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All Furnishing crafting recipes for Amazon New World

85 recipes found

Ash Armoire30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Bar Stool15 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Cabinet30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Chest of Drawers30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Dining Chair15 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Dresser30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash End Table30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Full Bed30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Large Bookcase30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Large Table30 Lumber15 Steel IngotMaple Stain
Ash Small Bookcase30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Small Table30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Ash Stain (x10)10 CharcoalWeak Solvent
Ash Wall Shelf15 TimberIron IngotAsh Stain
Basic Ancients Combat Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainAncient FemurMinor Ancients Combat Trophy
Basic Angry Earth Combat Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainBarkfleshMinor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Basic Arcana Crafting Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainAncient TextsMinor Arcana Crafting Trophy
Basic Armoring Crafting Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainArmorer's JournalMinor Armoring Crafting Trophy
Basic Cooking Crafting Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainChef's Secret TechniquesMinor Cooking Crafting Trophy
Basic Corrupted Combat Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainCorrupted CrestMinor Corrupted Combat Trophy
Basic Engineering Crafting Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainEngineer's Technique ManualsMinor Engineering Crafting Trophy
Basic Fishing Gathering Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainTaxidermied Blue-blooded BarbMinor Fishing Gathering Trophy
Basic Harvesting Gathering Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainJournal of Aeternum FloraMinor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Basic Logging Gathering Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainLumberjack's TokenMinor Logging Gathering Trophy
Basic Loot Luck Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainStacked DeckMinor Loot Luck Trophy
Basic Lost Combat Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainEctoplasmic EssenceMinor Lost Combat Trophy
Basic Mining Gathering Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainSurveyor's ToolsMinor Mining Gathering Trophy
Basic Skinning Gathering Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainNotes on Aeternum FaunaMinor Skinning Gathering Trophy
Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainQuartermaster's NotesMinor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Basic Wildlife Combat Trophy25 Wyrdwood Plank20 Starmetal IngotOak StainPristine Wolf ClawMinor Wildlife Combat Trophy
Bear Pelt Rug35 Layered Leather10 FeathersPristine Bear Pelt
Cerulean Curtains15 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Cerulean Drape15 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Cerulean Sheets Bunk Bed30 Timber10 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Cerulean Valance15 LinenIron IngotBlue Pigment
Common IncenseLumberHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Hewn Log Storage Chest30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh StainMinor Rune of Holding
Iron Settler's Stove30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Iron Storage Chest30 Lumber15 Steel IngotMaple StainMajor Rune of Holding
Mahogany Stain (x10)10 Pure SolventOil
Major Ancients Combat Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainAncient MandibleBasic Ancients Combat Trophy
Major Angry Earth Combat Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainGlowing SapBasic Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Major Arcana Crafting Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainPhilosopher's StoneBasic Arcana Crafting Trophy
Major Armoring Crafting Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainPrecision Armoring ToolsBasic Armoring Crafting Trophy
Major Cooking Crafting Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainChef's Secret CookbookBasic Cooking Crafting Trophy
Major Corrupted Combat Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainCorrupted TotemBasic Corrupted Combat Trophy
Major Engineering Crafting Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainPrecision Engineering ToolsBasic Engineering Crafting Trophy
Major Fishing Gathering Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainTaxidermied DaemonajaBasic Fishing Gathering Trophy
Major Harvesting Gathering Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainMercurial TokenBasic Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Major Logging Gathering Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainPure ResinBasic Logging Gathering Trophy
Major Loot Luck Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainLoaded DiceBasic Loot Luck Trophy
Major Lost Combat Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainEphemeral SealBasic Lost Combat Trophy
Major Mining Gathering Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainAdamantine DustBasic Mining Gathering Trophy
Major Skinning Gathering Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainTracker's SealBasic Skinning Gathering Trophy
Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainForgemaster's NotesBasic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Major Wildlife Combat Trophy25 Ironwood Plank20 Orichalcum IngotMahogany StainPristine Bear ClawBasic Wildlife Combat Trophy
Maple Stain (x10)10 Weak SolventOil
Minor Ancients Combat Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Soul Mote
Minor Angry Earth Combat Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Earth Mote
Minor Arcana Crafting Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Earth Mote
Minor Armoring Crafting Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Fire Mote
Minor Cooking Crafting Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Minor Corrupted Combat Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Life Mote
Minor Engineering Crafting Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Air Mote
Minor Fishing Gathering Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Minor Harvesting Gathering Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Water Mote
Minor Logging Gathering Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Air Mote
Minor Loot Luck Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple StainRabbit's Foot
Minor Lost Combat Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Death Mote
Minor Mining Gathering Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Earth Mote
Minor Skinning Gathering Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Air Mote
Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Fire Mote
Minor Wildlife Combat Trophy25 Lumber20 Steel IngotMaple Stain25 Fire Mote
Oak Stain (x10)10 Potent SolventOil
Old Placesetting10 TimberIron IngotWeak Solvent
Open Rickety Bookcase30 Timber15 Iron IngotAsh Stain
Powerful IncenseIronwood PlankHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Round Sunny Rug15 LinenCrossweaveFibers
Rusty Iron Lantern15 Iron IngotOilFibers
Strong IncenseWyrdwood PlankHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Warm Iron Chandelier - Bright15 Iron IngotOilFibers
Warm Iron Lantern - Bright15 Iron IngotOilFibers
Warm Iron Sconce - Bright15 TimberIron IngotOil
Weak IncenseTimberHyssopCinnamonCharcoal
Wicker Basket35 Reeds25 FibersWeak Solvent

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