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All Cooking crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

8 recipes found
Glazed Melon Bread1521,085MelonCornHoneySugarMintCooking Oil
Grilled Wolf Loin with Seasoned Squash136446Tender Wolf LoinSquashButterCinnamonSugarGinger
Herb-Roasted Squash53150SquashNutHoneyGingerButter
Honey Brew55150BarleyWaterHoneyGingerNutmeg
Honeyed Melon77150MelonHoneySugarMintGinger
Spiced Melon Pie3748Pastry CrustMelonGingerCinnamon
Strong Honey Brew105446BarleyWheatHoneyNutGingerButter
Venison Jerky4148VenisonSaltGarlicGinger

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