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All Engineering crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

8 recipes found
Archmage's Assistant1432,62514 Starmetal IngotLayered LeatherWyrdwood PlanksPlatinum IngotBlessed CrucibleBrightscale Hide
Bloodright1363,75020 Starmetal Ingot15 Wyrdwood PlanksLayered LeatherPlatinum IngotBlessed CrucibleShifthide
lrreverent Edge1463,75020 Starmetal Ingot15 Wyrdwood PlanksLayered LeatherPlatinum IngotAzurite ChunkBrightscale Hide
Manashot Blunderbuss1403,75020 Starmetal Ingot15 Wyrdwood PlanksLayered LeatherPlatinum IngotBlessed CrucibleBrightscale Hide
Rifle of Sinister Deeds1453,75020 Starmetal Ingot15 Wyrdwood PlanksLayered LeatherPlatinum IngotAzurite ChunkShifthide
Sandscribe1482,62514 Starmetal IngotLayered LeatherWyrdwood PlanksPlatinum IngotAzurite ChunkScarhide
Starmetal Arrow (x50)100252Starmetal IngotWyrdwood PlanksFeathers
Starmetal Cartridge (x50)100375Starmetal IngotSilkGunpowder

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