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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Adds Grit to the attack, making the attack unstoppable.
Lasting Trauma
Armor Breaker grants the targets Rend, reducing damage absorption by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ArmorBreaker_Rend.ABSStrike * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ArmorBreaker_Rend.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Opening Act
Increase Armor Breaker damage by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_ArmBreak_DmgFullHealth.BaseDamage * 100]}% against targets with full health.
Whenever a target is affected by a Crowd Control effect, they are slowed by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Ult_SlowOnCC.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Ult_SlowOnCC.BaseDuration]} Seconds.
Power Cleaner
Hitting a target with Clear Out grants Fortify, providing a {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ClearOut_FortifyBuff.ABSStandard * 100]}% defense bonus for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ClearOut_FortifyBuff.BaseDuration]} seconds to all friendlies within {[SpellDataTable_WarHammer.WarHammer_Spell_ClearOut_Fortify.Radius]} meters.
Clean and Refreshed
Clear Out's cooldown is reduced by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_ClearOut_CDRonHit.CooldownTimer * -100]}% per enemy hit with the ability.
Swing Away
Using Clear Out on a target grants Haste, increasing movement speed by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ClearOut_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_ClearOut_Haste.BaseDuration]} Seconds.
Justice For All
Press Basic attack during Mighty Gavel to add a second attack that deals {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_MightyGavel_upg.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Summary Judgment
On targets under {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_Gavel_DmgUnder30pctHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% HP: Increase damage done by Mighty Gavel attack by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_Gavel_DmgUnder30pctHP.BaseDamage * 100]}%.
Impact Fracture
Increase Stamina damage done by Mighty Gavel attack by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_Gavel_StaminaDmg.BlockDamage * 100]}%.
After a successful Mighty Gavel attack, gain Haste, increasing player's movement speed by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Gavel_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Gavel_Haste.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Seismic Waves
Path of Destiny now staggers all targets in its path.
Stimulated Reduction
Ability cooldown reduced by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Upgrade_WarHammer_PathOfDestiny_CDRPerHit.CooldownTimer * -100]}% for each enemy hit with Path of Destiny.
The trauma of the attack causes Weaken, decreasing the damage dealt from the target's attacks by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Shockwave_Weaken.DMGStandard * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Shockwave_Weaken.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Meteoric Crater
Expands the effective range of the Shockwave to a {[SpellDataTable_WarHammer.WarHammer_Spell_Shockwave_L2.Radius]} meter radius.
Safety Measures
On a successful hit, player obtains Fortify, granting {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_WreckingBall_Fortify.ABSStandard * 100]}% damage resistance for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_WreckingBall_Fortify.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Breathing Room
All targets within 1.5 meters of target hit are also Flattened.

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