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All Cooking crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

12 recipes found
Boiled Cabbage2048CabbageNutCooking OilSaffron
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish109446CabbageFish FiletWaterSeasoning BlendCooking OilCauliflower
Corned Beef and Cabbage81150Red MeatPeppercornCabbageOnionWater
Fried Albenaja1771,085AlbenajaCooking OilSeasoning BlendCabbageCauliflowerFlour
Herb-Crusted Vegetables1531,085SquashCabbageSeasoning BlendGarlicRosemaryCooking Oil
Hetb-Roasted Cabbage59150CabbageNutSeasoning BlendButterCauliflower
Roast Pork Shank2848PorkCabbageButterSage
Roasted Cabbage109CabbageCooking OilDill
Salted Poultry with Cabbage1591,085CabbagePoultryNutPeppercornButterString Bean
Smoked Rib Cap with Cabbage and Barley Soup1901,085Prime Red MeatPaprikaPeppercornCabbageBarleyOnion
Spicy Cabbage Soup1551,085BarleyCabbageWaterPeppercornCarrotCauliflower
Vegetable Boil108446CarrotCabbageWaterNutCauliflowerCooking Oil

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