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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Cleansing Tomb
Cleanse all debuffs when being Entombed.
Deadly Path
Increases damage by 10% and adds stagger to the path of spikes. Does not increase Mighty Spike damage.
Empowered Spikes
Mighty Spike Damage increased by 20% when hitting an enemy below 30% health.
Enduring Chill
Increase duration of Wind Chill by 1 second.
Enduring Shower
Increase Ice Shower duration to 7 seconds.
Greater Pylon
Increases damage of Ice Pylon by 10% for slowed targets.
Punishing Storm
Increases damage by 10% for each enemy in Ice Storm.
Pylon Dodge
Dodging with full stamina increases Ice Pylon rate of fire for 3 seconds.
Pylon Regen
Ice Pylon regenerates to full health 5 seconds after last damage taken.
Quick Shower
Any ally, including self, will get a 25% speed boost for 2 seconds when entering Ice Shower.
Refreshing Spikes
Cooldown for this ability decreased by 10% if enemy is hit by Major Spike.
Chilling Blast
Increase the damage of the last 2 meters of the Wind Chill range by 25%.
Frigid Showers
Frostbite applies Rend to target reducing defense 10%.
Spiky Reach
Ice Shards fire from the sides of the Mighty Spike to hit a wider area. Each Shard will have a 6 meter range and deal {[DamageTable.IceMagic_Spike_Reach.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Storm Summoner
Ice Storm mana cost is decreased by 80% at full mana.
Strengthened Tomb
Increases defense by 25% for 3 seconds after breaking out of Entombed.
Weakening Gust
Incoming damage is increased by 10% for 3 seconds to enemies in Ice Storm if below 50% health.

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