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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

12 recipes found (150 max)

Boiled Cabbage CookingCabbageNutCooking OilSaffron
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish CookingCabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Corned Beef and Cabbage CookingRed MeatPeppercornCabbageOnionWater
Fried Albenaja CookingAlbenajaCooking OilSeasoning BlendCabbageCauliflowerFlourEgg
Herb-Crusted Vegetables CookingSquashCabbageSeasoning BlendGarlicRosemaryCooking OilString Bean
Hetb-Roasted Cabbage CookingCabbageNutSeasoning BlendButterCauliflower
Roast Pork Shank CookingPorkCabbageButterSage
Roasted Cabbage CookingCabbageCooking OilDill
Salted Poultry with Cabbage CookingCabbagePoultryNutPeppercornButterString BeanSeasoning Blend
Smoked Rib Cap with Cabbage and Barley Soup CookingPrime Red MeatPaprikaPeppercornCabbageBarleyOnionSeasoning Blend
Spicy Cabbage Soup CookingBarleyCabbageWaterPeppercornCarrotCauliflowerString Bean
Vegetable Boil CookingCarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil

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