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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

11 recipes found (150 max)

Asmodeum SmelterOrichalcum IngotTolviumCinnabarObsidian Flux10 Charcoal
Blessed Wildwood Life Staff Arcana20 Life Quintessence15 Glittering EbonyOrichalcum IngotLife Crystal CoreTolviumWildwood
Echo of Grace Arcana20 Life Quintessence15 Glittering EbonyOrichalcum IngotLife Crystal CoreCinnabarScarhide
Orichalcum Arrow (x50) EngineeringOrichalcum IngotIronwood PlanksFeathers
Orichalcum Band JewelcraftingOrichalcum Ingot
Orichalcum Cartridge (x50) EngineeringOrichalcum IngotInfused SilkGunpowder
Orichalcum Chain JewelcraftingOrichalcum Ingot
Orichalcum Hook JewelcraftingOrichalcum Ingot
Orichalcum Ingot SmelterOrichalcum OreStarmetal IngotFluxCharcoal
Orichalcum Setting JewelcraftingOrichalcum Ingot
Starmetal Ingot (x2) SmelterOrichalcum IngotWeak Solvent

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