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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

On The Hunt
Increases movement speed by {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Berserk_SpeedUp.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% while in Berserk Mode.
Berserking Refresh
While Berserk is active, gain a portion of your health back every {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Berserk_Escalading_Health.TickRate]} seconds. Amount of health gained increases the by how long Berserk is active.
Berserking Purge
Triggering Berserk removes all Crowd Control effects (Stuns, Slows, Roots) from the player.
Uninterruptible Berserk
While in Berserk, your attacks are uninterruptible during Berserk and you can't be staggered.
Mortal Power
Increased duration of disease and weaken to {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Infected_DiseaseWeakBuff.BaseDuration]} seconds on targets below 30% Health.
Aerial Transmission
Creates a {[SpellDataTable_Hatchet.Hatchet_Spell_InfectedThrowAOE.Radius]} meter disease AOE on Impact that lingers in place for 3 seconds.
Aggressive Approach
Hitting a target with Raging Torrent grants Haste, increasing movement speed by {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Raging_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Raging_Haste.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Final Blow
Press Light Attack at the end of raging torrent to deal a final attack dealing {[DamageTable.Hatchet_Damage_RapidStrikes_FinalBlow.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Targeted Impact
Rend increased to {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_RendingThrow_RendBuff.ABSStandard * -100]}% if further than {[HatchetAbilityTable.Upgrade_Hatchet_RendThrow_DistanceBuffRend.DistFromDefender]} meters from target.
Rending Throw deals an additional {[HatchetAbilityTable.Upgrade_Hatchet_RendThrow_DmgOnDebuff.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage if target already has an active Debuff.
Second Wind
Using Rending Throw on a target with an active debuff reduces ability cooldown by {[HatchetAbilityTable.Upgrade_Hatchet_RendThrow_CDROnDebuff.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Quick Power
Player Movement speed increased to {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_SocialDist_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_SocialDist_Haste.BaseDuration]} seconds if ability hits a target with an active debuff.
Stay Back
Slow Movement speed effects increased to {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_SocialDist_SlowBuff.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_SocialDist_SlowBuff.BaseDuration]} seconds.
If target is below {[HatchetAbilityTable.Upgrade_Hatchet_FeralRush_DMGVsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% health, Feral Rush deals {[HatchetAbilityTable.Upgrade_Hatchet_FeralRush_DMGVsLowHP.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage.
Crippling Strikes
If Feral Rush hits a target in the back, it causes Root, immobilizing target for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Rush_Root.BaseDuration]} seconds.

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