Base Boot Armours List By Type or Name
Name Level Strengh Armour Dexterity Evasion Rating Intelligence Energy Shield Stats
Iron Greaves186
Rawhide Boots31113
Wool Shoes3114
Chain Boots581183
Leatherscale Boots6912912
Wrapped Boots691293
Steel Greaves92132
Velvet Slippers9218
Goathide Boots122642
Ringmail Boots131525155
Strapped Boots161830186
Ironscale Boots1819341934
Deerskin Boots224274
Silk Slippers224215
Plated Greaves234477
Clasped Boots2727502710
Mesh Boots2828512810
Bronzescale Boots3030553055
Scholar Boots325921
Reinforced Greaves3360109
Nubuck Boots3462113
Shackled Boots3434623412
Steelscale Boots3635653565
Riveted Boots3635653513
Antique Greaves3767122
Satin Slippers386925
Eelskin Boots3970129
Zealot Boots4038733814
Trapper Boots4140744015
Serpentscale Boots4240764076
Sharkskin Boots4479145
Samite Slippers447929
Ancient Greaves4682151
Ambush Boots4745854517
Soldier Boots4947884717
Wyrmscale Boots5148924892
Conjurer Boots539434
Goliath Greaves5495177
Shagreen Boots5597180
Carnal Boots5552995219
Legion Boots58541045420
Hydrascale Boots595610656106
Arcanist Slippers6111945
Vaal Greaves62117220
Stealth Boots62117220
Assassins Boots63621216224
Crusader Boots64621216224
Dragonscale Boots656212162121
Sorcerer Boots6712349
Titan Greaves68120241
Slink Boots69120246
Murder Boots69821854217
Two-Toned Boots706212662126(15-20)% to Fire and Cold Resistances
Two-Toned Boots70621266224(15-20)% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
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