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All Engineering crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

23 recipes found
Aged Wood Fishing Pole5054013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths
Amrine Temple Bow6087013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths10 Coagulated BloodVial of Ectoplasmic Mutagen
Deepwatcher Bow1102,25014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths10 Corrupted TalismanCorrupted Treatise
Dryad Walking Stick2657620 Iron Ingot15 TimberCoarse LeatherSilver IngotFae Iron
Garden Keeper Bow1604,80515 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths10 Sticky VinePutrid Bark
Hunter’s Longshot2557620 Iron Ingot15 TimberCoarse LeatherSilver IngotFae Iron
Iron Arrow (x50)0108Iron IngotTimberFeathers
Iron Spear020410 Tier 2 TimberMetalsLeathers
Ironwood Bow1503,10015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths
Ironwood Fishing Pole1503,10015 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths
Lacquered Wood Bow5054013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths
Lazarus Watcher Bow1604,80515 Tier 5 TimberLeathersCloths10 Spectral DustMetallic Boneweave
Obelisk Guard Bow6087013 Tier 3 TimberLeathersCloths10 Sparkling Bone DustVial of Ancient Mutagen
Orichalcum Spear1503,10013 Tier 5 TimberMetalsLeathers
Sapling's Fury2839614 Iron IngotCoarse LeatherTimberSilver IngotFae Iron
Shipyard Sentinel Bow1102,25014 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths10 Jade CollarJade Talisman
Starrnetal Spear1001,42512 Tier 4 TimberMetalsLeathers
Steel Spear5054011 Tier 3 TimberMetalsLeathers
Treated Wood Bow020412 Tier 2 TimberLeathersCloths
Treated Wood Fishing Pole020412 Tier 2 TimberLeathersCloths
Venerable Recurve2757620 Timber15 LinenCoarse LeatherSilver IngotPetrified Wood
Wyrdwood Bow1001,42514 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths
Wyrdwood Fishing Pole1001,42514 Tier 4 TimberLeathersCloths

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