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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Fiery Restoration
Heavy Attacks reduce Fire Staff cooldowns by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_CDRHeavy.CooldownTimer * 100]}% on hit.
When you get a Critical Hit with the Fire Staff, cause burning, dealing {[StatusEffects.FireStaff_Pyro_DOT.HealthModifierDamageBased * -100]}% weapon damage each second for {[StatusEffects.FireStaff_Pyro_DOT.BaseDuration]}s.
Prophet of a Fire God
While holding a Fire Staff, your critical strike damage is increasd by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_CritDmg.CritDamage * 100]}%.
Your abilities gain an extra {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_Crit.CritChance * 100]}% chance to critical strike.
Clear Mind
While above 50% mana: you gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_DmgFullMana.DMGStandard * 100]}% Empower. (Empower increases damage.)
Clear Casting
If you haven't taken damage in the last {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_DmgNoDmg_Timer.BaseDuration]}s, deal {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_DmgNoDmg.DMGStandard * 100]}% more damage.
Heavy Attacks no longer consume mana.
Spell Focus
Heavy Attacks restore {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_FireMage_ManaOnHit.Mana * 100]}% of your max mana on hit.
Runes of Helios
Casting a fire spell places a 2m rune on the ground increasing your spell damage by {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Firemage_DMG.DMGStandard * 100]}% while standing in the rune. The rune lasts for {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Firemage.BaseDuration]}s. (Cooldown {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Firemage_Timer.BaseDuration]}s).
Trial by Fire
When you are struck, create a field of fire around you dealing {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_BurnNearby.HealthModifierDamageBased * -100]}% weapon damage to all to nearby enemies in a 4m radius. Activates when struck in battle and lasts for 10 seconds. (Cooldown {[StatusEffects.TrialByFireTimer.BaseDuration]}s.)
Watch it Burn
Light attacks cause the enemy to catch fire dealing {[StatusEffects.FireStaff_Pyro_DOT.HealthModifierDamageBased * -100]}% weapon damage each second for {[StatusEffects.FireStaff_Pyro_DOT.BaseDuration]}s.
While holding a Fire Staff and below 50% max health: damage is increased by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_DmgOnLow.BaseDamage * 100]}%.
Let it Burn
Whenever burn deals damage, gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_FortOnBurn.ABSStandard * 100]}% Fortify for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_FortOnBurn.BaseDuration]}s. (Fortify reduces damage taken.)
Combat Speed
When you activate a Fire Staff ability gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_Haste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% Haste for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_Haste.BaseDuration]}s. (cooldown {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_Haste_Timer.BaseDuration]}s)
Heat Up
When you block a Melee attack, restore {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_ManaOnblock.Mana * 100]}% of your max mana.
Burning lasts {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_ManaOnBurn.TargetStatusEffectDurationMod * 100]}% longer.
After {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_Ultimate_Timer.BaseDuration]}s without activating a Fire Staff ability, your mana regen is increasd by {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Firestaff_Pyro_Ultimate.ManaRate * 100]}%.

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