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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

18 recipes found (150 max)

Ash Stain (x10) Furnishing10 CharcoalWeak Solvent
Coarse Leather (x2) LeatherworkingRugged LeatherWeak Solvent
Gold Ingot (x2) SmelterPlatinum IngotWeak Solvent
Iron Ingot (x2) SmelterSteel IngotWeak Solvent
Layered Leather (x2) LeatherworkingInfused LeatherWeak Solvent
Linen (x2) WeavingSateenWeak Solvent
Lumber (x2) WoodworkingWyrdwood PlanksWeak Solvent
Maple Stain (x10) Furnishing10 Weak SolventOil
Old Placesetting Furnishing10 TimberIron IngotWeak Solvent
Rugged Leather (x2) LeatherworkingLayered LeatherWeak Solvent
Sateen (x2) WeavingSilkWeak Solvent
Silk (x2) WeavingInfused SilkWeak Solvent
Silver Ingot (x2) SmelterGold IngotWeak Solvent
Starmetal Ingot (x2) SmelterOrichalcum IngotWeak Solvent
Steel Ingot (x2) SmelterStarmetal IngotWeak Solvent
Timber (x2) WoodworkingLumberWeak Solvent
Wicker Basket Furnishing35 Reeds25 FibersWeak Solvent
Wyrdwood Planks (x2) WoodworkingIronwood PlanksWeak Solvent

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