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65 recipes found (200 max)

Blackened Ray-Finned Barb with Fondant Potatoes and BarieyCooking 1871,085Ray-Finned BarbSeasoning BlendCooking OilPotatoButterThymeBarley
Boiled CabbageCooking 2048CabbageNutCooking OilSaffron
Boiled PotatoesCooking 56150PotatoWaterSeasoning BlendButterCauliflower
Braised Wolf LoinCooking 132446Tender Wolf LoinCooking OilGarlicCinnamonPeppercoinHoney
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted FishCooking 109446CabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Calamari and Tomato StewCooking 133446Squid MeatGarlicOnionParsleyTomatoCooking Oil
CarbonaraCooking 1801,085PastaPork BellySaltCheeseEggPeppercornCooking Oil
Carrot SoupCooking 58150CarrotWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilPaprika
Caviar CrostiniCooking 141446Fish RoeBreadCheeseLarge SalmonDillCooking Oil
Coconut Crusted Fish FiletCooking 86150Fish FilletCoconutCooking OilRiceSaffron
Common Ancient CoatingArcana 1036Tier 2 Offensive ReagentEarth ReagentsOil
Common Angry Earth CoatingArcana 1136Tier 2 Offensive ReagentFire ReagentsOil
Common Beast CoatingArcana 736Tier 2 Offensive ReagentAir ReagentsOil
Common Corrupted CoatingArcana 936Tier 2 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsOil
Common Lost CoatingArcana 836Tier 2 Offensive ReagentLife ReagentsOil
Common Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 7090Earth WispWater WispOil
Cooking OilCooking 59Fish OilNut
Deep Fried PoultryCooking 92150PoultryCooking OilSeasoning BlendFlourEgg
Fish and ChipsCooking 125446Fish FiletFlourEggCooking OilPotatoSalt
Fish CakesCooking 85150Fish FilletBreadOnionParsleyCooking Oil
Fish with Tanagon and OreganoCooking 4248Fish FiletCooking OilTarragonOregano
Fish with Tomato and BasilCooking 3448Fish FilletCooking OilTomatoBasil
Fried AlbenajaCooking 1771,085AlbenajaCooking OilSeasoning BlendCabbageCauliflowerFlourEgg
Fried CalamariCooking 72150Squid MeatFlourLemonCooking OilEgg
Game Meat SkewersCooking 4448Game MeatCooking OilPeppercornOregano
Gariic Rosemary PoultryCooking 3248PoultryRosemarryGarlicCooking Oil
Glazed Bear with Sauteed VegetablesCooking 1841,085Rich Bear FlankHoneyString BeanMushroomCauliflowerOnionCooking Oil
Glazed Melon BreadCooking 1521,085MelonCornHoneySugarMintCooking OilGinger
Grilled Poultry with Saffron RiceCooking 90150PoultryRiceSaffronCooking OilParsley
Herb-Crusted VegetablesCooking 1531,085SquashCabbageSeasoning BlendGarlicRosemaryCooking OilString Bean
Infused Ancient CoatingArcana 150620Tier 5 Offensive ReagentEarth ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Infused Angry Earth CoatingArcana 161620Tier 5 Offensive ReagentFire ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Infused Beast CoatingArcana 157620Tier 5 Offensive ReagentAir ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Infused Corrupted CoatingArcana 159620Tier 5 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Infused Lost CoatingArcana 158620Tier 5 Offensive ReagentLife ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Mahogany Stain (x10)Furnishing 1501,34410 Pure SolventOil
Maple Stain (x10)Furnishing 508410 Weak SolventOil
Oak Stain (x10)Furnishing 5033610 Potent SolventOil
Onion Smothered PorkCooking 94150PorkOnionCooking OilMushroomThyme
Orange Thyme Turkey BreastCooking 144446Poultry BreastOrangeThymeCooking OilGarlicOnion
Pesto-stuffed Turkey BreastCooking 123446Poultry BreastBasilCooking OilNutCheeseGarlic
Poacher's PieCooking 1781,085Sumptuous RabbitCarrotOnionEggFlourCooking OilSeasoning Blend
Pork Belly Fried RiceCooking 1881,085Pork BellyRiceCooking OilEggOnionGarlicSalt
Pork Chops and Apple SauceCooking 2148PorkCooking OilCinnamonApple
Powerful Ancient CoatingArcana 111300Tier 4 Offensive ReagentAir ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Angry Earth CoatingArcana 100300Tier 4 Offensive ReagentEarth ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Beast CoatingArcana 107300Tier 4 Offensive ReagentAir ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Corrupted CoatingArcana 109300Tier 4 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Lost CoatingArcana 108300Tier 4 Offensive ReagentLife ReagentsDeath ReagentsOil
Powerful Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 170465Earth QuintessenceWater QuintessenceOil
Roasted CabbageCooking 109CabbageCooking OilDill
Roasted Vegetable MedleyCooking 101446BroccoliSquashHoneySeasoning BlendCauliflowerCooking Oil
Rusty Iron LanternFurnishing 015015 Iron IngotOilFibers
Savory Vegetable MedleyCooking 1511,085BroccoliCarrotSeasoning BlendOreganoCooking OilString BeanCauliflower
Strong Ancient CoatingArcana 6090Tier 3 Offensive ReagentEarth ReagentsOil
Strong Angry Earth CoatingArcana 6190Tier 3 Offensive ReagentFire ReagentsOil
Strong Beast CoatingArcana 5790Tier 3 Offensive ReagentAir ReagentsOil
Strong Corrupted CoatingArcana 5990Tier 3 Offensive ReagentWater ReagentsOil
Strong Lost CoatingArcana 5890Tier 3 Offensive ReagentLife ReagentsOil
Strong Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 120225Earth EssenceWater EssenceOil
Vegetable BoilCooking 108446CarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil
Warm Iron Chandelier - BrightFurnishing 015015 Iron IngotOilFibers
Warm Iron Lantern - BrightFurnishing 015015 Iron IngotOilFibers
Warm Iron Sconce - BrightFurnishing 015015 TimberIron IngotOil
Weak Oakflesh BalmArmorsmithing 2036Earth MoteWater MoteOil

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