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Woodworking refining recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

11 recipes
Ironwood Planks1506,875IronwoodWyrdwood PlanksSandpaper
Glittering Ebony2006,250Ironwood PlanksWildwoodBarbvineObsidian Sandpaper
Wyrdwood Planks1001,125WyrdwoodLumberSandpaper
Lumber50175Aged WoodTimberSandpaper
Coarse Sandpaper (x15)50105Common Material Converter20 Refining Materials T3
Fine Sandpaper (x15)100105Advanced Material Converter20 Refining Materials T4
Obsidian Flux (x15)150105Masterwork Material Converter20 Refining Materials T5
Timber020Green Wood
Lumber (x2)00Wyrdwood PlanksWeak Solvent
Timber (x2)00LumberWeak Solvent
Wyrdwood Planks (x2)00Ironwood PlanksWeak Solvent

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