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Datamined weapon abilities for New World

Arrow Range
Increased arrow distance before start of gravity by 100%.
Unbreakable Focus
Receive {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Hunter_ArmorAimHeavy.ABSStandard * 100]}% less damage while aiming.
Bow shots critical chance increase by {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_Crit.CritChance * 100]}%.
Surprise Attack
If you haven't damaged a foe in the last {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgOnFirst_Tracker.BaseDuration]}s: Deal {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgOnFirst.BaseDamage * 100]}% extra damage.
Long Range
Deal {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgVsDist.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage to foes at least {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgVsDist.DistFromDefender]}m away.
Finishing Shot
If your target is below 50% health: Deal {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgVsLow.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage.
When you land a headshot heal yourself for {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_HealOnFive.DmgPctToHealth * 100]}% of damage done.
Aim True
Opening Strike
Heavy attacks deal +{[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_DmgOnFirst.BaseDamage * 100]}% damage to foes with 100% health.
Heavy attacks arrows fly faster and deal {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Hunter_HeavyDmg.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage.
Closing In
Hitting a foe below 50% health: reduces bow ability recharge by {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Skirmish_CDRVsLow.CooldownTimer * -100]}%.
Battle Precision
Debuff and damage over time durations last {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DebuffDur.TargetStatusEffectDurationMult * 100]}% longer.
Deal {[BowAbilityTable.Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DmgVsDebuff.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage to foes suffering from a debuff.
Evasive Tactics
After you dodge: Deal {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DodgeDmg.DMGStandard * 100]}% more damage for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DodgeDmg.BaseDuration]}s.
Dodge and Weave
After you dodge: Gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DodgeHaste.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% haste for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_DodgeHaste.BaseDuration]}s. (you move faster.)
Archer's Speed
Gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_HasteOnSwap.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% haste for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_HasteOnSwap.BaseDuration]}s when you swap to your bow. ({[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_HasteOnSwap_Timer.BaseDuration]}s cooldown)
Catch Me If You Can
If surrounded by 3 or more foes within 3m of you gain {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_HasteWhenFoesNear.MoveSpeedMod * 100]}% Haste (you move faster.)
If you hit a foe with 100% health cause {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_SlowFull.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% slow for {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_SlowFull.BaseDuration]}s.
Hunter's Insight
Hitting a foe with a debuff grants {[StatusEffects.Status_Passive_Bow_Skirmish_StaminaVsDebuff.Stamina]} stamina.
When you land a headshot you deal {[BowAbilityTable.Ultimate_Bow_Hunter.BaseDamage * 100]}% more damage and a {[BowAbilityTable.Ultimate_Bow_Hunter.RefundAmmoPercentChance * 100]}% chance to get your arrow back.
Knee Shot
Leg shots cause {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Bow_Skirmish.MoveSpeedMod * -100]}% slow for {[StatusEffects.Status_Ultimate_Bow_Skirmish.BaseDuration]}s (slow causes target to move slower.).

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