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178 recipes found (200 max)

Adept Cryomancet’s GauntletArcana 2720 Water Mote15 TimberIron IngotSilver IngotPetrified Wood
Amaranth DyeCooking 27WaterRed PigmentBrown Pigment
Arctic DuskArcana 8220 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwoodPetrified Wood
Aurora Blue DyeCooking 83WaterBlue PigmentCyan Pigment
Autumn Moss DyeCooking 33WaterGreen PigmentBlue Pigment
Avocado DyeCooking 99WaterGreen PigmentYellow Pigment
Berry BrewCooking 104BerryStrawberryWaterHoneyOrangeBlueberry
Berry Pit DyeCooking 153WaterPurple PigmentBlack Pigment
Boiled PotatoesCooking 56PotatoWaterSeasoning BlendButterCauliflower
Brine of the Frosty ShoreArcana 14720 Water Essence15 Layered LeatherStarmetal IngotPlatinum IngotEbonwoodScalecord
Buttered Rum DyeCooking 31WaterYellow PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted FishCooking 109CabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Carrot SoupCooking 58CarrotWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilPaprika
Castle Aquamarine DyeCooking 81WaterCyan PigmentTurquosie Pigment
Cinnamon DyeCooking 115WaterYellow PigmentBrown Pigment
Coarse Amethyst DyeCooking 85WaterPurple PigmentBlue Pigment
Comet DyeCooking 39WaterBlue PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Common Blight TinctureArcana 0Tier 2 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Common Corrupted CoatingArcana 9Tier 2 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsOil
Common Corruption TinctureArcana 0Tier 2 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Common Focus PotionArcana 5Tier 2 Water ReagentsWater
Common Health PotionArcana 1Tier 2 Medical ReagentWater
Common Mana PotionArcana 2Tier 2 Magical ReagentWater
Common Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 70Earth WispWater WispOil
Common Proficiency BoosterEngineering 70Air WispSoul WispWater
Common Regeneration PotionArcana 3Tier 2 Medical ReagentLife ReagentsWater
Cool Violet DyeCooking 63WaterPurple PigmentCyan Pigment
Copper DyeCooking 163WaterRed PigmentBrown Pigment
Corduroy DyeCooking 89WaterBlack PigmentGreen Pigment
Corned Beef and CabbageCooking 81Red MeatPeppercornCabbageOnionWater
Creamed CornCooking 103SquashCornWaterSeasoning BlendTomatoBasil
Crumbled Rock DyeCooking 161WaterBlack PigmentPurple Pigment
Cut AquamarineStonecutting 50Flawed AquamarineWater WispSolvent
Cut AquamarineStonecutting 50AquamarineWater WispSolventSateen
Cut Brilliant AquamarineStonecutting 100AquamarineWater EssenceSolvent
Cut Brilliant AquamarineStonecutting 100Brilliant AquamarineWater EssenceSolventSilk
Cut Flawed AquamarineStonecutting 0Flawed AquamarineWater Mote
Cut Pristine AquamarineStonecutting 150Brilliant AquamarineWater QuintessenceSolvent
Cut Pristine AquamarineStonecutting 150Pristine AquamarineWater QuintessenceSolventInfused Silk
Daisy Pink DyeCooking 43WaterMagenta PigmentPurple Pigment
Dark Tan DyeCooking 91WaterBrown PigmentOrange Pigment
Dazzling Coral DyeCooking 111WaterRed PigmentMagenta Pigment
Deep Chocolate DyeCooking 135WaterOrange PigmentBlack Pigment
Deep Sea Green DyeCooking 139WaterCyan PigmentBlue Pigment
Delicate Sand DyeCooking 97WaterYellow PigmentWhite Pigment
Delicate Silver DyeCooking 121WaterBrown PigmentRed Pigment
Desert DyeCooking 123WaterOrange PigmentYellow Pigment
Detritus DyeCooking 141WaterBrown PigmentBlack Pigment
Distorted Amber DyeCooking 145WaterYellow PigmentBlack Pigment
Dove Gray DyeCooking 143WaterBlack PigmentOrange Pigment
Dust DyeCooking 47WaterBrown PigmentWhite Pigment
Elderberry DyeCooking 105WaterBlue PigmentRed Pigment
Elemental HeartStonecutting 5050 Water Mote50 Earth Mote50 Fire Mote50 Air Mote
Field Peach DyeCooking 93WaterRed PigmentYellow Pigment
Filet with Mint and Cracked BarleyCooking 129Prime Red MeatBarleyWaterMintSaltPeppercorn
Fjord DyeCooking 61WaterBlue PigmentBlack Pigment
Forest Lichen DyeCooking 69WaterBrown PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Frozen Basalt DyeCooking 165WaterBlack PigmentWhite Pigment
Glacial RageArcana 19720 Water Quintessence15 Runic LeatherAsmodeumIce Crystal CoreBarbvineBlisterweave
Grit DyeCooking 131WaterYellow PigmentMagenta Pigment
Gunsmoke DyeCooking 159WaterBlack PigmentCyan Pigment
Harsh Violet DyeCooking 107WaterMagenta PigmentRed Pigment
Harvest Barley DyeCooking 125WaterYellow PigmentBlue Pigment
Herb-roasted CarrotsCooking 19CarrotWaterGarlicPeppercorn
Honey BrewCooking 55BarleyWaterHoneyGingerNutmeg
Infused Ancient Ward PotionArcana 162Tier 5 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Infused Arcane Absorption PotionArcana 163Tier 5 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsSpirit Reagents
Infused Blight TinctureArcana 150Tier 5 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Infused Corrupted CoatingArcana 159Tier 5 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Infused Encumbrance PotionArcana 156Tier 5 Earth ReagentsFire ReagentsAir ReagentsWater
Infused Endurance PotionArcana 154Tier 5 Air ReagentsEarth ReagentsFire ReagentsWater
Infused Focus PotionArcana 155Tier 5 Water ReagentsSpirit ReagentsEarth ReagentsWater
Infused Health PotionArcana 150Tier 5 Medical ReagentEarth ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Infused Mana PotionArcana 152Tier 5 Magical ReagentAir ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Infused Regeneration PotionArcana 153Tier 5 Medical ReagentLife ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Iron Ice GauntletArcana 012 Tier 2 MetalsLeathersWater Arcana
Juniper DyeCooking 119WaterCyan PigmentGreen Pigment
lnfused Corruption TinctureArcana 150Tier 5 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Master Cryomancer‘s GauntletArcana 18720 Water Quintessence15 Runic LeatherAsmodeumIce Crystal CoreWildwoodSmolderhide
Medium Carmine DyeCooking 95WaterOrange PigmentRed Pigment
Melon InfusionCooking 52MelonWaterHoneyCinnamonNutmeg
Mineral Green DyeCooking 103WaterCyan PigmentBlack Pigment
Minor Cooking Crafting TrophyFurnishing 7525 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Minor Fishing Gathering TrophyFurnishing 7525 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Minor Harvesting Gathering TrophyFurnishing 7525 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Murky Water DyeCooking 45WaterBlack PigmentBrown Pigment
Natural Gray DyeCooking 67WaterBlack PigmentMagenta Pigment
Orichalcum lce GauntletArcana 15012 Tier 5 MetalsWoodWater Arcana
Pale Cobalt DyeCooking 59WaterCyan PigmentWhite Pigment
Paradise Vermilion DyeCooking 71WaterRed PigmentOrange Pigment
Pastry CrustCooking 5FlourSaltWater
Pesto DyeCooking 149WaterTurquoise PigmentGreen Pigment
Poached Fish with Lemon and DillCooking 29Fish FilletWaterLemonDill
Powerful Ancient Ward PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Arcane Absorption PotionArcana 113Tier 4 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Beast Ward PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentEarth ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Blight TinctureArcana 100Tier 4 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Powerful Corrupted CoatingArcana 109Tier 4 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Corrupted Ward PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentLife ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Corruption TinctureArcana 100Tier 4 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Powerful Encumbrance PotionArcana 106Tier 4 Earth ReagentsFire ReagentsAir ReagentsWater
Powerful Endurance PotionArcana 104Tier 4 Air ReagentsEarth ReagentsFire ReagentsWater
Powerful Fire Absorption PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Focus PotionArcana 105Tier 4 Water ReagentsSpirit ReagentsEarth ReagentsWater
Powerful Health PotionArcana 100Tier 4 Medical ReagentAir ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Lightning Absorption PotionArcana 114Tier 4 Protective ReagentFire ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Lost Ward PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Mana PotionArcana 102Tier 4 Magical ReagentEarth ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Nature Absorption PotionArcana 113Tier 4 Protective ReagentEarth ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 170Earth QuintessenceWater QuintessenceOil
Powerful Proficiency BoosterEngineering 170Air QuintessenceSoul QuintessenceAzoth Water
Powerful Regeneration PotionArcana 103Tier 4 Medical ReagentLife ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powerful Void Absorption PotionArcana 115Tier 4 Protective ReagentDeath ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Powetful Angry Earth Ward PotionArcana 112Tier 4 Protective ReagentFire ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Putrid Plum DyeCooking 137WaterMagenta PigmentBrown Pigment
Raw Sienna DyeCooking 53WaterYellow PigmentOrange Pigment
Rich Vanilla DyeCooking 113WaterOrange PigmentBrown Pigment
Rose Stone DyeCooking 49WaterRed PigmentPurple Pigment
Rough Almond DyeCooking 133WaterBrown PigmentYellow Pigment
Russet Brown DyeCooking 25WaterBrown PigmentMagenta Pigment
Rusty Cream DyeCooking 51WaterOrange PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Saddle Brown DyeCooking 127WaterBrown PigmentPurple Pigment
Sea Clam DyeCooking 157WaterRed PigmentWhite Pigment
Seasoned Leather DyeCooking 73WaterOrange PigmentPurple Pigment
Shadow Moss DyeCooking 75WaterYellow PigmentGreen Pigment
Smokey Malachite DyeCooking 35WaterTurquoise PigmentPurple Pigment
Soft Cyan DyeCooking 37WaterCyan PigmentWhite Pigment
Sovereign Purple DyeCooking 41WaterPurple PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Spicy Cabbage SoupCooking 155BarleyCabbageWaterPeppercornCarrotCauliflowerString Bean
Spicy Pepper DyeCooking 29WaterOrange PigmentMagenta Pigment
Starlight DyeCooking 151WaterBlue PigmentPurple Pigment
Starmetal Ice GauntletArcana 10012 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersWater Arcana
Steamed Abaia SerpeCooking 183Abaia SerpeWaterString BeanSquashOrangeButterCorn
Steel Ice GauntletArcana 5012 Tier 3 MetalsLeathersWater Arcana
Strong Ancient Ward PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Strong Angry Earth Ward PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentFire ReagentsWater
Strong Arcane Absorption PotionArcana 63Tier 3 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Strong Beast Ward PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentEarth ReagentsWater
Strong Blight TinctureArcana 50Tier 3 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Strong Corrupted CoatingArcana 59Tier 3 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsOil
Strong Corrupted Ward PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentLife ReagentsWater
Strong Corruption TinctureArcana 50Tier 3 Protective ReagentWater ReagentsWater
Strong Encumbrance PotionArcana 56Tier 3 Earth ReagentsFire ReagentsWater
Strong Endurance PotionArcana 54Tier 3 Air ReagentsEarth ReagentsWater
Strong Fire Absorption PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Strong Focus PotionArcana 55Tier 3 Water ReagentsSpirit ReagentsWater
Strong Health PotionArcana 50Tier 3 Medical ReagentEarth ReagentsWater
Strong Lightning Absorption PotionArcana 64Tier 3 Protective ReagentFire ReagentsWater
Strong Lost Ward PotionArcana 62Tier 3 Protective ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Strong Mana PotionArcana 52Tier 3 Magical ReagentAir ReagentsWater
Strong Nature Absorption PotionArcana 63Tier 3 Protective ReagentEarth ReagentsWater
Strong Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 120Earth EssenceWater EssenceOil
Strong Proficiency BoosterEngineering 120Air EssenceSoul EssenceWater
Strong Regeneration PotionArcana 53Tier 3 Medical ReagentLife ReagentsWater
Strong Void Absorption PotionArcana 65Tier 3 Protective ReagentDeath ReagentsWater
Subduer‘s WrathArcana 13720 Water Essence15 Layered LeatherStarmetal IngotPlatinum IngotQuillbarkScalecord
Sublime Velvet DyeCooking 65WaterMagenta PigmentBlack Pigment
Summer Rasberry DyeCooking 87WaterMagenta PigmentWhite Pigment
Sunset Slate DyeCooking 129WaterOrange PigmentWhite Pigment
Swamp Grass DyeCooking 77WaterGreen PigmentBrown Pigment
Sweet Wild Berry InfusionCooking 154BerryMelonWaterSugarTarragonStrawberryBlueberry
Tamished Obsidian DyeCooking 109WaterBrown PigmentCyan Pigment
Tranquil Willow DyeCooking 101WaterTurquoise PigmentYellow Pigment
Tropical Mist DyeCooking 117WaterGreen PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Vegetable BoilCooking 108CarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil
Verdun Green DyeCooking 147WaterGreen PigmentBlack Pigment
Vridian Green DyeCooking 57WaterTurquoise PigmentBlue Pigment
Warm Slime DyeCooking 55WaterGreen PigmentOrange Pigment
Water EssenceArcana 75Water Wisp
Water QuintessenceArcana 150Water Essence
Water WispArcana 25Water Mote
Weak Health PotionArcana 0Tier 1 Medical ReagentWater
Weak Mana PotionArcana 0Tier 1 Magical ReagentWater
Weak Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 20Earth MoteWater MoteOil
Weak Proficiency BoosterEngineering 20Air MoteSoul MoteWater
Wedgewood DyeCooking 79WaterTurquoise PigmentCyan Pigment
Whisper from the Frozen ValeArcana 7720 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwood
Wild Berry CompoteCooking 54BerryHoneyWaterStrawberryMint

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