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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Standard Musket shots deal {[MusketAbilityTable.Upgrade_Musket_Burn_DmgWhileOnFire.BaseDamage * 100]}% additional damage while target is on fire.
Chronic Trauma
If Powder Burn is a Headshot, extend Burn duration to {[StatusEffects.Musket_PowderBurn_BurnExtend.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Initial Engagement
When you hit with power shot gain Empower, causing attacks to deal an additional {[StatusEffects.Musket_PowerShot_Empower.DMGStandard * 100]}% damage for {[StatusEffects.Musket_PowerShot_Empower.BaseDuration]} seconds.
First Blood
+{[MusketAbilityTable.Upgrade_Musket_Power_DmgAtFullHealth.BaseDamage * 100]}% additional damage to targets with full health.
Power Shot Headshots reduce Power Shot's cooldown by {[MusketAbilityTable.Upgrade_Musket_Power_CDRonHeadshot.CooldownTimer * -100]}%
Shoot More
Shots fired before exiting stance increased to five.
If 3 consecutive shots hit the same target, reduce all other Musket cooldowns by {[MusketAbilityTable.Upgrade_Musket_Shooters_CDROnSameTarget.CooldownTimer * -100]}%
Unflinching Walk
Sticky bomb grants player {[StatusEffects.Musket_Sticky_StaminaRegen.Stamina]} stamina when it deals damage with an explosion.
Sticky Slow
Direct hits with the Sticky bomb cause the target to be Slowed by {[StatusEffects.Musket_Sticky_Slow.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Musket_Sticky_Slow.BaseDuration]} Seconds.
Lasting Impression
Targets hit with Stopping Power are Exhausted; reducing stamina regeneration speed by {[StatusEffects.Musket_StoppingPower_Exhaust.StaminaRate * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Musket_StoppingPower_Exhaust.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Supplementary Repulsion
Targets hit with Stopping Power are slowed by {[StatusEffects.Musket_StoppingPower_Slow.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Musket_StoppingPower_Slow.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Trapped Damage
Traps apply Rend to target increasing damage to trapped targets by {[StatusEffects.Musket_Trap_Root_DMG.ABSStandard * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Musket_Trap_Root_DMG.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Scent of Blood
Regen {[MusketAbilityTable.Upgrade_Musket_TrapLifeSteal.DmgPctToHealth * 100]}% of weapon damage done as health when dealing damage to trapped targets.
Double Trap
Ability to have two active traps.

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