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All Cooking crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

14 recipes found
Baked Fish Filet95150Fish PiletButterDillLemonSalt
Blackened Fish Filet3348Fish FilletSeasoning BlendButterLemon
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish109446CabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Caviar Crostini141446Fish RoeBreadCheeseLarge SalmonDillCooking Oil
Coconut Crusted Fish Filet86150Fish FilletCoconutCooking OilRiceSaffron
Cooking Oil59Fish OilNut
Fish and Chips125446Fish FiletFlourEggCooking OilPotatoSalt
Fish Bait512Seasoning BlendFish
Fish Cakes85150Fish FilletBreadOnionParsleyCooking Oil
Fish with Tanagon and Oregano4248Fish FiletCooking OilTarragonOregano
Fish with Tomato and Basil3448Fish FilletCooking OilTomatoBasil
Poached Fish with Lemon and Dill2948Fish FilletWaterLemonDill
Roasted Gnufish1711,085Glowing GnufishOnionBarleyGarlicSaltCarrot
Savory Fish Cake1581,085CarrotFish FiletSeasoning BlendGarlicString BeanButter

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