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18 recipes found (200 max)

Apple PieCooking 30Pastry CrustAppleSugarCinnamon
Braised Wolf LoinCooking 132Tender Wolf LoinCooking OilGarlicCinnamonPeppercoinHoney
Carrot CakeCooking 174CarrotFlourEggButterSugarCinnamonNutmeg
Cinnamon DyeCooking 115WaterYellow PigmentBrown Pigment
Common IncenseFurnishing 70LumberHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
French ToastCooking 126BreadEggMilkCinnamonHoneyButter
Grilled Pork with Spiced SquashCooking 91PorkSeasoning BlendSquashCinnamonSugar
Grilled Wolf Loin with Seasoned SquashCooking 136Tender Wolf LoinSquashButterCinnamonSugarGinger
Herb-roasted PotatoesCooking 17PotatoHoneyButterCinnamon
Honey Roasted HamCooking 175Juicy Ham HockButterHoneyCinnamonSugarSaltOrange
Melon InfusionCooking 52MelonWaterHoneyCinnamonNutmeg
Pork Chops and Apple SauceCooking 21PorkCooking OilCinnamonApple
Powerful IncenseFurnishing 170Ironwood PlankHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Salted Ham with Apple ButterCooking 135Juicy Ham HockSaltAppleButterCinnamonHoney
Spiced Melon PieCooking 37Pastry CrustMelonGingerCinnamon
Strong IncenseFurnishing 120Wyrdwood PlankHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Sweet Fruit TrifleCooking 102MelonBerryNutHoneyBlueberryCinnamon
Weak IncenseFurnishing 20TimberHyssopCinnamonCharcoal

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