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26 recipes found (200 max)

Amrine Scout LeggingsArmorsmithing 6010 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals10 Vial of Ectoplasmic Mutagen
Arhrine Tracker LeggingsArmorsmithing 6010 Tier 3 LeatherClothsMetals10 Coagulated Blood
Breakfast BreadCooking 107CornEggHoneyNutSeasoning BlendTomato
CarbonaraCooking 180PastaPork BellySaltCheeseEggPeppercornCooking Oil
Carrot CakeCooking 174CarrotFlourEggButterSugarCinnamonNutmeg
Citrus TartCooking 76Pastry CrustEggLemonOrangeSugar
Coconut CustardCooking 78CoconutEggSugarSaltStrawberry
Deep Fried PoultryCooking 92PoultryCooking OilSeasoning BlendFlourEgg
Deepmist Spy's LeggingsArmorsmithing 11010 Tier 4 ClothsLeathersMetals10 Corrupted Talisman
Dryad Patroller LeggingsArmorsmithing 16010 Tier 5 ClothsLeathersMetals10 Sticky Vine
Fish and ChipsCooking 125Fish FiletFlourEggCooking OilPotatoSalt
French ToastCooking 126BreadEggMilkCinnamonHoneyButter
Fried AlbenajaCooking 177AlbenajaCooking OilSeasoning BlendCabbageCauliflowerFlourEgg
Fried CalamariCooking 72Squid MeatFlourLemonCooking OilEgg
Guardian Spearmarshal LeggingsArmorsmithing 16010 Tier 5 LeatherClothsMetals10 Spectral Dust
Infused Silk LeggingsArmorsmithing 15010 Tier 5 ClothsLeathersMetals
Linen LeggingsArmorsmithing 010 Tier 2 ClothsLeathersMetals
MeatloafCooking 84VenisonBreadEggTomatoOnion
Obelisk Outrider LeggingsArmorsmithing 6010 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals10 Sparkling Bone Dust
PastaCooking 5FlourEgg
Poacher's PieCooking 178Sumptuous RabbitCarrotOnionEggFlourCooking OilSeasoning Blend
Pork Belly Fried RiceCooking 188Pork BellyRiceCooking OilEggOnionGarlicSalt
Sateen LeggingsArmorsmithing 5010 Tier 3 ClothsLeathersMetals
Shadewalker LeggingsArmorsmithing 19512 Tier 5 ClothsLeathersMetals
Shipyard Watch LeggingsArmorsmithing 11010 Tier 4 ClothsLeathersMetals10 Jade Collar
Silk LeggingsArmorsmithing 10010 Tier 4 ClothsLeathersMetals

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