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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Aimed Throw
Replaces block with an Aimed Throw that deals {[DamageTable.Hatchet_Damage_AimedThrow.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage. Hold RMB to enter aimed stance. Each throw consumes {[StaminaCosts_Player.ThrowingAxe_AimedThrow.StaminaCost]} Stamina.
Enraged Strikes
If target is below {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_LightHeavyVsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% health. Light and Heavy attacks deal {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_LightHeavyVsLowHP.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage.
Accumulated Power
After 3 successful light attacks against the same target: gain Empower, granting a {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_3AtkEmpower.DMGSlash * 100]}% damage increase for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_3AtkEmpower.DurationMax]} seconds or until the next attack.
Relentless Fury
After a successful Heavy attack: gain Empower granting a {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_HeavyEmpower.DMGSlash * 100]}% damage increase for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_HeavyEmpower.DurationMax]} seconds or after 4 attacks.
Desperate Refresh
All cooldowns are reduced by {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_CDRAtLowHP.CooldownTimer * -100]}% when hitting an enemy with an attack while your HP is below {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_CDRAtLowHP.MyHealthPercent]}%
Against All Odds
Increase base damage by {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_DMGPerNearbyEnemy.BaseDamage * 100]}% for every enemy within {[SpellDataTable_Hatchet.Hatchet_DmgPerNearbyEnemy_Detection.Radius]} meters of player.
Fortifying Strikes
Hitting the same target with {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_FortifyAfter3Attacks.NumConsecutiveHits]} light attacks grants Fortify, increasing damage absorption by {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_Fortify3Atk.ABSStandard * 100]}% for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_Fortify3Atk.BaseDuration]} seconds.
Frenzied Purge
When hitting an enemy while your health is below {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_Berserk_PurgeDoTLowHP.MyHealthPercent]}%: Removes all Bleed, Burn, and Poison DoT effects from the player. ({[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_DoTPurgeTimer.BaseDuration]} second cooldown)
Defy Death
When you receive lethal damage: Avoid death, reduce to {[HatchetAbilityTable.Ult_Passive_Hatchet_ImmortalWhen0HP.SetHealthOnFatalDamageTaken]} HP and gain immortality for {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Berserk_Immortal.BaseDuration]} seconds. ({[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Ult_ImmortalTimer.BaseDuration]}s cooldown)
Critical Throw
Thrown axes are now capable of triggering headshot or random critical hit.

Also increases critical hit chance of all attacks by 5%.
All attacks deal {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_ThrowingAxe_DmgVsDebuff.BaseDamage * 100]}% additional damage to targets with an active debuff.
On Fire
Every 3rd successfully thrown axe is a guaranteed Crit.
Refreshing Throws
Thrown Hatchets against targets with an active debuff reduces all cooldowns by {[HatchetAbilityTable.Passive_Hatchet_ThrowingAxe_CDROnDebuffThrow.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Rejuvinating Crits
Successful Critical Hits with Light Attacks or Aimed Throws regenerates {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_StaminaGainCrit.Stamina]} Stamina.
Boot and Rally
Light Attacks and Aimed Throws regenerate {[StatusEffects.Hatchet_Pass_StaminaGainDebuff.Stamina]} stamina when hitting targets with an active debuff.
Adrenaline Rush
Dodging within 2 seconds of triggering an ability consumes 25% less Stamina.
Persistent Hinderance
Successful throwing axe hits extends all hatchet debuff durations by {[HatchetAbilityTable.Ult_Passive_Hatchet_ExtendDebuffDuration.TargetStatusEffectDurationMult *100]}%.

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