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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

10 recipes found (150 max)

Apple Pie CookingPastry CrustAppleSugarCinnamon
Bluebeny Pie CookingPastry CrustBlueberrySugarButterHoney
Cheesecake CookingCheesePastry CrustMilkSugarStrawberry
Citrus Tart CookingPastry CrustEggLemonOrangeSugar
Meat Pie CookingGame MeatPastry CrustRosemaryPeppercorn
Melon Créme Tart CookingMelonMilkPastry CrustSugar
Pastry Crust CookingFlourSaltWater
Spiced Melon Pie CookingPastry CrustMelonGingerCinnamon
Turkey Pot Pie CookingPolutry BreastPastry CrustCarrorPotatoBroccoliMilk
Wolf Loin Meat Pies CookingTender Wolf LoinPastry CrustSquashMushroomPeppercornOregano

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