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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Sturdy Shield
Grants an additional {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_Armor.PhysicalArmor * 100]}% physical armor.
One with the Shield
When you block with a shield all shield skills recharge {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_CDRWhileBlock.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Final Blow
The 3rd attack in your light attack deals {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_DmgOnFinal.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage and cause more threat.
Elemental Resistance
Reduce damage from all magical types by {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_EleArmor.BaseDamageReduction * 100]}%.
Defensive Training
When you block an attack gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Sword_Defender_FortWhileBlock.ABSStandard * 100]}% Fortify for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Sword_Defender_FortWhileBlock.BaseDuration]}s.
All incoming healing and regeneration increased by {[StatusEffects.Sword_10pcntHealing.HealMod * 100]}%.
While holding a Sword current and max health are increased by {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_MaxHp.MaxHealth * 100]}%.
Sturdy Grip
Stamina damage is reduced by {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_MeleeBlock.BlockDamageReduction * 100]}% when blocking a melee attack with a shield.
High Grip
Stamina damage is reduced by {[SwordAbilityTable.Passive_Sword_Defender_RngBlock.BlockDamageReduction * 100]}% when blocking a ranged attack with a shield.
Defensive Formation
While blocking reduce damage to all allies within 2 meters by {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Sword_Defender.ABSStandard * 100]}%. (1s cooldown)

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