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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Armor Breaker
A Powerful swing that penetrates {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Ability_WarHammer_ArmorBreaker.ArmorPenetration * 100]}% of the Target's armor and deals {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_ArmorBreaker.DmgCoef * 100]}% Weapon damage.
Clear Out
A wide swing that knocks enemies back 4 meters to create distance, deals {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_ClearOut.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Mighty Gavel
An overhead leaping attack that crushes down on enemies dealing {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_MightyGavel.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Path Of Destiny
A powerful ground strike that erupts a linear wave of energy in front of the player, dealing {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_PathOfDestiny.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage to all targets in its path.
Slam the Hammer into the ground causing a {[SpellDataTable_WarHammer.WarHammer_Spell_Shockwave.Radius]} meter radius AOE earthquake that deals {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_Shockwave.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage. Applies Stun to all impacted targets for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Shockwave_Stun.BaseDuration]} Seconds.

Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equiped in your war hammer, This ability cause a {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_Shockwave.TauntDuration]}s taunts when it hits. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.)
Wrecking Ball
Strike the ground around a target with Hammer dealing {[DamageTable.Warhammer_Damage_WreckingBall.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage and flattening enemy.

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