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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

28 recipes found (150 max)

Arctic Dusk Arcana20 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwoodPetrified Wood
Balanced Blade Weaponsmithing14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Bow of the Dark Ranger Engineering20 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood
Calamity Engineering20 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Coarse Leather (x2) LeatherworkingRugged LeatherWeak Solvent
Corrupted Remnant Engineering14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Crow's Nest Engineering14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Crystalline Crusher Weaponsmithing20 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Deceit of the Defiler Weaponsmithing14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Defender of Darkness Weaponsmithing20 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Great Axe of the Colossal Breach Weaponsmithing20 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Last Light Engineering20 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Layered Leather LeatherworkingThick HideRugged LeatherTannin
Musket of the Corrupted Guardian Engineering20 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Rugged Leather LeatherworkingCoarse LeatherTannin
Rugged Leather (x2) LeatherworkingLayered LeatherWeak Solvent
Rugged Leather Bag Armorsmithing45 Tier 3 Leather25 Cloths10 MetalsMajor Rune of Holding
Rugged Leather Boots ArmorsmithingTier 3 LeatherClothsMetals
Rugged Leather Gloves ArmorsmithingTier 3 LeatherClothsMetals
Rugged Leather Hat Armorsmithing11 Tier 3 LeatherClothsMetals
Rugged Leather Pants Armorsmithing10 Tier 3 LeatherClothsMetals
Rugged Leather Shirt Armorsmithing22 Tier 3 Leather12 ClothsMetals
Spread of Malice Engineering20 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
The First of Many Weaponsmithing14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Thread of Fate Engineering20 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood
Tidal Reaver Weaponsmithing14 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Tipping Point Weaponsmithing20 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Whisper from the Frozen Vale Arcana20 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwood

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