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36 recipes found (200 max)

Bow of the Dark RangerEngineering 8220 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood
Cut AmberStonecutting 50AmberEarth WispSolventSateen
Cut AmethystStonecutting 50AmethystSoul WispSolventSateen
Cut AquamarineStonecutting 50AquamarineWater WispSolventSateen
Cut CarnelianStonecutting 50CarnelianFire WispSolventSateen
Cut DiamondStonecutting 50DiamondLife WispSolventSateen
Cut EmeraldStonecutting 50EmeraldEarth WispSolventSateen
Cut JasperStonecutting 50JasperAir WispSolventSateen
Cut MalachiteStonecutting 50MalachiteSoul WispSolventSateen
Cut MoonstoneStonecutting 50MoonstoneDeath WispSolventSateen
Cut OnyxStonecutting 50OnyxLife WispSolventSateen
Cut OpalStonecutting 50OpalSoul WispSolventSateen
Cut RubyStonecutting 50RubyFire WispSolventSateen
Cut SapphireStonecutting 50SapphireDeath WispSolventSateen
Cut TopazStonecutting 50TopazAir WispSolventSateen
Linen (x2)Weaving 0SateenWeak Solvent
SateenWeaving 50LinenCloth Weave
Sateen (x2)Weaving 0SilkWeak Solvent
Sateen DressArmorsmithing 5022 Tier 3 Cloths12 LeathersMetals
Sateen GlovesArmorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Gloves (Alt)Armorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen HatArmorsmithing 5011 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Hat (Alt)Armorsmithing 5011 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen LeggingsArmorsmithing 5010 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen PantsArmorsmithing 5010 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen RobeArmorsmithing 5026 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Robe HandwrapsArmorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Robe HeadgearArmorsmithing 5012 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Robe PantsArmorsmithing 5012 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Robe ShoesArmorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen ShirtArmorsmithing 5022 Tier 3 Cloths12 LeathersMetals
Sateen ShoesArmorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Sateen Shoes (Alt)Armorsmithing 50Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
SilkWeaving 100Silk ThreadsSateenCloth Weave
Steel Cartridge (x50)Engineering 50Steel IngotSateenGunpowder
Thread of FateEngineering 7720 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood

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