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30 recipes found (200 max)

Arctic DuskArcana 8220 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwoodPetrified Wood
Balanced BladeWeaponsmithing 7814 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Bow of the Dark RangerEngineering 8220 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood
Breach Hunter’s Fire StaffArcana 8120 Fire Wisp15 LumberSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwoodPetrified Wood
CalamityEngineering 7520 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Corrupted Life StaffArcana 8020 Life Wisp15 LumberSteel IngotGold IngotVoidmetalFae Iron
Corrupted RemnantEngineering 7814 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Crow's NestEngineering 8314 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Crystalline CrusherWeaponsmithing 8120 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Deceit of the DefilerWeaponsmithing 8314 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Defender of DarknessWeaponsmithing 7620 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Gaia's WhimArcana 7520 Life Wisp15 LumberSteel IngotGold IngotVoidmetal
Gold BandJewelcrafting 50Gold Ingot
Gold ChainJewelcrafting 50Gold Ingot
Gold HookJewelcrafting 60Gold Ingot
Gold IngotSmelter 50Gold OreSilver IngotFlux
Gold Ingot (x2)Smelter 0Platinum IngotWeak Solvent
Gold SettingJewelcrafting 60Gold Ingot
Great Axe of the Colossal BreachWeaponsmithing 7720 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Last LightEngineering 7620 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Musket of the Corrupted GuardianEngineering 7920 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
Platinum IngotSmelter 100Platinum OreGold IngotFlux
Purest IntentionsArcana 7620 Fire Wisp15 LumberSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwood
Silver Ingot (x2)Smelter 0Gold IngotWeak Solvent
Spread of MaliceEngineering 8120 Steel Ingot15 LumberRugged LeatherGold IngotVoidmetal
The First of ManyWeaponsmithing 7514 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Thread of FateEngineering 7720 Lumber15 SateenRugged LeatherGold IngotWhisperwood
Tidal ReaverWeaponsmithing 8014 Steel IngotRugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Tipping PointWeaponsmithing 8220 Steel Ingot15 Rugged LeatherLumberGold IngotVoidmetal
Whisper from the Frozen ValeArcana 7720 Water Wisp15 Rugged LeatherSteel IngotGold IngotWhisperwood

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