The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition Searchable Database

250 Results For SPEL:FNAM 250 Max
Absorb Agility
Absorb Agility [Ranged]
Absorb Endurance
Absorb Endurance [Ranged]
Absorb Fatigue
Absorb Fatigue [Ranged]
Absorb Health
Absorb Health [Ranged]
Absorb Intelligence
Absorb Intelligence [Ranged]
Absorb Luck
Absorb Luck [Ranged]
Absorb Personality
Absorb Personality [Ranged]
Absorb Speed
Absorb Speed [Ranged]
Absorb Spell Points
Absorb Spell Points [Ranged]
Absorb Strength
Absorb Strength [Ranged]
Absorb Willpower
Absorb Willpower [Ranged]
Adrenaline Rush
Akaviri Danger-sense
Alad's Caliginy
Alit Bite
Almalexia's Grace
Almsivi Intervention
Almsivi Restoration
Almsivi Restore Fighter
Almsivi Restore Mage
Almsivi Restore Other
Almsivi Restore Stealth
Ancestor Guardian
Aralor's Intervention
Armor Eater
Aryon's Blight Cure
Aryon's Rest
Ash Curse: Fatigue
Ash Curse: Health
Ash Curse: Spell Points
Ash Feast
Ash Woe Blight
Assured Balanced Armor
Assured Deep Biting
Assured Denial
Assured Enterprise
Assured Fleetness
Assured Fluid Evasion
Assured Glib Speech
Assured Golden Wisdom
Assured Green Wisdom
Assured Hewing
Assured Horny Fist
Assured Impaling Thrust
Assured Leaping
Assured Martial Craft
Assured Nimble Armor
Assured Red Wisdom
Assured Safekeeping
Assured Silver Wisdom
Assured Smiting
Assured Stalking
Assured Stolid Armor
Assured Sublime Wisdom
Assured Sureflight
Assured Swiftblade
Assured Transcendant Wisdom
Assured Transfiguring Wisdom
Assured Unseen Wisdom
Baleful Glower
Balyna's Antidote
Balyna's Efficacious Balm
Balyna's Perfect Balm
Balyna's Soothing Balm
Beast Tongue
Beggar's Nose
Black Hand
Black-Heart Blight
Blessed Touch
Blessed Word
Blessings of the First Corner
Blessings of the Fourth Corner
Blessings of the Second Corner
Blessings of the Third Corner
Blight Disease Immunity
Blood Despair
Blood Gift
Blood of the North
Blood Rage
Blood Sacrifice
Bone Guard
Bound Battle-Axe
Bound Boots
Bound Cuirass
Bound Dagger
Bound Gauntlets
Bound Helm
Bound Longbow
Bound Longsword
Bound Mace
Bound Shield
Bound Spear
Brevusa's Averted Eyes
Brown Rot
Burden of Sin
Burden Touch
Burning Hand
Burning Touch
Calm Creature
Calm Humanoid
Calming Touch
Chanthrax Blight
Charm Mortal
Charming Touch
Clumsy Touch
Colovia's Grace
Command Beast
Command Creature
Command Humanoid
Command of the Third Corner
Commanding Touch
Common Disease Immunity
Corprus Immunity
Crimson Despair
Cruel Earwig
Cruel Firebloom
Cruel Noise
Cruel Weary
Crushing Burden
Crushing Burden of Sin
Crushing Burden Touch
Crying Eye
Cure Blight Disease
Cure Blight Disease
Cure Common Disease
Cure Common Disease
Cure Common Disease on Other
Cure Common Disease Victim
Cure Corprus Disease
Cure Corpus Disease
Cure Poison
Cure Poison on Touch
Curse Agility
Curse Endurance
Curse Fatigue
Curse Health
Curse Intelligence
Curse Luck
Curse Personality
Curse Speed
Curse Spell Points
Curse Strength
Curse Willpower
Daedric Agility
Daedric Bite
Daedric Endurance
Daedric Fatigue
Daedric Health
Daedric Intelligence
Daedric Luck
Daedric Personality
Daedric Speed
Daedric Strength
Daedric Willpower
Dagoth Ur Fire
Dagoth Ur Frost
Dagoth Ur Magicka
Dagoth Ur Shock
Dagoth's Bosom
Deadly Poison
Deadly Poison [Ranged]
Demoralize Beast
Demoralize Creature
Demoralize Humanoid
Demoralizing Touch
Detect Creature
Detect Enchantment
Detect Key
Dire Earwig
Dire Noise
Dire Viper
Dire Weakness to Fire
Dire Weakness to Frost
Dire Weakness to Magicka
Dire Weakness to Poison
Dire Weakness to Shock
Dire Weary
Disintegrate Armor
Disintegrate Weapon
Distracting Touch
Divine Abilities
Divine Aid
Divine Intervention
Dragon Skin
Drain Acrobatics
Drain Alchemy
Drain Alteration
Drain Armorer
Drain Athletics
Drain Axe
Drain Block
Drain Blood
Drain Blunt Weapon
Drain Conjuration
Drain Destruction
Drain Enchant
Drain Hand-to-Hand
Drain Heavy Armor
Drain Illusion
Drain Light Armor
Drain Long Blade
Drain Marksman
Drain Medium Armor
Drain Mercantile
Drain Mysticism
Drain Restoration
Drain Security
Drain Short Blade
Drain Sneak
Drain Spear
Drain Speechcraft
Drain Unarmored
Dratha's Spite
Dread Curse: Agility
Dread Curse: Endurance
Dread Curse: Fatigue
Dread Curse: Health

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