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All Cooking crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

87 recipes found
Amaranth Dye2772WaterRed PigmentBrown Pigment
Aurora Blue Dye8372WaterBlue PigmentCyan Pigment
Autumn Moss Dye3372WaterGreen PigmentBlue Pigment
Avocado Dye9972WaterGreen PigmentYellow Pigment
Berry Brew104446BerryStrawberryWaterHoneyOrangeBlueberry
Berry Pit Dye15372WaterPurple PigmentBlack Pigment
Boiled Potatoes56150PotatoWaterSeasoning BlendButterCauliflower
Buttered Rum Dye3172WaterYellow PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish109446CabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Carrot Soup58150CarrotWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilPaprika
Castle Aquamarine Dye8172WaterCyan PigmentTurquosie Pigment
Cinnamon Dye11572WaterYellow PigmentBrown Pigment
Coarse Amethyst Dye8572WaterPurple PigmentBlue Pigment
Comet Dye3972WaterBlue PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Cool Violet Dye6372WaterPurple PigmentCyan Pigment
Copper Dye16372WaterRed PigmentBrown Pigment
Corduroy Dye8972WaterBlack PigmentGreen Pigment
Corned Beef and Cabbage81150Red MeatPeppercornCabbageOnionWater
Creamed Corn103446SquashCornWaterSeasoning BlendTomatoBasil
Crumbled Rock Dye16172WaterBlack PigmentPurple Pigment
Daisy Pink Dye4372WaterMagenta PigmentPurple Pigment
Dark Tan Dye9172WaterBrown PigmentOrange Pigment
Dazzling Coral Dye11172WaterRed PigmentMagenta Pigment
Deep Chocolate Dye13572WaterOrange PigmentBlack Pigment
Deep Sea Green Dye13972WaterCyan PigmentBlue Pigment
Delicate Sand Dye9772WaterYellow PigmentWhite Pigment
Delicate Silver Dye12172WaterBrown PigmentRed Pigment
Desert Dye12372WaterOrange PigmentYellow Pigment
Detritus Dye14172WaterBrown PigmentBlack Pigment
Distorted Amber Dye14572WaterYellow PigmentBlack Pigment
Dove Gray Dye14372WaterBlack PigmentOrange Pigment
Dust Dye4772WaterBrown PigmentWhite Pigment
Elderberry Dye10572WaterBlue PigmentRed Pigment
Field Peach Dye9372WaterRed PigmentYellow Pigment
Filet with Mint and Cracked Barley129446Prime Red MeatBarleyWaterMintSaltPeppercorn
Fjord Dye6172WaterBlue PigmentBlack Pigment
Forest Lichen Dye6972WaterBrown PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Frozen Basalt Dye16572WaterBlack PigmentWhite Pigment
Grit Dye13172WaterYellow PigmentMagenta Pigment
Gunsmoke Dye15972WaterBlack PigmentCyan Pigment
Harsh Violet Dye10772WaterMagenta PigmentRed Pigment
Harvest Barley Dye12572WaterYellow PigmentBlue Pigment
Herb-roasted Carrots1948CarrotWaterGarlicPeppercorn
Honey Brew55150BarleyWaterHoneyGingerNutmeg
Juniper Dye11972WaterCyan PigmentGreen Pigment
Medium Carmine Dye9572WaterOrange PigmentRed Pigment
Melon Infusion52150MelonWaterHoneyCinnamonNutmeg
Mineral Green Dye10372WaterCyan PigmentBlack Pigment
Murky Water Dye4572WaterBlack PigmentBrown Pigment
Natural Gray Dye6772WaterBlack PigmentMagenta Pigment
Pale Cobalt Dye5972WaterCyan PigmentWhite Pigment
Paradise Vermilion Dye7172WaterRed PigmentOrange Pigment
Pastry Crust59FlourSaltWater
Pesto Dye14972WaterTurquoise PigmentGreen Pigment
Poached Fish with Lemon and Dill2948Fish FilletWaterLemonDill
Putrid Plum Dye13772WaterMagenta PigmentBrown Pigment
Raw Sienna Dye5372WaterYellow PigmentOrange Pigment
Rich Vanilla Dye11372WaterOrange PigmentBrown Pigment
Rose Stone Dye4972WaterRed PigmentPurple Pigment
Rough Almond Dye13372WaterBrown PigmentYellow Pigment
Russet Brown Dye2572WaterBrown PigmentMagenta Pigment
Rusty Cream Dye5172WaterOrange PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Saddle Brown Dye12772WaterBrown PigmentPurple Pigment
Sea Clam Dye15772WaterRed PigmentWhite Pigment
Seasoned Leather Dye7372WaterOrange PigmentPurple Pigment
Shadow Moss Dye7572WaterYellow PigmentGreen Pigment
Smokey Malachite Dye3572WaterTurquoise PigmentPurple Pigment
Soft Cyan Dye3772WaterCyan PigmentWhite Pigment
Sovereign Purple Dye4172WaterPurple PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Spicy Cabbage Soup1551,085BarleyCabbageWaterPeppercornCarrotCauliflower
Spicy Pepper Dye2972WaterOrange PigmentMagenta Pigment
Starlight Dye15172WaterBlue PigmentPurple Pigment
Steamed Abaia Serpe1831,085Abaia SerpeWaterString BeanSquashOrangeButter
Sublime Velvet Dye6572WaterMagenta PigmentBlack Pigment
Summer Rasberry Dye8772WaterMagenta PigmentWhite Pigment
Sunset Slate Dye12972WaterOrange PigmentWhite Pigment
Swamp Grass Dye7772WaterGreen PigmentBrown Pigment
Sweet Wild Berry Infusion1541,085BerryMelonWaterSugarTarragonStrawberry
Tamished Obsidian Dye10972WaterBrown PigmentCyan Pigment
Tranquil Willow Dye10172WaterTurquoise PigmentYellow Pigment
Tropical Mist Dye11772WaterGreen PigmentTurquoise Pigment
Vegetable Boil108446CarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil
Verdun Green Dye14772WaterGreen PigmentBlack Pigment
Vridian Green Dye5772WaterTurquoise PigmentBlue Pigment
Warm Slime Dye5572WaterGreen PigmentOrange Pigment
Wedgewood Dye7972WaterTurquoise PigmentCyan Pigment
Wild Berry Compote54150BerryHoneyWaterStrawberryMint

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