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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Heat it Up!
Burn Out goes 50% further.
All In
Fire Staff cooldowns are reduced by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_BurnOut_CDR.CooldownTimer * -100]}% for each foe hit by Burn Out.
Scorched Earth
Fireball's burning field persists for 9s.
Direct hits with Fireball give you {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_Fireball_Mana.Mana * 100]}% of your max mana and reduces your Fire Staff cooldowns by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_Fireball_Mana.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Infernal Flames
Increase the base damage of FlameThrower by {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_FlameThrower_Dmg.BaseDamage * 100]}%.
Pyro Dancer
FlameThrower has no cooldown.
Fire's Reach
Increase the range of FlameThrower by 50%.
Each hit of Incinerate causes an additional stack of burning.
Flame out!
Incinerate hits twice.
Cauterize Wounds
Restore {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_Incinerate_Heal.DmgPctToHealth * 100]}% of Incinerate damage dealt as health.
Fiery Determination
Adds Grit while casting Meteor Shower.

(Grit is an added stagger resistance that stops attacks from being interrupted by reactions)
The initial hit of Meteor Shower gives you {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_MeteorShower_Mana.Mana * 100]}% of your max mana for each target hit.
Judgment of Helios
All hits after the initial impact now deal {[StatusEffects.Status_FireStaff_MeteorShower_DamageUpgrade.HealthModifierDamageBased * -100]}% weapon damage.
First Strike
Pillar of Fire deals {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_PillarofFire_Dmg.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage to foes at full health.
Arson's Advantage
Gain {[FireMagicAbilityTable.Upgrade_Firestaff_PillarofFire_Mana.Mana * 100]}% of your max mana per enemy hit by Pillar of Fire.

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