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All Armorsmithing crafting recipes with XP exp in Amazons New World video game

20 recipes found
Deepwarden's Batteplate1103,37516 Tier 4 Metals12 LeathersCloths10 Corrupted Talisman
Deepwarden's Battlebraces1101,425Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Corrupted Talisman
Deepwarden's Battlegaurds1102,10010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Corrupted Talisman
Deepwarden's Battlehelm1102,100Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Corrupted Talisman
Deepwarden's Battlestompers1102,10010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Corrupted Talisman
Shipyard Guard Boots1102,10010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Jade Collar
Shipyard Guard Breastplate1103,37516 Tier 4 Metals12 LeathersCloths10 Jade Collar
Shipyard Guard Gauntlets1101,425Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Jade Collar
Shipyard Guard Greaves1102,10010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Jade Collar
Shipyard Guard Helm1102,100Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths10 Jade Collar
Starmetal Heavy Boots100675Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Heavy Breastplate1002,62520 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Heavy Gauntlets100675Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Heavy Greaves1001,35012 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Heavy Helm1001,35010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Plate Boots100675Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Plate Breastplate1002,62516 Tier 4 Metals12 LeathersCloths
Starmetal Plate Gauntlets100675Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Plate Greaves1001,35010 Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths
Starmetal Plate Helm1001,350Tier 4 MetalsLeathersCloths

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