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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Thirst For Blood
When applying the first bleed stack to an opponent this cooldown is reduced by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Slash_Mod1.cooldownTimer * -100]}%.
And Again
If you hit only one target, even on a blocked hit, this cooldown is reduced by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Slash_Mod2.cooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Proper Spacing
Improve your direct damage from Tondo by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Slash_Mod3.BaseDamage * 100]}% if you are {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Slash_Mod3.DistFromDefender]}m away from your target or more.
Fleeting Strikes
Each hit of Flurry reduces the cooldown of this ability by 7%.
Each hit of Flurry does {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Flurry_All_In.BlockDamage * 100]}% more block damage.
To the Bone
Each hit of Flurry extends the Rapier's bleed by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Flurry_Weakness.TargetStatusEffectDurationMod]} seconds. This will also apply to future stacked applications of the same bleed extending the entire stack.
The last hit of Flurry will cause the enemy to stagger.
With Flair
Gain Grit on both Flourish and Finish.
+{[StatusEffects.Rapier_Finish_Stam_Mod2.Stamina]} stamina when successfully hitting a target with Finish.
Each tick of damage from Tondo's bleed reduces the cooldown of this ability by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Flourish_Mod3.cooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Bloody End
Finish deals {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Flourish_Mod4.ConsumeTargetStatusEffectMult * 100]}% of the Rapier's bleed damage instead of only {[RapierAbilityTable.Ability_Rapier_Flourish.ConsumeTargetStatusEffectMult * 100]}%.
Insult to Injury
If the Riposte is triggered successfully, all your attacts become uninterruptable for {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Riposte_Uninterruptible.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Reduce the cooldown of other Rapier abilities by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Riposte_Mod2.cooldownTimer * -100]}% when landing a Riposte stun.
Lasting Consequence
Increase the stun from Riposte to {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Riposte_Stun_Enhanced.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Quick Lunge
Killing with this ability reduces its cooldown by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Aerial_Lunge_Mod1.cooldownTimer * -100]}%.
After performing Fleche, your next critical strike attack will have its damage increased by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Aerial_Lunge_Mod2.BaseDamage * 100]}%. Lasts for {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Fleche_Backstab.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Pressing 'Light Attack' any time during Fleche will stop and perform a static, continuation attack dealing {[DamageTable.1H_Rapier_Wake.DmgCoef * 100]}% damage.
Breathe In
Gain {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Evasion_Mod1.Stamina]} stamina immediately on use.
Gain {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Evasion_Mod2.MoveSpeedMod* 100]}% movement speed for {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Evasion_Mod2.BaseDuration]} seconds on use.
Evading forward gains {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Evasion_Mod3.BaseDamage * 100]}% increased damage on your next light attack. Ends on hit or after {[StatusEffects.Rapier_Evade_Forward_Damage.BaseDuration]} second.
Individual successful light attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability by {[RapierAbilityTable.Rapier_Evasion_Mod4.cooldownTimer * -100]}% each.

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