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All Cooking crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

19 recipes found
Blueberry Glazed Ham Hock with Steamed Vegetables137446Juicy Ham HockBlueberryHoneyBroccoliCarrotCauliflower
Campfire Stew3148Game MeatCarrotOnionPotato
Carrot Cake1741,085CarrotFlourEggButterSugarCinnamon
Carrot Soup58150CarrotWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilPaprika
Fall Harvest Turkey1761,085Poultry ThighCranberryPotatoCarrotParsleySage
Herb-roasted Carrots1948CarrotWaterGarlicPeppercorn
Poacher's Pie1781,085Sumptuous RabbitCarrotOnionEggFlourCooking Oil
Rabbit Stew1791,085Sumptuous RabbitCarrotPotatoOnionThymeRosemary
Roasted Carrots99CarrotHoneyNutmeg
Roasted Carrots with Dill2348CarrotButterDillSalt
Roasted Gnufish1711,085Glowing GnufishOnionBarleyGarlicSaltCarrot
Roasted Wolf Loin128446Tender Wolf LoinString BeanBroccoliCarrotMushroomThyme
Savory Fish Cake1581,085CarrotFish FiletSeasoning BlendGarlicString BeanButter
Savory Vegetable Medley1511,085BroccoliCarrotSeasoning BlendOreganoCooking OilString Bean
Slow Roasted Bear Flank with Root Vegetables1941,085Rich Bear FlankGarlicThymeTomatoSeasoning BlendCarrot
Spaghetti Bolognae1731,085PastaRed MeatTomatoOnionCarrotGarlic
Spicy Cabbage Soup1551,085BarleyCabbageWaterPeppercornCarrotCauliflower
Spicy Steak Pie1571,085CornRed MeatSeasoning BlendPeppercornButterCarrot
Vegetable Boil108446CarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil

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