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ALL crafting recipes database Db for Amazon New World video game

15 recipes found (150 max)

Berry Pit Dye CookingWaterPurple PigmentBlack Pigment
Corduroy Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentGreen Pigment
Crumbled Rock Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentPurple Pigment
Deep Chocolate Dye CookingWaterOrange PigmentBlack Pigment
Detritus Dye CookingWaterBrown PigmentBlack Pigment
Distorted Amber Dye CookingWaterYellow PigmentBlack Pigment
Dove Gray Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentOrange Pigment
Fjord Dye CookingWaterBlue PigmentBlack Pigment
Frozen Basalt Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentWhite Pigment
Gunsmoke Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentCyan Pigment
Mineral Green Dye CookingWaterCyan PigmentBlack Pigment
Murky Water Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentBrown Pigment
Natural Gray Dye CookingWaterBlack PigmentMagenta Pigment
Sublime Velvet Dye CookingWaterMagenta PigmentBlack Pigment
Verdun Green Dye CookingWaterGreen PigmentBlack Pigment

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