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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Increase damage absorption by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_CrowdCrusher_ArmorNearbyEnemy.ABSStandard * 100]}% if surrounded by 2 or more enemies within {[SpellDataTable_WarHammer.WarHammer_ArmorPerNearbyEnemy_Detection.Radius]} meters of player.
I Can Do This All Day
Reduce Stamina consumption by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_CrowdCrusher_LessStaminaOnBlock.BlockDamageReduction * -100]}% when Blocking Melee Attacks.
Guarded Sprint
Reduce damage taken by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Pass_SprintDmgReduction.ABSThrust * 100]}% while sprinting.
Reduce War Hammer Cooldowns by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_CrowdCrusher_CDROnDebuffHit.CooldownTimer * -100]}% when using light attacks against targets with an active Debuff.
Facilitated Expedition
After hitting a target with an active Debuff; Obtain Haste, increasing movement speed by {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Pass_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Pass_Haste.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Concussive Impact
+{[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_CrowdCrusher_DmgToWHDebuff.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage against targets affected by Warhammer Debuffs.
Prevailing Spirit
Regain {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_CrowdCrusher_HPOnCCHit.DmgPctToHealth * 100]}% of damage dealt as Health when using a Crowd Crusher ability.
After 2 Light attacks with the Warhammer, debuff durations on player are reduced by 25%. Can only trigger once every 5 seconds.
Epitome Of Bonk!
Increase Armor Penetration by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_Juggernaut_LightHeavyPenetrate.ArmorPenetration * 100]}% for all War Hammer Standard attacks.
Hammer Time
Gain Empower on a Heavy Attack, increasing attack damage by {[StatusEffects.Warhammer_Pass_HeavyEmpower.DMGStandard * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Warhammer_Pass_HeavyEmpower.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Exhaustive Attacks
All Warhammer abilities apply Exhaust, slowing target's stamina regeneration by {[StatusEffects.Warhammer_Pass_ExhaustOnHit.StaminaRate * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Warhammer_Pass_ExhaustOnHit.BaseDuration]} seconds. (Does not stack)
Hardened Steel
Adds Grit to Hammer Heavy Attacks, and grants a {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_Juggernaut_HeavyGrit.BaseDamageReduction * 100]}% damage reduction while the Heavy attack Grit is active.

(Grit is an added stagger resistance that stops attacks from being interrupted by reactions)
On targets under {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_Juggernaut_HeavyvsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% HP: Increase damage done by Heavy Attacks by {[WarHammerAbilityTable.Passive_WarHammer_Juggernaut_HeavyvsLowHP.BaseDamage * 100]}%%.
Quick Recovery
Cooldowns are reduced by 7% with Heavy attacks.
Power Through Pain
For {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Pass_EmpowerOnDmgTaken.BaseDuration]} second after taking damage, deal {[StatusEffects.WarHammer_Pass_EmpowerOnDmgTaken.DMGStandard * 100]}% extra damage.

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