrain Hand to Hand
830touchdrain heavy armorTouchDrain Heavy Armor
831touchdrain illusionTouchDrain Illusion
832touchdrain light armorTouchDrain Light Armor
833touchdrain long bladeTouchDrain Long Blade
834touchdrain marksmanTouchDrain Marksman
835touchdrain medium armorTouchDrain Medium Armor
836touchdrain mercantileTouchDrain Mercantile
837touchdrain mysticismTouchDrain Mysticism
838touchdrain restorationTouchDrain Restoration
839touchdrain securityTouchDrain Security
840touchdrain short bladeTouchDrain Short Blade
841touchdrain sneakTouchDrain Sneak
842touchdrain spearTouchDrain Spear
843touchdrain speechcraftTouchDrain Speechcraft
844touchdrain unarmoredTouchDrain Unarmored
845tower keyTower Key
846poison_powerfulToxic Cloud
847tranasa's spelltrapTranasa's Spelltrap
848Troll StrengthTroll Strength
849troll's bloodTroll's Blood
850trollkin abilityTrollkin
851turn of the wheelTurn of the Wheel
852turn undeadTurn Undead
853ulms juicedaw's featherUlms's Juicedaw's Feather
854vampire levitateVampire Fly
855vampire touchVampire Touch
856vampire's kissVampire's Kiss
857vampire sun damageVampirism
858vampire attributesVampirism
859vampire skillsVampirism
860vampire immunitiesVampirism
861vampire quarra specialsVampirism
862vampire aundae specialsVampirism
863vampire berne specialsVampirism
864variable resist common diseaseVariable Resist Common Disease
865variable resist corprus diseaseVariable Resist Corprus Disease
866variable resist corpus diseaseVariable Resist Corpus Disease
867variable resist fireVariable Resist Fire
868variable resist frostVariable Resist Frost
869variable resist magickaVariable Resist Magicka
870variable resist poisonVariable Resist Poison
871variable resist shockVariable Resist Shock
872veloth's benisonVeloth's Benison
873veloth's giftVeloth's Gift
874veloth's graceVeloth's Grace
875veloth's indwellingVeloth's Indwelling
881vivec's feastVivec's Feast
882vivec's furyVivec's Fury
883vivec's humilityVivec's Humility
884vivec's kissVivec's Kiss
885vivec's mercyVivec's Mercy
886vivec's mysteryVivec's Mystery
887vivec's tearsVivec's Tears
888HealingTouch_SP_uniqVivec's Touch
889vivec's_wrathVivec's Wrath
890voice of the emperorVoice of the Emperor
891sp_touchprotectWarding Touch
892warywrd abilityWarwyrd
893argonian breathingWater Breathing
894water breathingWater Breathing
895water walkingWater Walking
896water walking (unique)Water Walking
898weak spelldrinkerWeak Spelldrinker
899weakening touchWeakening Touch
901weakness to blight diseaseWeakness to Blight Disease
902weakness to common diseaseWeakness to Common Disease
903weakness to corprus diseaseWeakness to Corprus Disease
904weakness to corpus diseaseWeakness to Corpus Disease
905weakness fire_50Weakness to Fire
906weakness to fireWeakness to Fire
907weakness frost_25Weakness to Frost
908weakness to frostWeakness to Frost
909weakness frost_60Weakness to Frost
910weakness magicka_50Weakness to Magicka
911weakness to magickaWeakness to Magicka
912weakness to poisonWeakness to Poison
913weakness poison_50Weakness to Poison
914weakness shock_25Weakness to Shock
915weakness to shockWeakness to Shock
916weapon eaterWeapon Eater
919wearying touchWearying Touch
920weeping woundWeeping Wound
921wild clumsinessWild Clumsiness
922wild distractionWild Distraction
923wild earwigWild Earwig
924wild exhaustionWild Exhaustion
925wild flay spiritWild Flay Spirit
926wild fortify acrobatics skillWild Fortify Acrobatics Skill
927wild fortify alchemy skillWild Fortify Alchemy Skill
928wild fortify alteration skillWild Fortify Alteration Skill
929wild fortify armorer skillWild Fortify Armorer Skill
930wild fortify athletics skillWild Fortify Athletics Skill
931wild fortify axe skillWild Fortify Axe Skill
932wild fortify block skillWild Fortify Block Skill
933wild fortify blunt weapon skillWild Fortify Blunt Weapon Skill
934wild fortify conjuration skillWild Fortify Conjuration Skill
935wild fortify destruction skillWild Fortify Destruction Skill
936wild fortify enchant skillWild Fortify Enchant Skill
937wild fortify hand to hand skillWild Fortify Hand to Hand Skill
938wild fortify heavy armor skillWild Fortify Heavy Armor Skill
939wild fortify light armor skillWild Fortify Light Armor Skill
940wild fortify long blade skillWild Fortify Long Blade Skill
941wild fortify marksman skillWild Fortify Marksman Skill
942wild fortify medium armor skillWild Fortify Medium Armor Skill
943wild fortify mercantile skillWild Fortify Mercantile Skill
944wild fortify mysticism skillWild Fortify Mysticism Skill
945wild fortify restoration skillWild Fortify Restoration Skill
946wild fortify security skillWild Fortify Security Skill
947wild fortify short blade skillWild Fortify Short Blade Skill
948wild fortify sneak skillWild Fortify Sneak Skill
949wild fortify spear skillWild Fortify Spear Skill
950wild fortify speechcraft skillWild Fortify Speechcraft Skill
951wild fortify unarmored skillWild Fortify Unarmored Skill
952wild levitateWild Levitate
953wild misfortuneWild Misfortune
954wild openWild Open
955wild reflectWild Reflect
956wild shockbloomWild Shockbloom
957wild spelldrinkerWild Spelldrinker
958wild spiteWild Spite
959wild strainWild Strain
960wild temptationWild Temptation
961wild torporWild Torpor
962wild weaknessWild Weakness
963wild weeping woundWild Weeping Wound
968wizard rendWizard Rend
969wizard's brandWizard's Brand
970wizard's fireWizard's Fire
975wounding touchWounding Touch
976wrath of araynysWrath of Araynys
977wrath of dagothWrath of Dagoth
978wrath of endusWrath of Endus
979wrath of gilvothWrath of Gilvoth
980wrath of odrosWrath of Odros
981wrath of tureynulWrath of Tureynul
982wrath of utholWrath of Uthol
983wrath of vemynWrath of Vemyn
984wrath of vivecWrath of Vivec
985wulfharth's cupsWulfharth's Cups
986wulfharth�s cupsWulfharth�s Cups
987yellow tickYellow Tick
988ysmir's coughYsmir's Cough
989Zenithar_blessingZenithar's Blessing
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