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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

25 recipes found (150 max)

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops CookingClamPork BellySaltButterPeppercornLemonGarlic
Bear Flank Pinwheels CookingRich Bear FlankBasilCheeseMushroomGarlicSalt
Braised Wolf Loin CookingTender Wolf LoinCooking OilGarlicCinnamonPeppercoinHoney
Butter Poached Game CookingGame MeatButterBasilGarlic
Butter Poached Oysters on Angel Hair CookingOyster BaitButterPastaCheeseGarlicMushroomParsley
Calamari and Tomato Stew CookingSquid MeatGarlicOnionParsleyTomatoCooking Oil
Clam Chowder CookingClamPotatoOnionMilkFlourGarlic
Gariic Rosemary Poultry CookingPoultryRosemarryGarlicCooking Oil
Garlic Steak CookingRed MeatButterGarlicBroccoli
Herb-Crusted Vegetables CookingSquashCabbageSeasoning BlendGarlicRosemaryCooking OilString Bean
Herb-roasted Carrots CookingCarrotWaterGarlicPeppercorn
Orange Thyme Turkey Breast CookingPoultry BreastOrangeThymeCooking OilGarlicOnion
Paella CookingRiceSaffronOyster BaitPoultryGarlicOnion
Pesto-stuffed Turkey Breast CookingPoultry BreastBasilCooking OilNutCheeseGarlic
Pork Belly Fried Rice CookingPork BellyRiceCooking OilEggOnionGarlicSalt
Roasted Gnufish CookingGlowing GnufishOnionBarleyGarlicSaltCarrotRosemary
Savory Fish Cake CookingCarrotFish FiletSeasoning BlendGarlicString BeanButterRosemary
Seafood Bisque CookingOyster BaitMilkSaltGarlicRosemaryPaprika
Slow Roasted Bear Flank with Root Vegetables CookingRich Bear FlankGarlicThymeTomatoSeasoning BlendCarrotPotato
Spaghetti Bolognae CookingPastaRed MeatTomatoOnionCarrotGarlicOregano
Squid Ink Pasta with Clams CookingPastaSquid InkClamButterGarlicParsleySage
Stuffed Calamari CookingSquid MeatRiceMushroomCheeseTomatoGarlic
Venison Jerky CookingVenisonSaltGarlicGinger
Venison Pot Roast CookingVenisonOnionGarlicThyme
Venison Tenderloin with Herb Butter CookingVenison TenderloinPeppercornSaltButterGarlicRosemary

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