Know your buffs! Below is a screenshot of each class aura and description of how it benefits you, to help you identify them.
Make sure to stand in these when you see them!
Know what Each Class's Aura and Buffs look like and what they do!

Archer - Sharp Eyes (Crit rate & accuracy for 180s)

Heavy Gunner - Med Kit (Heals you for a set amount)

Knight - Bulwark/Defender of the Faith (100% immunity for 3s)

Priest - Holy Symbol (Physical/magical dmg, attack speed, accuracy & spirit regeneration for up to 21s)

Priest - Sanctuary (Heals you over time for 10s)

Runeblade - Honing Runes (Crit dmg for 180s)

Wizard - Focus Seal (Physical/magical dmg for 180s)

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