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52 recipes found (200 max)

Adept Cryomancet’s GauntletArcana 2720 Water Mote15 TimberIron IngotSilver IngotPetrified Wood
Aged Wood Fishing PoleEngineering 5013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths
Amrine Temple BowEngineering 6013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths10 Coagulated BloodVial of Ectoplasmic Mutagen
Ash ArmoireFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Bar StoolFurnishing 015 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash CabinetFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Chest of DrawersFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Dining ChairFurnishing 015 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash DresserFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash End TableFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Full BedFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Large BookcaseFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Small BookcaseFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Small TableFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Wall ShelfFurnishing 015 TimberIron IngotAsh Stain
Cerulean Sheets Bunk BedFurnishing 030 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Deepwatcher BowEngineering 11014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths10 Corrupted TalismanCorrupted Treatise
Dryad Walking StickEngineering 2620 Iron Ingot15 TimberCoarse LeatherSilver IngotFae Iron
Earth Battered AxeWeaponsmithing 2720 Iron Ingot15 Coarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Earthen SmasherWeaponsmithing 2620 Iron Ingot15 Coarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Garden Keeper BowEngineering 16015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths10 Sticky VinePutrid Bark
Hewn Log Storage ChestFurnishing 3530 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh StainMinor Rune of Holding
Hunter’s LongshotEngineering 2520 Iron Ingot15 TimberCoarse LeatherSilver IngotFae Iron
Iron Arrow (x50)Engineering 0Iron IngotTimberFeathers
Iron Settler's StoveFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Iron SpearEngineering 010 Tier 2 TimberMetalsLeathers
Ironwood BowEngineering 15015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths
Ironwood Fishing PoleEngineering 15015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths
Lacquered Wood BowEngineering 5013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths
Lazarus Watcher BowEngineering 16015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths10 Spectral DustMetallic Boneweave
LumberWoodworking 50Aged WoodTimberSandpaper
Obelisk Guard BowEngineering 6013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths10 Sparkling Bone DustVial of Ancient Mutagen
Old PlacesettingFurnishing 010 TimberIron IngotWeak Solvent
Open Rickety BookcaseFurnishing 030 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Orichalcum SpearEngineering 15013 Tier 5 TimberMetalsLeathers
Sapling BrandWeaponsmithing 2514 Iron IngotCoarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Sapling's FuryEngineering 2814 Iron IngotCoarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Shaman Initiate's StaffArcana 2520 Life Mote15 TimberIron IngotSilver IngotFae Iron
Shipyard Sentinel BowEngineering 11014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths10 Jade CollarJade Talisman
SparklightArcana 2620 Fire Mote15 TimberIron IngotSilver IngotFae Iron
Starrnetal SpearEngineering 10012 Tier 4 TimberMetalsLeathers
Steel SpearEngineering 5011 Tier 3 TimberMetalsLeathers
TimberWoodworking 0Green Wood
Timber (x2)Woodworking 0LumberWeak Solvent
Treated Wood BowEngineering 012 Tier 2 TimberLeathersCloths
Treated Wood Fishing PoleEngineering 012 Tier 2 TimberLeathersCloths
Twig of the Azoth TreeWeaponsmithing 2814 Iron IngotCoarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Venerable RecurveEngineering 2720 Timber15 LinenCoarse LeatherSilver IngotPetrified Wood
Warm Iron Sconce - BrightFurnishing 015 TimberIron IngotOil
Weak IncenseFurnishing 20TimberHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Wyrdwood BowEngineering 10014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths
Wyrdwood Fishing PoleEngineering 10014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths

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