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👉Don't Forget - New World Optimized Drivers: NVIDIA or AMD ✌️

Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Charge 10m dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Engage1.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage when you reach a target or Press LMB.

This ability has Unstoppable (you cannot be interrupted while preforming this ability.)
A powerful overhead attack dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Executioner.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage. Deals 300% weapon damage vs foes under {[GreatAxeAbilityTable.Ability_Greataxe_Executioner.TargetHealthPercent]}% health.
Gravity Well
Throw an axe to create a vortex that pulls foes to its center for 3s. Ends with a damaging Burst dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_GravityWell_Burst.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage. Range 10m.
Fast-spinning attack that pulls targets closer to you and deals {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Maelstrom.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.
Extend your axe 5m pulling foes to you and dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_JudgementsReach.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage.

Taunt Gem Compatible: If you have a Carnelian gem equiped in your great axe, This ability cause a {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_JudgementsReach.TauntDuration]}s taunts when it hits. (Taunt causes monsters to focus only on you.)
Spin attack dealing {[DamageTable.GreatAxe_Whirlwind.DmgCoef * 100]}% weapon damage to all nearby foes. If you hit a foe spin again (Max 4 spins.) You can move while spinning. This attack cannot backstab.

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