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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Deadly Reach
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusCritChanceAtRng.CritChance * 100]}% Critical Chance on attacks against targets that are 3+ meters away.
Precise Jabs
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusCritChanceOnLight.CritChance * 100]}% Critical Chance on light attacks.
Exposed Wounds
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusCritChanceVsBleed.CritChance * 100]}% Critical Chance against targets with Bleed.
Reserved Strength
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgMaxStamina.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage while stamina is full.
Exploited Weakness
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgVsDebuff.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage per debuff on target (30% Max).
Unerring Precision
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgVsGrit.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage against targets with active GRIT.
Merciless Strength
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgVsKnockedDown.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage against knocked down targets.
Finishing Blows
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgVsLowHP.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage against targets with less than {[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusDmgVsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% health.
Deadly Consistency
+{[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_BonusHvyDmgConsec.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage on consecutive heavy attacks against a single target.
Invigorating Crits
Restore {[StatusEffects.Spear_BonusStaminaOnCrit.Stamina]} stamina on Critical Hits.
Strong Conditioning
+{[StatusEffects.Spear_BonusStamRegenOnLowStam.StaminaRate * 100]}% Stamina Regen when your stamina is below 50%.
Aggressive Maneuvers
The first successful hit with an ability within {[StatusEffects.Spear_CDROnHitAfterDodge.BaseDuration]} seconds of dodging reduces all Spear cooldowns by {[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_CDROnHitAfterDodge.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Refreshing Jabs
All spear cooldowns are reduced by {[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_CDROnLight.cooldownTimer * -100]}% on the second hit of the light attack chain.
Exacerbating Crits
Critical Hits extend the duration of your Spear debuffs and damage over time effects by {[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_ExtendDebuffOnCrit.TargetStatusEffectDurationMult * 100]}%.
Defensive Stance
Gain Fortify after successful heavy attacks, increasing damage absorption by {[StatusEffects.Spear_FortifyOnHvyHit.ABSThrust * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Spear_FortifyOnHvyHit.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Evasive Maneuvers
Dodging backwards consumes 20% less stamina for {[StatusEffects.Spear_ReducedDodgeStamCost.BaseDuration]} seconds after successful hits.
Crippling Jabs
The last hit of the light attack chain applies {[StatusEffects.Spear_SlowOnLightVsLowHP.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% Slow for {[StatusEffects.Spear_SlowOnLightVsLowHP.BaseDuration]} seconds to targets below {[SpearAbilityTable.Ability_Spear_SlowOnLightVsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% health.

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