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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Frenzied Momentum
Charge now deals {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Engage1.DmgCoef * 100]} - {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Engage3.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage based on how far you traveled.
Unpredictable Strike
During Charge you may press RMB to execute a swing attack dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Engage_Swing1.DmgCoef * 100]} - {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Engage_Swing3.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage based on how far you traveled.
Unstoppable Greed
Execute gains Grit during the attack, making the attack unstoppable.
Execute critical hits {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Upgrade_Greataxe_Executioner_CritVsLowHP.CritChance * 100]}% of the time vs foes below {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Upgrade_Greataxe_Executioner_CritVsLowHP.TargetHealthPercent]}% health.
Allies gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Upgrade_Greataxe_GravityWell_ArmorInWell.ABSStandard * 100]}% Fortify while standing in your well. (Fortify reduces damage.)
Crowded Well
Increase burst damage by {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Upgrade_Greataxe_GravityWell_DmgPerFoe.BaseDamage * 100]}% for each foe caught in the vortex.
Consumes all projectiles while Maelstrom is active.
Storm's Reach
Extends the reach of Maelstroms pull range by 50%.
No Reprieve
Maelstrom does an extra spin attack pulling in foes and dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Maelstrom_NoReprieve.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Heal yourself for {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Upgrade_Greataxe_Reap_Lifesteal.DmgPctToHealth * 100]}% of damage done by Reap.
The Collector
Reap range is now 8m.
Fatal Attraction
After you pull do a spin attack dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_JudgementsReach_FA.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
If you have 3 or more foes around you deal {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Upgrade_Greataxe_Whirlwind_DmgWhenFoesNear.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage.
Gusting Winds
Whirlwind's maximum number of rotations is increased to 7.
Unending Winds
Whirlwind's movement speed increased by 50%

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