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13 recipes found (200 max)

Aurora Blue DyeCooking 83WaterBlue PigmentCyan Pigment
Autumn Moss DyeCooking 33WaterGreen PigmentBlue Pigment
Cerulean CurtainsFurnishing 015 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Cerulean DrapeFurnishing 015 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Cerulean ValanceFurnishing 015 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Coarse Amethyst DyeCooking 85WaterPurple PigmentBlue Pigment
Comet DyeCooking 39WaterBlue PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Deep Sea Green DyeCooking 139WaterCyan PigmentBlue Pigment
Elderberry DyeCooking 105WaterBlue PigmentRed Pigment
Fjord DyeCooking 61WaterBlue PigmentBlack Pigment
Harvest Barley DyeCooking 125WaterYellow PigmentBlue Pigment
Starlight DyeCooking 151WaterBlue PigmentPurple Pigment
Vridian Green DyeCooking 57WaterTurquoise PigmentBlue Pigment

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