1130 Most Recent Florida Man Stories.
8/19/2019Beverly Weisman Claims To Be FBI Agent, Leads Police On Multiple Chases Before Being Arrested; Troop
8/19/2019Irma Acosta Arya Puts Out Food That Attracts Hundreds Of Vultures Causing Neighborhood Chaos
8/19/2019Markeisha Ransom Got Into Argument With Roommate, Grabs A Pair Of Scissors And Gets Arrested 
8/19/2019Stewart Smith Took A Bull By The Horns, Steals Animal And Puts It Up For Sale At Cattle Auction
8/18/2019Anthony Gearing Casually Walked Out Of Courtroom Before Sentencing, Recaptured After 2 Weeks On The
8/18/2019Claudio Camacho-Simon Gets Into Argument With 2 Men Over Card Game, Asks Wife To Grab His Gun
8/18/2019Florida Woman Nicki Johnson Asked Woman Who Bumped Into Her Cart To Apologize, Gets Called Racial Sl
8/18/2019Why So Serious? Florida Woman Graziella Puleo Furious After Dog Grooming Request Turns To Her Pup Lo
8/17/2019Brandon Burrus Was Arrested After Urinating On Child’s Foot And In Child’s Mouth
8/17/2019Brian Martin Roberts Was Arrested After Robbing A Bank While Wearing Plastic Bag Over His Head
8/17/2019Florida Woman Heidi Schmutz Lied To Get Florida Man Arrested After He Failed To Pay Her For Drive To
8/17/2019Is That A Reel In Your Pants Or Are You Just An Idiotic Thief? Justin Kinnison Arrested After Being
8/17/2019Joseph Valderrama Loves His Cheese; Gets Arrested After Stealing Car, Wine And Cheese From Garage 
8/16/2019Aubrey Lynn Waldron Is Wanted For Trading $300,000 Worth Of Stolen Trucks For Loads Of Meth 
8/16/2019Florida Man Ty Kelley Arrested After Shoving Booze Down His Pants And Drinking It In Walmart Bathroo
8/16/2019Florida Woman Ceara Rae Stowe Thrown Back In Jail After $24,000 Adoption Fraud
8/16/2019Joshua James Hallock Got Into An Argument With His Roommate, Beats Him With A Wrench, Gets Called Th
8/16/2019Put Your Hand Down Michael Owens Pants And I Bet You’ll Find Steak, $56 Worth Of Steak Stolen From
8/15/2019Christopher Kozlowski Walked Into Home Depot, Loaded Up A Cart With $120 Worth Of Merchandise And At
8/15/2019Kaynesha Rhodes Pulled Out A Gun, Then Struck A Man With A Baseball Bat Before Biting Off Part Of A
8/15/2019Nicholas C Nelson Was Arrested After Sending Woman 10,000 Text Messages In 12 Days, Threatens To Dri
8/15/2019Shawn Taylor Was Drinking With A Friend Before Arguing Over Penmanship, Tells Friend He Wants To Hav
8/14/2019Acasia Fuscaldo Violates Her Probation, Police Find Her Hiding In Hotel Box Spring
8/14/2019Anthony Richard Williams Robbed A Bank, Stole A Car, Tries To Swim Away From Police, Cries When He G
8/14/2019Armed Florida woman hit someone with a baseball bat, bit off a child’s finger, then died, deputies
8/14/2019Florida Man Accused Of Threatening Neighbors With Nunchucks & Bug Spray
8/14/2019Florida Man James Clairmont Is A Monster, Intentionally Runs Over Ducklings Playing In A Puddle 
8/14/2019Florida Man Scammer Victor Blanco Arrested Months After Stealing $67,000 Swiss Watch, Ahh Privalage
8/14/2019Florida Woman Wanted To Play Master And Slave, Kenneth Atkins Didn’t Want To Play So He Spat In He
8/14/2019Perverted Florida Man Wayne Jeffrey Khoma Hid Cameras In Room He Rented Out To Women; Says He Likes
8/13/2019Deltona man coerced woman he met online into paying him over $8,000 or he’d tell her husband, work
8/13/2019James R Severson Got Grocery Store Road Rage; Runs Into Store Clerk Who Blocked The Aisle, Flashes A
8/13/2019Kevin Eichin Goes Entrepreneurial, Gets Arrested For Possession And Trafficking Of Cocaine And Other
8/13/2019Miranda Perez Didn’t Like That Her Kids Had To Change Schools, So She Threatened A School Shooting
8/13/2019Samuel Royce Was Arrested After Allegedly Spanking His Child With A Frying Pan Because The Child Did
8/12/2019Chadd Shanks Asked Man For Money, When He Was Turned Down He Sat In The Man’s Car, Pointed A Gun A
8/12/2019Is That A Gun In Your Pants? Florida Man In Stable Condition After Shooting Himself At Bass Pro Shop
8/11/2019Donald Reid Jr Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Infraction, Pulls Out A Hand Grenade
8/11/2019Former Teach Mary Mundy Gets Lesson In Hard Knocks, Arrested With Smorgasbord Of Drugs In Her Vehicl
8/11/2019Man trespassing at go-kart track crashes, dies
8/11/2019Naked Florida Man “John Smith” Arrested After Stealing Pair Of Crotchless Underwear, Tells Polic
8/10/2019Casey Sosnowski Went On Hiking Trip To Get Instagram Likes, Gets Called Out By Sister For Just Posin
8/10/2019Florida man arrested after making threat to Walmart on Facebook Man appears to believe in white supr
8/10/2019Florida Man Arrested for DUI Says He Smoked Pot to Prepare for Jesus to Return
8/10/2019Florida man called Pitbull robs convenience store
8/10/2019Jonathan Tucker Stole A Gun And A Car, Fled From Police, Smoked Some Meth And Got Arrested
8/10/2019Jonny Buchanan Got Hungry After Breaking Into A Home, Makes Herself A Sandwich On The Way Out
8/10/2019Naked man bikes to a store called RockHard Lovestuff. That was only the beginning.
8/10/2019Rockledge High School Teacher Said He’s Student’s Spirit Husband, Demonic Energy Came From Bathr
8/10/2019Social media personality ‘Real Tarzann’ arrested on burglary, battery charges in Florida
8/9/201989-year-old Florida woman battles and kills 6-foot snake after it eats visiting birds
8/9/2019Bradley D Knirnschild Stole Bikes In Washington, Tried To Sell Them In Idaho; Gets Arrested
8/9/2019FBI Arrests Hollywood Man Accused Of Robbing 2 Banks
8/9/2019Florida man drives golf cart into Walmart, tries to hit shoppers before hitting cash register, deput
8/9/2019Florida man pulls gun on delivery crew after furniture arrives late, ‘I've shot people for less'
8/9/2019Florida man reports handgun stolen during orgy at his home Volusia County sheriff's sergeant says cr
8/9/2019Florida Man Threatens to Quit Football over Helmet Grievance
8/9/2019John Womack Flashes Penis To Woman Saying “Look At This”; Gets Caught On Video, Denies It, Then
8/9/2019Jonas Laurindvicius Sped, He Followed Too Closely, Ran A Stop Sign, Sped Some More, Ran A Light.. Al
8/9/2019Man accused of forcing legally blind friend to withdraw money at Volusia ATM
8/9/2019Raytheon Slater Insured His $8,000 Rims And Claimed They Were Stolen, Gets Insurance Check And Tries
8/9/2019Report: Meth, cocaine and heroin found in Florida middle school teacher's car
8/9/2019You’ve seen this couple’s Publix engagement photos. Now read their story. When rain scuttled pla
8/9/2019Woman taken on chase when first date decides to flee traffic stop, Flagler deputies say
8/8/2019Anaconda owners tangle with state
8/8/2019Breaking Sad? Nicholas Mason And Friends Arrested For Theft Of Thousands Of Oysters, Profiting
8/8/2019Chelsea Nichole Madill Imported Copious Amounts Of Cocaine; Gets Arrested After Driver Snitches | Au
8/8/2019Florida man gets probation for sex with dog
8/8/2019He was going 100 mph on the Overseas Highway. He told police he was ‘in a hurry’
8/8/2019Man arrested after pulling semi-automatic weapon on I-4
8/8/2019Mary Magdalene Jackson Didn’t Want To Take Her Kids To Grandma’s House; So She Paid A Meth Head
8/8/2019Off The Beat: Man says he's unaware of drugs in vehicle, but in-car camera shows otherwise
8/7/20199 urns with cremated remains found at office of embattled Orlando guardian, AG says
8/7/2019Alice Coleman Bit Man Who Broke Into Her Home, Yells “I’m Not Your Mama, Get Out Of My House!”
8/7/2019American Psycho; Christopher Brady Got Fired From Law Firm, Shenanigans Ensue; Starts Firm With Same
8/7/2019Florida woman used company to move cocaine from RGV to Illinois for cartel
8/7/2019Four Santa Rosa residents charged in oyster theft scheme
8/7/2019Juan Quintana Was Looking For Love, So He Sat Outside His Neighbor’s Apartment Waiting For Her
8/7/2019Man uses 'unknown tool' to steal truck from parking lot in Miami-Dade, police say
8/7/2019Michael Williams Was At A Club And Had To Pee, So He Used An Ice Maker.. Because Florida
8/7/2019Toilet explodes in Florida house after lightning strikes septic tank in front yard
8/6/2019A law firm fired an attorney. He became the firm’s stalker and stole an AR-15, cops say
8/6/2019Aaron Wimes Used Toilet Paper To Start Fires In The Bathroom Of A Sports Store, Sticks Around While
8/6/2019David Ashworth Didn’t Like That Hotel Manager Made His Girlfriend Cry; Emails Hotel And News Stati
8/6/2019Lavitress Williams Spent 6 Years In Prison For Check Fraud, Gets Arrested While On Supervised Releas
8/6/2019Palm City man charged with setting stranger's car on fire
8/6/2019Tiffany Lea Bland Gets Arrested For Assault; Hits Daughter 11 Times
8/6/2019Wild(wood) Florida Woman Bites Boyfriend’s Thigh; Colonel Sanders Not Amused
8/5/2019Eric Rim Sped From Police, Called 911 To Complain About Officer Who Damaged His Vehicle; Gets Arrest
8/5/2019Florida Man Taj Perry Robs Man, Tells Police Victim Offered To Have Sex With Him For $20
8/5/2019Latamara Taylor Beat Her Kids For Eating Ravioli, Gets Arrested When She Hit The Boys Father With A
8/4/2019Florida Man David Stull Takes DNA Test, Realizes His Brother In Blue Is His Half Brother From Anothe
8/4/2019Terrian J Knight Attempted To Rob Dollar Store Manager, Flees From K9 Police Dog, Hides In Pool, Get
8/4/2019William James Westberry Broke Into A Car And Stole A Gun, His Momma Recognized Him On Camera And Tur
8/3/2019Arayia Hudson Was Wanted On Multiple Warrants, Turns Herself In, Gets Arrested For Smuggling Contrab
8/3/2019Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov Stole $1,000 Sweater In July To “Get His Brother” Something Nice, Ge
8/3/2019Frederic Sterry Smith Wrote Anti Gay Remark On Napkin, Stuffed It Down Manager’s Blouse, Flees The
8/3/2019Man Charged With Nearly Biting Off His Cousin’s Nose At Century Gas Station
8/3/2019Shayeh Dov Targeted Orthodox Jewish Community And Scammed Them Out Of Over $3,000,000
8/2/2019A man broke into a house, showered — then sat naked on the porch to wait, Fla. cops say
8/2/2019Florida Perv Charles Schenck Was Arrested After Taking Video Of Woman Changing At Target, Runs Away
8/2/2019Florida Tattoo Wizard Jesse Paul Ayotte Wanted By Police For Series Of Bank Robberies 
8/2/2019Katie Lamothe Tries To Use Lyft As Getaway, Driver Refuses Prompting Her To Call Uber
8/2/2019Lyft Driver Refuses to be Getaway Car After Florida Woman Steals E-Cigarette: Deputies
8/2/2019Off The Beat: Deputies crack case of crack in crack
8/2/2019Teen urinates on Walmart shelf days after woman sullied another store’s potatoes: report
8/1/2019Alligators Have A Taste For Florida Man, According To Science 
8/1/2019Celeste Dorsey Gets Arrested With 25 Lbs Of Weed At Airport; Blames It On The TSA |
8/1/2019Convicted child molester beaten to death by cellmate at Florida jail, officials say
8/1/2019Gwen Schoewe Passed Off Fake Check For $2,000; Tries Again At The Same Bank, Fails, Flees Police, Ge
8/1/2019Michael Stanley Was Pulled Over For A Minor Traffic Infraction, Police Discover Plethora Of Drugs In
7/31/2019A St. Petersburg real estate agent listed a house with a photo of it engulfed in flames.
7/31/2019Andrea Cole Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Leaving Kids In Hot Car, Became Combative With Police
7/31/2019Ashley Dawson Was Pissed Her Boyfriend Cheated; She Attacked Her Boyfriend’s Lover, Ran Into Her C
7/31/2019Authorities said a man was caught shoplifting a $995 sweater from the Saks Fifth Avenue store at Tow
7/31/2019Breon Cheaves Tried To Buy Heroin For Prostitute, Beats His Friend For Not Giving Him Money, Gets Ar
7/31/2019Carlos Hernandez Had A Friend Who Won $2,500 On A Scratch Lottery Ticket, Tells Him He’ll Cash It
7/31/2019Florida Man Found Behind Grocery Store Freezer After Missing For 10 Years
7/31/2019George Stubbs Got Into Argument With Girlfriend Over Video Game, Chokes Her And Throws Door At Her,
7/31/2019Man named ‘Murder’ with ‘murder’ tattooed on his neck pleads guilty to murder
7/31/2019Mason Bannister Goes On Crime Spree, Uses Stolen Credit Card, Headbutts Cashier, Tries To Carjack Wo
7/30/2019Douglas Allen Smith Beat His Friend And Trashed His House, Blames It On Looking For A Kitty
7/30/2019Yesenia Casiano Got Into An Argument With Her Baby Daddy, Kicks Him In Stomach, Bites Off Part Of Hi
7/29/2019Battle the Infamous Florida Man in Dungeons & Dragons
7/29/2019Deputies: Florida man flashes gun at woman uninterested in vape pen
7/29/2019Disney World guest's angry rant about 'childless' millennials goes viral: 'You made my son cry!'
7/29/2019Police: Florida man attacks another man with a machete, charged with aggravated battery The victim w
7/29/2019Teenager claims he has ‘every right’ to break into car at dealership, cops say
7/29/2019Two rapes put a 19-year-old in therapy. Then, her floriddaman therapist tries to rape her
7/28/2019Surfer bitten by shark, goes to bar instead of hospital
7/27/2019Entitled Tesla Jackass Parks on Stranger's Lawn, Steals Electricity for 12 Hours
7/27/2019Florida man nearly killed by lounge chair A Florida man nearly died when the leg of a rusty lounge c
7/27/2019Manatee shocks Florida man when it comes ashore to munch on grass
7/27/2019Perverted Hypnotherapist Robert Andrew Nichols Used Ritual Magic And Sexual Therapy On A Woman | Jul
7/27/2019PMS’ing Florida Woman Vanessa Nicholson Stabbed Boyfriend In Shoulder, Bit His Armpit After Denyin
7/27/2019Sandra Ann Maddigan Was Arrested After Stealing A Car From Hospitalized Patient, Police Find Junk In
7/26/2019A Florida couple married 37 years began to argue. Then out came the dog bone, cops say
7/26/2019A woman who had just been sentenced to prison Thursday escaped from the Okaloosa County Courthouse f
7/26/2019Fired Miami police officer sentenced to 45 days in jail for attacking nurse Lester Bohnenblust caugh
7/26/2019He served two years for grand theft. Now cops say he stole over $60,000 of boating equipment
7/26/2019Kimberly Jean Carroll Didn’t Like How Her Boyfriend Cut The Meat And Potatoes, So She Beat Him And
7/26/2019Man accidentally shoots self in leg while driving on Palmetto in Doral
7/26/2019Man rode horse to burglarize New Port Richey home, deputies say
7/26/2019Migdalia Cruz And Her Son Had Just Won $20,000 In A Scratch Off Game, Get Arrested For Selling Heroi
7/26/2019Police: FL son charged after 94-year-old mother found covered in feces
7/26/2019Raw chicken seemingly crawls off table by itself in terrifying footage
7/25/2019Florida deputy saves owl that was being attacked
7/25/2019Florida man arrested for keeping alligator, gopher tortoises as pets in his bedroom
7/25/2019Florida man: ‘Diaper bandit’ arrested again
7/25/2019Florida woman steals ambulance, crashes into police car after chase: report - Orlando Sentinel
7/25/2019Gainesville asks: Who’s flushing mopheads down the toilet?
7/25/2019Gardens police officer injured attempting to arrest alleged shoplifters
7/25/2019Joseph Howard Bryant Stole A Land Rover, Rammed Into Police Vehicles, Rear Ends Vehicle On The Inter
7/25/2019Miami woman attempts to steal prescription drugs in North Naples
7/25/2019Naked man found sleeping in stranger’s garage. Then he solved one problem, cops say
7/25/2019Nicole Yanine Siroky Was Arrested For Identity Theft, Stealing From People Across The USA And Canada
7/25/2019Piercing Pagoda worker at West Oaks Mall stole identities to make $35K in fake sales, cops say - Orl
7/24/2019Bison attacks 9-year-old girl
7/24/2019Cary Drew Portner Rages Out After Being Asked For ID At A Gym, Yells Racial Slurs, Tries To Hit Empl
7/24/2019Florida cops strike wheelie-popping teen’s bike, then use taser on him
7/24/2019Florida woman arrested for grabbing husband’s penis too forcefully
7/24/2019Jacob Hisel Gave Police His Brother’s Name To Avoid Being Arrested; His Brother Also Had A Warrant
7/24/2019William Leal-Vasquez Was Arrested After Getting Drunk, Trespassing and Urinating On A Cop Ca
7/23/2019Angry woman smashes laptop on boyfriend's head for 'looking at other women' while boarding American
7/23/2019Florida man arrested at Pilot following altercation with hammer
7/23/2019Ian Brown Hated His Job At A Hotel So He Tried To Set It On Fire
7/23/2019Police Pan Florida Woman's 5:30 AM Performance Of The Nutcracker
7/22/2019'Bachelorette' finalist from South Florida has date in court
7/22/2019Belleview man jailed after nasty family spat
7/22/2019Decision postponed on fate of ousted Spanish River High principal
7/22/2019Florida man hit by lightning strike, injures seven others
7/22/2019Florida Menace, 21, Arrested For Smashing Lemon Cake Into Her Mother's Face
7/22/2019Florida woman denied pizza, threatens woman with knife
7/21/2019'Tight on money:' Pinellas man accused of shutting off power to Dunkin Donuts in robbery attempt
7/21/2019‘Spider-Man’ climber linked to apartment break-ins arrested in Miami Beach
7/20/2019Florida Man Micheal Colon Nicknamed “Say No More” Arrested After Saying Too Much
7/20/2019Florida Meth Head Chance Fridriksson Pretended To Be Business Man, Books Multiple Hotel Rooms And Tr
7/20/2019Man surrenders AR-15 after threat of mass shooting at St. Pete Steak ‘n Shake: Records
7/20/2019Screaming man on bike flees from deputies after riding in dark with no lights
7/19/2019Christopher Lacy Got Pulled Over For An Obscured License Tag, He Was Arrested For Chilling A Live Al
7/19/2019Florida man arrested after binding son to plywood using zip ties, authorities say - Orlando Sentinel
7/19/2019Man Admits Owning Cocaine On His Nose When arrested, Floridian, 20, denied drug was his, cops say
7/19/2019SW Florida Man Sold Deputies Drugs Laced With Enough Fentanyl to Kill Thousands: Deputies
7/19/2019Travius Roberts Was Arrested After Choking Girlfriend, Throwing A Chair At Police, Yells “Come On
7/18/2019'I wasn’t doing anything crazy' | Florida man faces $100K hospital bill after e-scooter crash
7/18/2019Five guys arrested after fist fight at Five Guys
7/18/2019Florida carjacker arrested after he can't drive stick shift
7/18/2019Joshua Bihorel Drank Half A Bottle Of Rum, Drove Drunk, Made A Building A Drive Through, Spits On De
7/18/2019Naked Florida man wearing bra burglarizes several cars in parking lot
7/18/2019REPORT: Pensacola man slaps smoking pregnant woman during argument
7/18/2019Sheriff: Flagler man pulls gun on roommate’s dog
7/17/2019Florida city hopes ‘Baby Shark’ song will drive homeless from park
7/17/2019Florida man accused of driving into building, spitting on deputy
7/17/2019Florida man admits to taking LSD before running through Columbia Township park
7/17/2019Florida man attacks wife's lover with scissors and flees with his penis, police say
7/17/2019Florida Man Goes Berserk When Officers Tell Him to Stop Swimming, Headbutts Deputy and Spits in His
7/17/2019Florida man who caught Chicago alligator throws out first pitch at Cubs game Frank Robb receives ple
7/17/2019Florida man who was captured naked after fleeing chicken coop pleads not guilty
7/17/2019His job was to load ATMs with money. He stole over $100,000 doing that, cops say.
7/17/2019John Bloodsworth Says He Was Arrested For Being ‘Awesome’ After Throwing Son Into Atlantic Ocean
7/17/2019Off The Beat: Is it possible to drink 33 beers in an evening?
7/17/2019She went on a violent rampage, cops say. She was identified through her Facebook profile
7/16/2019Florida man accused of leaving kids home alone to go to a strip club He was supposed to be watching
7/16/2019Florida Man Travels to Chicago to Capture Alligator
7/16/2019Florida man used Taser to fend off bystanders following crash, police say
7/16/2019Insurance claim denied after destructive Clearwater 11-feet gator break-in
7/16/2019Man steals $85,000 worth of jewelry from dead woman's home, deputies say
7/16/2019Tallahassee man accused of pointing gun at driver while stopped at red light
7/16/2019Woman and her boyfriend arrested for defrauding Vystar Credit Union in Lake City
7/15/2019Chris Cordarrel Anderson Got A Case Of The Road Rage; Fired A Gun At A Vehicle Whose Driver Cut Him
7/15/2019Deputy: Florida Woman Fleeing trespasser speeds, crashes, tased, jailed
7/15/2019Florida man charged with exporting hundreds of AR-15 parts to Argentina, authorities say
7/15/2019Is It Okay to Laugh at Florida Man?
7/15/2019Van Arnold Failed At Attempting To Pick Up A Woman, So He Went To His Vehicle And Grabbed An Axe
7/14/2019Engaged Man Arrested For Luring Men On Dating Apps And Robbing Them
7/14/2019Stacy Chamberlain Was Arrested After Getting Into Argument With Boyfriend, Assaults Him With A Sandw
7/13/2019Miguel Otero-Rivera Broke Into A Church Was Held At Gunpoint By Pastor Who Believed In Higher Power,
7/12/2019John Owens Was Arrested After Months Of Dressing Like A Woman, Stealing Baby Formula | July 12
7/12/2019Nitwit Mother Arrested For "Prank" Video Woman, 30, recorded girl licking, returning dental tongue d
7/11/2019Florida man bitten by venomous snake: 'My life just flashed through my head'
7/11/2019Florida man saves puppy thrown out of car window
7/11/2019Florida man, 75, fights off 7-foot gator to save dog
7/11/2019Florida woman posts never let a man ‘put his hands on you’ before fatally stabbing boyfriend, de
7/11/2019Murder suspect mistakenly released from jail arrested in Georgia: police
7/11/2019Off The Beat: Bare-bottomed woman in black bra strolls around Fort Pierce
7/11/2019Pastor holds church burglary suspect at gunpoint until Tampa police arrive
7/11/2019Things Got Slashy After Boyfriend Told Florida Woman He Was Too Tired For Sex
7/10/2019'Something we're not proud of': Fired deputy Zach Wester arrested in drug planting probe
7/10/2019Cantonment Man Charged With Striking Fiancee, Fighting With Two Deputies
7/10/2019Deputies: Man points gun at customers during argument at Tallahassee restaurant
7/10/2019Fired Indian Rocks Beach employee struck colleagues, wanted to ram truck into City Hall, deputies sa
7/10/2019Florida Man driving home from liquor store becomes DUI suspect, tells deputy: 'F*** you, I'm a lawye
7/10/2019Florida man runs off to drink a beer after mooning deputies, cops say
7/10/2019Florida man's meth mouth not improved by exploding e-cigarette; appeals court upholds award
7/10/2019Inmate Sent Postcard Seeking Prisoner's Murder Prisoners involved are locked up in same jail
7/10/2019Lakeland police ask for help identifying attempted armed carjacking suspects
7/10/2019Pensacola woman allegedly rammed ex-boyfriend's pregnant girlfriend with car
7/10/2019Terrance Jones Jr. Tried To Sell 2 Jet Skis That Weren’t His, He Pulled A Gun To Rob The Buyers; T
7/9/2019A Man Allegedly Posted A Sex Tape On Snapchat Because He Thought His Sexual Partner Didn't Watch His
7/9/2019Florida man arrested after deputies find baby alligator in front seat of car
7/9/2019Marvin Earl Tucker Was Arrested After Trying To Break Bad; Using A Hotel Room To Grow Cannabis
7/9/2019Police: Business Rival Tampered With Ice Cream Woman busted for urinating, spitting in containers
7/9/2019SeaWorld guests seek answers after rain floods parking lot, damages vehicles
7/9/2019Siler Elroy Ballard Raged Out After He Lost Power To His Gaming Console, Threatened His Dad And Hand
7/8/2019Anthony Richardson Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Stop, Police Found A Live Alligator In His Passenge
7/8/2019Florida man admits to lighting firecrackers under a child's bed. He said it was a prank gone wrong
7/8/2019Florida man arrested after Pasco deputies find heroin in his rectum, they say
7/6/2019Florida Man, 23, Arrested After Cop Finds Marijuana Stash In His Bob Marley Backpack
7/6/2019Rebecca Lynn Abbott Was Arrested After She Beat A Man, Broke His Cell Phone And Resisted An Office W
7/6/2019Spy Hard; Florida Man Thomas Cash Arrested After Spying On Woman He Met At Divorcee Support Group
7/6/2019Todd Carey Was Arrested After Stealing An SUV, Pointing Gun At His Head And Getting Mad When The Off
7/5/2019Model, 26, Busted On Felony Obscenity Charge. She Was Fully Clothed At The Time.
7/5/2019Plea Reached In Florida Cougar Attack Woman, 64, cuts plea in grope, grind case
7/5/2019Terry Allen Savage Pulls Dick Move, Steals Shotgun And Jewelry From Friend’s Parents While Asked T
7/3/2019Florida iguana hunter shoots pool worker mistaking him for iguana
7/3/2019Florida Man Finds Shark Tooth In Foot 25 Years After Attack
7/3/2019Man Tried To Steal Cars From Jail Parking Lot
7/3/2019Miami-area man allegedly stole truck trailer containing $65,000 worth of soup headed for a grocery s
7/3/2019Woman heading to rehabilitation in Jackson County jumps out of vehicle, steals another
7/3/2019Woman arrested after leaving $5,000 tip at Clearwater restaurant
7/2/2019Deputies: Pasco woman pointed gun at boyfriend, cut him with machete, hit him with yard sign
7/2/2019Florida man arrested after pelting girlfriend with McDonald's sweet and sour packets: police
7/2/2019Julian Sadarriaga Was A Dentist In The Community For Years, He Was Never Licensed To Practice
7/2/2019North Central Florida man claimed to be Lord of Satan; exposed himself
7/1/2019Florida woman points shotgun at swimming kids because they were too loud, deputies say
7/1/2019Real-life Florida Hamburglar cooks himself dinner after breaking into a Wendy’s, deputies say
7/1/2019Woman seen licking ice cream, returning it to store shelf in viral video
7/1/2019Woman accused of pawning goods stolen from man's trailer while he was in jail
6/30/2019Customer Scalds Burger King Worker Cops: Teen suspect had "issue" in drive-thru lane
6/30/2019Fresh out of jail, Silver Springs man charged with DUI and hit and run
6/30/2019Love-triangle spat with woman’s new boyfriend lands ex behind bars
6/29/201918-year-old man behind bars after attacking mom in grocery store over food items
6/29/2019Sara Searer Was Arrested After Getting In Dispute With Husband, Attacking Him With Machete And ADT L
6/28/2019Tampa man arrested for exposing himself to Walmart shopper
6/27/2019Coral Springs man takes Quran from Boca Raton mosque rips out pages
6/26/2019Florida Keys woman accused of kicking deputies
6/26/2019Florida man who allegedly killed flamingo at Busch Gardens dies in Orlando car crash
6/26/2019FTC: Florida Man Made 3B Illegal Robocalls; Life Insurers Among His Clients
6/26/2019Not Groovy: Woman Broke Into Ex-Girlfriend's Home Clobbered Her With A Lava Lamp Cops Say
6/26/2019Off The Beat: Price of pepperoni pizza and vodka? A trip to jail
6/25/20192 sentenced for pocketing more than $5M in illegal bingo scheme
6/25/2019Condo owner sends recording of monkey noises to prospective renter — and repeatedly
6/25/2019Florida Man Caught On Camera Pooping In Strangers Driveway
6/25/2019Florida Man Jumps Massive Canal in Nissan Versa Clears Landing but Breaks His Back
6/25/2019Man beaten carjacked after traveling to meet woman for date
6/25/2019Toddler found wandering Florida highway wearing only dirty diaper 'covered in bug bites:' police
6/25/2019US Air Force veteran accused of being a mercenary in Libya's civil war freed
6/24/201931-year-old Bradenton teacher accused of having sex with 15-year-old student
6/24/2019Florida driver accidentally drives into a pool report says
6/24/2019Florida man accused of biting taxi driver trying to kiss her arm
6/24/2019Florida man threatens to bring gun into Walmart for refusing to let him return air mattress
6/24/2019Naked dancing Florida man arrested at Mamaroneck gas station
6/24/2019Naked Florida man detained outside of Titusville Walmart
6/24/2019Ralph Lauren underwear thieves sought in Stuart
6/24/2019Tortoise detained by police for blocking road
6/23/2019Florida man sports short shorts to teach daughter a lesson
6/23/2019Palm Coast man acquitted of trying to electrocute his wife
6/22/2019Duck Love? Vayne Myers Needed To Go To Court To Fight For His Right To Have Emotional Support Duck |
6/22/2019Florida man threatens co-workers with fillet knife before stripping naked passing out
6/22/2019Police: Man claimed meth was for filtering pools
6/21/2019'Alpine' spray-painted throughout Hialeah condo complex
6/21/2019Defendant pooped in dock threw it at judge and screamed Its protein! Its good for you!
6/21/2019Fearing Her Husband She Took His Guns To Police. They Arrested Her.
6/21/2019Lake City woman stabs man low-key wanted to hurt him
6/20/2019A boat owner wanted to sail away on retirement. Then came the lightning
6/20/2019A Dunedin couple got so romantic they broke a salon window. Now the owner says: Pay for it
6/20/2019Florida grandma arrested while buying heroin with 2-year-old grandson
6/20/2019Florida man arrested for drug possession while trying to catch Pokemon
6/20/2019Gainesville man arrested for drug possession, unlicensed firearm
6/19/2019Florida man drags officer clinging to car after marijuana is found
6/19/2019Man sentenced to 10 years for robbing Dylan's Candy Bar at gunpoint
6/19/2019South Florida woman skydives to celebrate 85th birthday
6/19/2019Weirsdale man arrested after woman shows bruises on her buttocks
6/18/2019'Spider-Man' seen pressure washing roof of Florida home during rainstorm
6/18/2019Fishing sex defecation on the beach drive Redington Beach neighbors to file lawsuit
6/18/2019Florida man accused of assaulting West Virginia man with a hammer
6/18/2019Florida man refuses to pay for the chicken wings he just ate then exposes himself cops say
6/18/2019Florida woman barges into church with a gun. She was planning to use it cops say
6/18/2019Helicopter makes emergency landing in ocean near Key West airport
6/18/2019Peacock invasion rocks community in Palm Bay
6/18/2019Port St. Lucie criminal justice teacher accused of stealing over $3 000 from students $512 from scho
6/17/2019Florida Man 62 Strips Performs "Strange Dance" At McDonald's. Then Tries To Impregnate A Railing.
6/17/2019Florida man says he had sex with stolen pool toys instead of raping women
6/17/2019Man arrested after killing father on Father's Day police say
6/17/2019South Florida doctor arrested after dispensing meth to patients DEA says
6/14/2019Florida man arrested for ramming main gate at Mayport Naval Station with stolen dump truck
6/14/2019Florida man beats Uber driver with car antenna cane
6/13/2019Florida man arrested after calling police to have his drugs tested
6/13/2019Florida man busted for allegedly putting 70-year-old roommate in headlock after shower dispute
6/13/2019Florida Man Tased by Cop Florida Woman While Taking Down Criminal Florida Man Riboberto Castillo | J
6/13/2019Man Leads Police on a Chase in a Mail Truck and the Outcome is Predictable
6/12/2019Cops wanted to arrest Florida man at home but he was't there. So they called him
6/12/2019Florida Couple Uses Pet Alligator In Baby Gender Reveal
6/12/2019Florida Man Accused of Trying to Hide His Meth in a Box of 'Hot Fresh Potato Wedges'
6/12/2019Florida Man Weaponizes Urine Soaks Unsuspecting Cops In Circle K Parking Lot
6/12/2019Florida man wearing 'COKE' shirt busted for selling... coke (cocaine)
6/12/2019He led police on a wild chase to the Keys. Along the way he swallowed 20 crack rocks cops say
6/11/2019Florida man caught with cocaine on his nose insists drugs were not his: deputies
6/11/2019Florida man who attacked deputies with bar stool shot killed
6/11/2019Vehicle burglar arrested after Miami Beach homeowner holds iPhone like gun until police arrive
6/6/2019Pensacola woman left dent in ex-boyfriend's head, after alleged hit with baseball bat
6/6/2019Pet raccoon seen hanging out of car near Central Florida
6/5/2019Mother accused of leaving 7-year-old trapped inside home with no AC food water
6/5/2019Woman Told Cops She Stabbed Herself Three Times Because "I'm Tired Of Living In Trump's Country"
6/4/2019Alabaster police arrest man for allegedly attacking two women with a sword
6/4/2019Drunk Sarasota charter boat captain held passengers captive for 12 hours police say
6/4/2019Florida Man Says Woman At Gym Liked It When He Masturbated
6/4/2019Florida thief takes blowtorch to ATM welds it shut instead
6/4/2019Man Arrested For Domestic Ketchup Battery Beau covered sleeping victim with condiment
6/4/2019Off The Beat: Drinking game rules in Fort Pierce include getting stabbed
6/3/2019Deputies: Florida man swerved at intentionally ran over dog
6/3/2019Ex-Miami school board member 81 shoots at police in chase
6/3/2019Florida man pours salt in Walmart to get rid of evil spirits around him sheriff says
6/3/2019Men try to steal from ATM using blow torch weld it together instead
6/3/2019One person shot in buttocks over restaurant bill police say
6/3/2019Pasco man sprayed words "white trash" on mom's driveway deputies say
6/3/2019This Is Florida: Police And Elderly Man Exchange Gunfire Over A Parking Space
6/3/2019Trouble Ensues When The Molly Hits The Floor Woman denied owning MDMA that fell from crotch
6/3/2019Turns out you ca't bring machetes to an axe-throwing bar St. Petersburg police say
6/1/2019Scottie Pippen SUES five-year-old girl claiming she defaced his $10 million Florida mansion by scrib
5/31/2019Booty dancing twerking and shoplifting all wrapped up in one crime
5/31/2019Florida man accidentally shoots kills woman during foreplay deputies say
5/31/2019Florida man breaks into home claiming he was getting away from alligators deputies say
5/31/2019Florida man obsessed with Bulgarian camgirl before allegedly killing his family records show
5/31/2019Fort Lauderdale woman accused of scamming elderly in Boynton Beach
5/31/2019Sorry Toilet Snake you have been replaced by Kitchen Alligator.
5/30/2019Florida man accused of fleeing police gloating in 911 call: 'Like what do we pay you guys for'
5/30/2019Florida woman spanks stepson 26 for missing curfew police say
5/30/2019Security Feed Revealed Man's Suicide Prep Husband called 911 to report despondent spouse
5/30/2019Two arrested at a mall in Florida for leaving small pig inside hot car
5/29/2019Florida high school teacher faces criticism after writing implied expletive on students paper
5/29/2019Florida man arrested accused of fleeing deputy then calling 911 to brag
5/29/2019Florida man wouldnt flush. Thats when the police got involved
5/29/2019Florida woman accused of assaulting Burger King manager after being denied free fries
5/29/2019Snake Rises From Toilet Bites Florida Man
5/28/2019Florida man arrested for hitting mom on head with corn cob
5/28/2019Snake slithers out of toilet bites Coral Springs man on arm
5/28/2019South Florida family nicknamed tomb raiders convicted of stealing homes from dead people
5/27/2019Florida man spends off days cleaning veterans headstones
5/27/2019Marijuana left in washing machine causes fight in Florida
5/26/2019Florida police: Baby delivered after man fatally shoots wife
5/24/2019Florida man runs over an officer at a traffic stop. At least he was polite about it.
5/24/2019Man dead after shooting involving law enforcement outside mosque near Fort Lauderdale
5/23/2019Bitcoin Pizza Day: How a hungry Florida man made cryptocurrency history
5/23/2019Man caught on camera stealing package from Pembroke Pines porch
5/23/2019Serial killer who took 10 wome's lives executed in Florida
5/23/2019Teen prom after-party shut down by deputies after 'enormous' amount of alcohol found
5/22/2019Florida man arrested for crashing wedding on St. Pete Beach during bride and groom's first dance
5/22/2019Florida man fatally stabbed father during argument
5/22/2019FloridaMan attempts to down a plane with a green laser
5/22/2019Local Wendy's investigating video of man bathing in kitchen sink
5/22/2019Off The Beat: Sex acts while driving in Fort Pierce
5/22/2019Pensacola man arrested for burglary after posting alleged crime on Facebook Live
5/21/2019Battery Arrest Over Hedgehog Custody Dispute Cops: Teen hit mom during fight over spiny mammal
5/21/2019Florida deputies arrest man accused of taping dogs mouth shut
5/21/2019Florida man steals car says he was merely borrowing it from a crack head
5/21/2019Shirtless Florida man steals highway patrol cruiser leads wild chase At times the chase reached near
5/20/2019Contraband Charge For Woman Who Told Jailers She Forgot About The Pills Nestled Between Her Breasts
5/20/2019Florida Man sheriff directs deputies to arrest pregnant Florida Woman corrections officer (his ex-mi
5/19/2019Florida man arrested for possession of fentanyl child neglect
5/19/2019Woman killed by Florida passenger train she tried to beat
5/18/201973-year-old Florida man attempts to rob 80-year-old Florida man. 80-year-old Florida man shoots 73-y
5/18/2019Maternity photo shows mom-to-be posing with gator shotgun and beer. Because Florida.
5/18/2019She won $1 million in the Florida Lottery. A year later shes part of a major drug bust
5/18/2019Suspect in Old Northeast murder is an internet troll who shot up a store with an AK-47
5/17/2019A man called 911 after a comedian made Middle Eastern jokes at a comedy club
5/17/2019A South Florida woman says she became a victim to cell phone technology in her home and her ex was a
5/17/2019FHP releases video of suspect stealing cruiser; man hits 149 mph at one point
5/17/2019Florida woman accused of threatening to shoot everyone at elementary school deputies say
5/17/2019Man killed woman detained after livestreaming SWAT standoff at Davie mobile home
5/16/2019 Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere threatened to kill his neighbors Monday evening after they told hi
5/16/2019Beeping kitchen thermometer in dumpster at Texas Roadhouse restaurant was found to be the cause.
5/16/2019Florida man arrested as he live streams his own crime hits baby in head
5/16/2019Florida man fled in replica of TVs General Lee car after setting exs house on fire reports say
5/16/2019Florida Man on extreme Game of Thrones binge caught loudly watching sex scene in McDonalds drive thr
5/16/2019Florida stripper assaulted man with coconut for filming her outside club police say
5/16/2019Florida woman due in court after she allegedly gave birth to child fathered by 11-year-old
5/16/2019Florida woman who smiled in mugshot after deadly DUI crash sentenced
5/16/2019Pasco woman accused of hitting man with pot for fishing too much
5/16/2019Passenger stopped with loaded gun ammo at Bradley airport
5/16/2019Police Arrest Man Who Claims Playing Basketball Naked Enhances His Skill Level
5/15/2019Felony Rap In Alleged Sanitary Napkin Battery Woman hit hospital worker with "used" item
5/15/2019Florida arrested for pointing green laser at Manatee County Sheriffs Office helicopter
5/15/2019Florida Man Gets Five Years in Prison for Stealing Nintendo Switch
5/15/2019Florida man poses as FBI agent dumps live catfish on woman's driveway
5/15/2019Florida man slaps sleeping girlfriend with cheeseburger deputies say
5/15/2019Landscaper pawned $31K ring for $80: Police
5/15/2019There was no shooting: Victim of shooting near Daytona Beach pizza shop disputes police account
5/15/2019Wanted Florida man found hiding in dishwasher at SC mobile home park
5/14/2019Florida man arrested after stolen caskets found in stolen rental truck
5/14/2019Florida man brings his kid to work. Police call that child abuse
5/14/2019Florida Woman beats husband after he attempts threesome
5/14/2019Mermaid class coming to Palm Coast Aquatics Center
5/14/2019Palm Coast Floirda Woman teaching a class on proper mermaid swimming techniques
5/13/2019A Florida city is trying to foreclose on a 69-year-old man's house because he let his grass grow too
5/13/2019An allegedly drunk Florida man stole a car set fire to a home and then led Union Beach police on a w
5/13/2019Florida man arrested after Disney World security finds gun in his bag
5/13/2019Florida man chews up lit cigarette spits pieces on deputies during arrest
5/13/2019Florida man dodges lovebugs trying to get into his house
5/13/2019Florida man woman accused of stealing $500 worth of Red Bull
5/13/2019Florida woman missing for 6 years found in warehouse freezer
5/13/2019Man charged after reportedly grabbing ducks by neck and throwing them
5/12/2019Florida man gets life for fatally stabbing girlfriend
5/12/2019Florida man raises $22 million for Trumps border wall spends the money for himself instead.
5/12/2019Florida man set fire to N.J. home stole car then ran from cops authorities say
5/12/2019Witnesses watched in horror as mother threw baby against fence
5/11/2019Florida man caught driving on I-4 standing through moon roof faces domestic battery charges
5/11/2019Hundreds of bugs crawled from a girls backpack police say as a Florida mom is charged with neglect
5/11/2019Oxygen Network announces plan for new series called Florida Man
5/10/2019A Florida man called 911 to report someone chasing him. All cops could find was his meth
5/10/2019Detectives: Woman put baby in bag tossed her in trash bin
5/10/2019FHP: Florida man driving Cadillac from sunroof says hed rather go to jail than back to his wife
5/10/2019Florida Man late for work because of traffic jam caused by manatee gangbang
5/10/2019Florida man regrets trying to pawn his baby for laughs on Snapchat
5/10/2019Florida man returns chunk of Stonehenge he swiped 60 years ago
5/10/2019Florida man tells police he shot his 'disrespectful' wife in the face
5/10/2019Florida Mans Popular Pizzeria Fails to Meet Health Standards 10 Straight Times Couldnt Care Less
5/10/2019Florida woman accused of stashing 7 syringes in her vagina was "snarling and yelling" at staff insid
5/10/2019He was shot while standing in line at Publix. But how Heres how Pasco deputies figured it out.
5/10/2019Homeless Florida man and homeless Florida woman accused of having sex in parking lot 10 feet away fr
5/10/2019Man claims self-defense after allegedly stabbing man who spit on his car
5/10/2019Man tells police he shot 'disrespectful' wife in the face
5/10/2019Mystery creature: What the hell did this Florida woman find in her yard
5/10/2019Nassau County woman visiting jail inmate arrested
5/10/2019Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser police say
5/10/2019Taco Bell employee captured on video swinging at customer who complained about his food
5/10/2019The Florida Man Arrested For His "I EAT ASS" Sticker Might Sue The Sheriffs Office
5/9/2019Florida man arrested after calling 911 while hallucinating on meth deputies say
5/9/2019Florida man assaulted by woman screaming go home Jew tell your neighbors that Jesus Christ is here
5/9/2019Florida man gets life for slaying he blamed on sleepwalking
5/9/2019Florida Man Sentenced To Life For Murder He Blamed On Sleepwalking
5/9/2019Florida woman throws knife at roommates head during argument
5/9/2019NYPD Transit cops arrest a man for one murder and he says hes committed 6 more
5/9/2019Police: Man taunted cop before he was tasered ran into traffic
5/8/2019Florida deputies search for man accused of dragging dog behind truck
5/8/2019Florida man arrested after sending video of himself touching sleeping womans buttocks to her husband
5/8/2019Florida Man crashes lawn mower into cop car tells police officer "fuck Im drunk take me to jail"
5/8/2019Florida woman who set fire stabbed deputy gets year in prison
5/8/2019Fort Pierce man learns dangers of wearing siblings pants
5/8/2019I am now so furious about you that I even couldnt control my mind killing you seriously
5/8/2019Man working on roof dead after coworker trips gun goes off in Riverview
5/8/2019Teenage Florida Man hacks his high school emails everyone urgent announcement about "mandatory penis
5/7/2019FloridaMan Arrested for Sticker on Car that says I Eat Ass
5/7/2019South Florida Uber driver races through storm to get Keith Urban to SunFest
5/6/2019Cops to Florida woman: Do you have anything else She pulled a gator from her pants.
5/6/2019Florida man driving lawn mower charged with DUI after hitting a police car cops say
5/6/2019Florida woman pulls alligator out of pants during traffic stop
5/6/2019They were standing at a Publix register when her purse fell. Her Derringer fired and hit him
5/5/2019Cops to man who used blond wig as disguise: I mean come on man have a little dignity!
5/5/2019Florida man accidentally shoots self in Publix LAND OLAKES Fla. - A Florida man shopping at a superm
5/5/2019Florida Man Caught FaceTiming High-Speed Pursuit While Traveling 110 MPH
5/5/2019Florida Man Mayor jailed due to missing guns drugs dealing domestic abuse on the 2 women living in h
5/5/2019Florida man nearly drowns trying to rescue family dog from lake because he was wearing steel toed bo
5/4/2019Attorney: Florida woman left alone in jail cell while giving birth
5/4/2019Florida man in werewolf mask allegedly burned shocked 2-year-old girl Sheriffs officials said he rec
5/4/2019Meet the Woman Who Married Ted Bundy and Had His Baby While He Was on Death Row
5/3/2019Couple Had Sex In Front Of Police Headquarters Defendant dismissed illicit act as just "a Key West m
5/3/2019Florida man and Florida woman arrested for having sex on the beach "in every possible position fully
5/3/2019Florida Man Arrested After Inviting Police Officer to Smoke a Bowl With Him
5/3/2019Florida man beat 3-year-old girl with brick because she wouldn't listen police say
5/3/2019Florida Woman Slashes Tires When Man Wont Stop Playing Video Games
5/3/2019Man touches himself on Florida beach because women were in thongs police say Suspect says he knew be
5/3/2019Moron Gang Members Misspell Racial Slur Forcibly Tattooed On Victim's Neck
5/3/2019PORT ST. LUCIE A naked man accused of actively tugging at his private parts in public got locked up
5/3/2019Sheriff: Florida man shot sleeping toddler with airsoft gun forced her to wear shock collar
5/2/2019Florida man gets 15 years for sex trafficking of girl 15
5/2/2019Florida man gets life sentence for killing man stealing his car
5/2/2019Florida man sentenced to prison for smuggling turtles in candy wrappers
5/2/2019Two Florida teens prayed for help after being swept out to sea during a swim. A boat called the Amen
5/1/2019Brazen Daylight Rib Roast Heist Thwarted By Alert Supermarket Manager
5/1/2019Coroner: Woman obsessed with Columbine died before warnings
5/1/2019Florida man convicted for threatening to behead Sen. Bernie Sanders "ISIS-style"
5/1/2019These kids were picking up trash for Earth Day. Then they found a 22-pound bale of weed
4/30/2019Man allegedly threatens to shoot employees at pet store after newly purchased puppies fell ill
4/29/2019Florida man blind dog complete 1 100-mile hike across the state
4/27/2019Florida man attacked partner with machete because she said she was leaving him records state
4/26/2019Florida man drops off baby cheetah at fire station After lots of investigating fire crews determined
4/26/2019Meth-smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage
4/26/2019Meth-smoking Florida man attacks mattress in jealous rage deputies say
4/26/2019Mom-Daughter Drone Duo Is Headed For Jail Pair nabbed flying phones tobacco into prison
4/25/2019Florida fisherman nearly loses hand after contracting flesh-eating bacteria
4/23/2019Easter Bunny brawler is Pasco man and fugitive from New Jersey with violent past
4/22/2019Florida man arrested for igniting homemade pipe bomb and sharing video on Facebook
4/19/2019APRIL 19--While being booked for causing a disturbance at a bar a Florida Man rubbed the buttocks of
4/17/2019Cops: Drunk Driver Wore Novelty Undies Drawers imprinted with "breathalyzer" and "blow here"
4/17/2019Florida man accused of using squirt gun to shoot his urine at woman walking her dog
4/17/2019Florida woman fights off half-naked 300 pound attacker with baseball bat
4/17/2019Man who tossed daughter off Florida bridge found guilty of murder
4/16/2019Florida man accused of firing pee-filled squirt gun at woman
4/16/2019Officials: Man planned to have Florida girl he sexually assaulted killed before trial
4/16/2019Retiree Busted For Singing Nasty Ditty Cops: Neighbor targeted in song about "bitch"
4/15/2019A cassowary a rare emu-like bird attacks and kills Florida man officials say
4/15/2019Floridian 71 Nabbed In Water Pisstol Attack Cops: Perp squirted female victim with his urine
4/14/2019Drunk Florida man arrested at Olive Garden after eating handfuls of pasta
4/14/2019Florida man arrested for speeding told deputies the car is a Ferrari and it goes fast
4/14/2019Florida man gets out of jail back in 15 minutes later
4/13/2019Florida man strips naked and poops in Naples family s yard
4/12/2019Florida Man Arrested Outside Olive Garden After Angrily 'Shoveling Spaghetti Into His Mouth'
4/12/2019Police: Florida man angry over cost of cigarettes hits clerk with beer bottle
4/11/2019Florida Man Threatens To Destroy Everyone With Army Of Turtles Police Say
4/11/2019Three naked women were spotted at a Pasco rest stop. Then came the high-speed pursuit
4/9/2019Florida Man accused of stealing from Kmart days after buying $8 million private island
4/9/2019Florida man arrested for breaking into village hall smearing blood on American flag
4/9/2019Florida man buys $8 million island then steals from Kmart
4/9/2019Florida man caught abusing young alligator putting cigarette in its mouth
4/9/2019Florida man caught on video hitting alligator putting cigarette in its mouth
4/9/2019Florida Man Stabbed His Father Hit Mother With Mug Because His Pork Chop Was Too Acidic
4/8/2019Florida man arrested for 2001 murder shortly after being released from prison
4/8/2019Florida man brutally attacked parents over pork chop documents say
4/8/2019Florida man goes on trial for murder of wife 26 years ago
4/6/2019Florida man arrested for burglary minutes after his release from jail
4/5/2019Florida man arrested in golf cart with 5 bottles of Fireball
4/5/2019Thong-wearing Florida man arrested while building shed with garbage on strangers property
4/1/2019Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire
4/1/2019Florida Man Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Dragging Officer 100 Yards
4/1/2019Florida Man Knocks Out Woman With Propane Tank After She Accused Him Of Cheating Police Say
3/30/2019Florida woman charged with killing 21-yr-old in orange grove
3/28/2019Probation For Model Recorded Stomping On Dog. Elevator cam caught woman abusing tiny canine
3/27/2019Again NEVER Call The Cops When You've Been Ripped Off In A Prostitution Transaction
3/27/2019CAUGHT ON CAM: Florida man awaiting bond hearing punches lawyer in head
3/27/2019Florida man calls 911 with elaborate story of robbery to get out of work
3/27/2019Florida man faked robbery to get out of work
3/26/201950 years for Florida man who raped neighbor then offered yard work to make up for it
3/26/2019Cops: Woman Kept Calling 911 To Report Boyfriend Was "Not Being Nice To Her"
3/26/2019Florida man arrested after traffic crash found with fake urine says its for role play with spouse
3/26/2019Police: Florida Man Attacked Mother Over Mannequin Suspect also tried to force feed victim dumplings
3/25/2019Cape Coral police arrest man with enough fentanyl to kill 3 400 people
3/23/2019Florida man gets 18 months for threatening calls to Congress members
3/22/2019Florida man wanted a womans egg rolls so badly it landed him in jail police say
3/21/2019A Florida Man let it all hang out at a strip club dancer says. He wasn t part of the act
3/21/2019Florida man pleads guilty in pipe bomb mailings that targeted CNN and Trump critics
3/20/2019Florida man attacked by a crazy squirrel gone nuts. And it was raised by a neighbor
3/19/2019Hot sauce saves Florida man after car crashes into Taco Bell
3/18/2019Florida Man Crushed To Death By His Own Car
3/17/2019Florida man finds iguana in toilet calls 911
3/15/2019Florida man dresses as Spider-Man steals liquor and cigarettes
3/14/2019Drunk shirtless Florida man harasses people at the park
3/14/2019Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking Over for Florida Mayor Who was Arrested
3/13/2019Florida man arrested for keeping dog outside for days
3/13/2019Florida Man brings AK-47 to sons school after son says teacher pushed him
3/13/2019Pickleball Dispute Ends With Wife Behind Bars Cops: Florida Woman 61 pummeled hubby 67
3/12/2019Florida Man Who Traded Child Porn For Video Games Gets Maximum Sentence
3/8/2019Deputies: Pregnant Florida woman stabbed boyfriend for looking at another woman on roommates phone
3/7/2019Florida Man Arrested For Hoax 911 Call Then Opening Fire on Responding Paramedics
3/6/2019Florida man tried to bring replica grenade launcher on plane TSA says
2/24/2019Couple Had Sex In Rear Of Police Squad Car Cop suspended for letting suspects get frisky
2/24/2019Florida man charged after grandma dies; bed filled with maggots
2/24/2019Florida man steals $33 000 in rare coins uses them in change machines
2/24/2019Florida woman hops on elderly drivers lap tries to steal car
2/23/2019Rape kit tested 12 years later led to arrest of Florida man
2/20/2019Florida man accused of fracturing skull of newborn who woke him up
2/18/2019Naked And Belligerent Woman Busted Cops: Fiance attacked over sex declination
2/14/2019Florida man caught on camera licking doorbell
2/14/2019Florida man caught on video licking doorbell
2/13/2019Florida man arrested for performing sex acts on dog while wearing dog costume
2/12/2019Florida man accused of recording himself having sex with dog
2/12/2019Man Batters Girlfriend With A Burrito Dope 41 faces misdemeanor count for attack
2/9/2019Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Live Alligator Into Wendys Drive-Thru Window
2/7/2019Florida official accused of licking ma's face resigns
2/4/2019Police: Woman Battered Beau With Pork Chop Victim left lacerated after frozen meat struck him
1/31/2019Florida Girl 14 Makes Like A Florida Man Teen stole deliverymans car for rendezvous with beau
1/31/2019Florida man arrested for the third time in under 3 months
1/31/2019Florida man jailed for weeks for heroin charge but powder was actually laundry detergent
1/31/2019Florida man thought hed do donuts on an airport runway. Police were't amused
1/30/2019Florida man robs restaurant at finger point
1/30/2019Florida man spent weeks in jail for heroin that was actually detergent
1/29/2019Florida man accused of killing family after being kicked out for stealing $210K for obsession with p
1/29/2019This Florida man stole laxatives because he thought they were opioids police say
1/28/2019Florida man faces murder charges in deaths of 3 relatives
1/28/2019Florida Man Finds a WWII Grenade Places It in His Truck Drives to Taco Bell
1/28/2019Florida man finds World War II grenade tosses it in the trunk brings it to a Taco Bell
1/28/2019Florida man learns hard way he stole laxatives not opioids
1/28/2019Police: Man attacks woman in Florida over too much TV talk
1/27/2019Florida man accused of trafficking 14-year-old girl for sex
1/27/2019Officials: Florida woman killed dismembered boyfriend in RV
1/27/2019Police: Palm Bay man charged with attacking woman after complaint he talked too much during TV
1/24/2019Trump will handle it. Florida man has warning after harassing Iraqi neighbors
1/24/2019Woman Accused Of Hitting Boyfriend With Machete ADT Yard Sign
1/23/2019North Florida Man Beat Pepper Sprayed Mom Because 'She Was a Narcissist': Police
1/22/2019Deputies: Florida woman shot after performing sexual act for $5 and Pringles
1/22/2019Florida man accused of letting it all hang out in the pillow aisle of Walmart got locked up
1/21/2019Florida Man Shot After Charging at Deputy With Scissors
1/21/2019Florida man woman run over by patrol car while lying in road to watch eclipse
1/18/2019HORSES VS. MAN: Video captures steeds going after suspect running from deputies
1/17/2019Video: Deputies saddle fleeing suspect with the help of horse trio in hot pursuit
1/15/2019Florida Man Causes Highway Crash Steals Good Samarita's Truck Who Stopped To Help
1/14/2019Florida man gets a slippery surprise as he finds a boa constrictor resting under the hood of his Cad
1/14/2019Florida man threatens to kill man 'with kindness ' uses machete named 'Kindness'
1/14/2019Man who drove Ferrari into Intracoastal told police that 'Jesus told him to'
1/11/2019Florida Man Chews Up Police Car Seat After Cocaine Arrest
1/10/2019Florida Man Allegedly Fooled Family Into Believing Murdered Wife Was Still Alive
1/10/2019Raunchy Duo Busted For Lewd Encounter Public tryst in roadway atop car ends in handcuffs
1/9/2019Minnesota Man 48 Gets Naked Imitates Florida Man In St. Petersburg Hotel
1/8/2019Florida man arrested after argument over cheesesteak
1/8/2019Florida woman accused of fatally beating husband with a cane
1/8/2019Police: Florida teacher smears human feces at park to ruin party for principals daughter
1/7/2019Florida man denies syringes found in rectum are his
1/7/2019Surveillance video captures man stealing generator from South Florida store
1/5/2019Florida man killed ex-girlfriend while trying to get rid of the Devil sheriff says
1/5/2019Man Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Another Woman
1/4/2019Florida man arrested after hitting dad with pizza because he was mad he helped birth him
1/4/2019Florida woman attacks parents after they refuse to take her to Outback
1/4/2019Son Arrested For Pizza Attack On His Father Cops: Man angry victim "helped give birth to him"
1/3/2019Florida man arrested at Mar-a-lago says he came to talk to Trump about 'his $6.3 trillion'
1/3/2019Of course 'Florida Man' drove his Ferrari off dock into the ocean
1/2/2019Florida man arrested following fight over straw at McDonald’s
1/2/2019Florida man doesn't get straw attacks McDonald's employee
12/31/2018Florida Keys fisherman reels in bale of suspected cocaine
12/29/2018Florida man gets 10 years for ordering his dogs to attack deputies
12/28/2018Florida woman robs postal truck with toy gun flees on tricycle
12/26/2018Man drives Ferrari off a dock into the Palm Beach Inlet
12/25/2018Florida man worried about vampires burns down his house
12/17/2018Florida teacher accused of filing false police report as cover for being late for work
12/17/2018Police say man tried to trade marijuana for fast food at McDonald's
12/17/2018South Florida man accused of sympathizing with ISIS posting bomb making videos
12/14/2018Florida man arrested for biting boys out of frustration
12/13/2018Florida man who stockpiled nearly four tons of explosives sentenced to federal prison
12/12/2018Deputy cleared for shooting naked man armed with crossbow who claimed aliens were after him
12/11/2018Florida Man Arrested for DUI While Lemur and Wallaby Escape from Truck During Traffic Stop
12/11/2018South Florida man arrested after reportedly stalking family for months
12/10/2018Man steals elderly woma's purse runs her over with car in central Florida parking lot
12/6/2018Florida man arrested for shoplifting after job interview at Kohls
12/6/2018Florida man arrested for shoplifting following job interview at Kohls
12/5/2018The "Worlds Dumbest Criminal" Cops To Stealing Weed Trimmer Lawnmower From Walmart
12/4/2018Cops Memorialize The Sage Words Of Florida Man Ex-con 52 was caught having sex on beach
12/4/2018Florida Man goes to light festival tells kids there is no Santa
12/3/2018Florida Man Arrested After Offering Undercover Cop A Hamburger In Exchange For Sex Act
12/2/2018Florida Man Gets Nearly 12 Years For Bank Robbery Where Money (Literally) Ended Up In The Toilet
11/29/2018Woman passes gas in store pulls knife on offended customer
11/28/2018Woman Arrested After Gas Leak At Dollar General Cops: Shopper pulled knife after fart comments
11/28/2018Sentence upheld for South Florida man who put killing on Facebook
11/27/2018Florida man clings to hang glider 4k feet above Swiss mountains after pilot forgets to strap him in
11/27/2018Florida man punched squeezed life out of baby
11/27/2018Florida man stabs woman with fork over undercooked baked potato
11/27/2018Woman passes gas in store then pulls knife on an offended customer cops say
11/26/2018Man Behind Bars Following Arrest In Bizarre Potato Rage Incident
11/26/2018Nassau County man stabs woman over undercooked potato
11/23/2018Deputies: Florida woman on meth arrested for running through traffic with baby in arms
11/21/2018Florida man uses fake ID steals $41K in dental implants $10K for French bulldog
11/21/2018Woman Charged In Chinese Food Battery On Beau Wanton attack occurred at Florida mobile home park
11/20/2018Florida man arrested for having sex with miniature horse on multiple occasions deputies say
11/20/2018Jacksonville police searching for burglars who ate snacks made cocktails ransacked local homes
11/20/2018Miniature Horse Lover Gets Corralled Cops: Creepy Floridian 21 gave confession
11/16/2018Man wearing homemade knife necklace charges at neighbors ECSO says
11/15/2018Deputies arrest Florida man wanted for multiple drug charges
11/15/2018Florida man walked into police station asked to go to jail for child porn
11/15/2018Florida woman charged with stealing live lobster from restaurant
11/14/2018Florida man accused of putting semen in coworkers water
11/12/2018Drunken Florida man accused of biting off ma's fingertip
11/12/2018Florida man claims he killed dismembered roommate because he was possibly next mass killer'
11/12/2018Florida man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for driving 'footmobile'
11/12/2018Naked Florida man revealed on video sneaking into restaurant and munching on ramen
11/8/2018ops Bust Man Who Said Name Was "Ben Dover" At least perp did not claim to be Heywood Jablome
11/6/2018Florida man accused of breaking into alligator farm is attacked by crocodile leaves Croc shoe behind
11/6/2018Florida man bitten after jumping into pit at St. Augustine Alligator Farm
11/2/2018Doctors find maggot deeply embedded in Florida woma's groin
11/2/2018Florida man kicks bear to save dog
11/1/2018Florida man arrested for barging into homes seeking someone to fight him
11/1/2018It Does Not Get Much More Florida Than This Woman 24 arrested for meth child neglect
10/31/2018Florida man arrested after another sex toy was thrown on the field during Bills-Patriots game
10/24/2018Florida man faces 10 years in prison for cruise assault
10/23/2018Florida man accused of groping woman on flight tells authorities 'the President says it's ok'
10/21/2018Falling palm tree kills woman in hammock in Florida
10/18/2018Cops: Presidential Helo Mechanic In Meth Bust Defendant 30 works for Sikorsky Aircraft
10/18/2018Florida man accused of cutting off penis of exs new boyfriend
10/14/2018Florida man hid heroin in 5-year-olds shirt
10/11/2018Man Arrested For Pelting His Mother With Sausages Cops Report
10/10/2018Support Squirrel Prompts Plane Dispute Woman refused to leave jet when told of rodent ban
10/5/2018Do not warm urine. Florida gas station warns people not to put pee in the microwave.
10/5/2018Florida store owner: Don't warm urine in my microwave
10/4/2018Dirty Dancing Reenactment Is Panned By Cops Woman 24 placed in corner of squad car
10/4/2018Florida woman gets 12 years for poisoning baby with Tylenol
10/2/2018Florida man tries to buy an 8-year-old girl from mother at Walmart for $200 000
10/2/2018Police: Man tried to buy girl from mother at Florida Walmart
10/1/2018Florida Woman Ends Up Behind Bars After Robbery "Prank" Backfires
9/28/2018Man Bites Dog Pleads Guilty To Felony Rap Nitwit injured Husky "to establish dominance"
9/24/2018Florida woman accused of leaving dog to die in dumpster because she could't afford it
9/20/2018Florida man charged with setting woman on fire after dispute
9/20/2018Florida Man Continues Gardening Naked Despite Neighbors Pleas To Stop
9/20/2018Neighbors complain about Florida man doing yardwork naked
9/17/2018Cops: Father Drove Teens To Park For Sex "They could be out there doing worse " man says
9/12/2018Florida woman accused of pouring hot sauce in husbands eyes during fight
9/11/2018Cokehead: Jailers Make Surprise Discovery When Prying Wig Off Inmate's Head
9/11/2018Cops: Argument Over Kaepernick Turned Violent Concrete contractor 60 faces battery charge
9/7/2018Florida man drunk and naked allegedly set house on fire in failed cookie baking attempt
9/3/2018Florida man flees traffic stop jumps into canal but is overcome by blue-green algae
8/28/2018As Arrest Loomed Florida Man Decided To Channel His Inner Michael Scott
8/24/2018Florida security guard fired after posting farting videos online
8/21/2018Deputies: Florida woman steals donations meant for dead girls family uses money to buy drugs
8/20/2018Video shows Florida woman in wheelchair riding in back of pickup truck
8/17/2018Octogenarian In Topless Box Wine Bust Shirtless woman 81 quaffed Sunset Blush
8/16/2018Cops: Man 39 Battered Girlfriend 78 Over Unpaid DirecTV Bill
8/3/2018Yes, the moon has its own Catholic bishop
8/2/2018Man Dumped Bucket Of Waste Inside 7-Eleven Suspect sourced his slurry from portable toilet
7/30/2018Florida man makes beer run with gator in hand
7/30/2018FWC investigates Jacksonville man who made beer run with gator in hand
7/25/2018Florida Man s Family Values Appear Shaky Nitwit 22 jailed for battering pregnant girlfriend
7/24/2018Masseuse Mi Suk Suk Bae Could Lose License Over "Happy Ending" Arrest
7/23/2018South Florida man believes paramedics took his jewelry after being shot
7/21/2018Central Florida man killed by deputies after he kills dog
7/20/2018Hero waitress body slams Florida man who touched her buttocks
7/17/2018South Florida woman accused of killing mother who left her out of will
7/13/2018Florida man with no arms charged with stabbing Chicago tourist
7/12/2018Man charged with attacking minion on Florida boardwalk
7/11/2018Florida man tells deputies he wasn't drinking while driving just at stop signs
7/10/2018A Distinction Without A Difference Driver told cops he only drank at stop signs
7/6/2018Man accused of assaulting women across Florida gets tased after trying to run from cops
7/5/2018Man Tells Cop He "Really Enjoyed" Resisting Arrest Because It Was Like Being On A TV Show
7/5/2018South Florida man seen on video lighting fireworks inside Dollar Tree
7/4/2018Florida to seek the death penalty against a grandmother accused of killing a woman to steal her iden
7/3/2018South Florida man tricks grandfather into sending $15 000 in ransom money
6/26/2018Florida woman accused of bringing drugs to jury duty
6/26/2018Florida woman attempts to break Guinness record for longest journey by stand-up paddleboard
6/26/2018New Port Richey woman brings drugs to jury duty deputies say
6/25/2018Florida homeowner has some regrets after killing thousands of swarming honeybees
6/23/2018Florida man charged after dog dies in hot car
6/23/2018Florida man charged with pointing gun at texting driver
6/15/2018Deputy: Florida man chugged can of beer during DUI stop
6/14/2018Florida man charged after asking deputies to test meth's quality
6/11/2018Florida man breaks into home steals alcohol falls asleep on couch
6/11/2018Ticket Trouble: South Florida man billed for 1995 speeding violation
6/8/2018Monkey in diaper found clinging to Florida man in stolen car police say
6/8/2018Woman sentenced to 18 years for kidnapping infant from Florida hospital in 1998
6/7/2018Driver Offers Florida Cops Best Explanation For Why He Is Driving With A Concealed Hatchet
6/1/2018Florida woman gets 7 years for forcing surrogate pregnancy
5/31/2018Florida woman named Crystal Methvin arrested for possession of crystal meth
5/30/2018Florida officer charged with threatening woman to get nude photos
5/29/2018Report: Sugar daddy gives St. Johns County woman bounced check
5/28/2018Florida man steals crashes unmarked police car near Miami
5/25/2018Homeowner Tried To Shoot Down Hovering Drone Floridian fired volley of 9mm shots at aerial intruder
5/22/2018Florida man arrested after going to playground telling children where babies come from
5/21/2018Florida couple steals motorized shopping cart from Walmart drives to bar
5/17/2018Florida woman smiles in mugshot after DUI crash that killed mother officials say
5/17/2018Police arrest fleeing Florida man when his pants fall down
5/16/2018Autopsy report confirms exploding vape pen killed Florida man
5/14/2018Police arrest man in Florida Keys for illegal lobster possession
5/11/2018Bodycam footage shows a naked man at airport causing chaos at baggage claim
5/11/2018Florida man hid legless fugitive girlfriend in plastic tote
5/10/2018Pregnant woman wins Florida Lottery scratch-off game days before Mothers Day
5/9/2018Florida Man Arrested For Attempting To “Barbecue” Child Molesters
5/9/2018Nassau County dad loses wife two kids in I-95 accident caused by alligator
5/7/2018Man accused of trying to set sex offenders on fire at Florida motel
5/4/2018Florida woma's gruesome roach-in-ear tale goes viral
5/3/2018Florida man robs bank throws stolen money out of window of getaway car as he leads police on chase
5/1/2018Florida Man Abducts Scientist To Make His Dog Immortal
4/28/2018Man hit killed by train in Florida
4/27/2018Florida man turns self in weeks after deadly double shooting
4/26/2018Florida man arrested for kicking swans at Lake Eola while practicing karate
4/24/2018Florida man slapped with Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish after argument police say
4/23/2018Man Battered Boyfriend With Singing Fish Big Mouth Billy Bass was used as a weapon
4/23/2018Police try to unlock phone with dead ma's finger in Florida
4/21/2018Florida man found guilty of killing 4 with machete
4/20/2018Florida woman charged with murder of newborn twins
4/16/2018Florida man arrested after asking What would happen if I stole some beer
4/16/2018Not only was the screaming man in the Publix parking lot punching cars he was naked
4/13/2018Florida woman arrested after 2-year-old tests positive for chronic meth
4/13/2018Sebastian man left gas station with beer after clerk warned alcohol sales had ended
4/12/2018Florida man accused of tying up ex-roommate cutting off her hair before killing her
4/9/2018Florida woman claims wind blew cocaine into her purse
4/8/2018North Florida woman at mud bog killed by lightning strike
4/8/2018Police: Woman Claims Wind Blew Cocaine Into Her Purse
4/4/2018Florida man crashes into home claims to be FBI agent and threatens to shoot an officer
4/4/2018He told cops the stuff in his pockets was daily vitamins. It wasnt anything healthy
3/28/2018Florida woman mistakes 37-week pregnancy for bad Chinese food
3/21/2018Florida man arrested for DUI had blood alcohol of .316
3/21/2018Florida Man Steals Car With Baby Still Inside Then Drops Baby Off at Nearby Gas Station
3/19/2018Florida Police Report Arrest Of Captain Dickhead
3/9/2018Woman sues Hamburger Mary's for $1.5M says she was injured by a drag queen's breast
2/28/2018Florida man reportedly attempts to rob convenience store armed with a finger
2/28/2018Florida woman accused of fatally shooting fiances dog after he reportedly refused to crack her back
2/15/2018Arrest After Victim Survives Cougar Attack Cops: Woman 64 pawed man at The Villages
2/7/2018Florida man does cartwheel for cops during field sobriety test
2/7/2018Florida man pulled over for DUI does cartwheel while telling cops about how much Chardonnay he drank
2/5/2018Florida man threatened to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey
2/4/2018Florida man arrested after threatening to kidnap Lana Del Rey police say
2/4/2018Florida woman found guilty in death of baby left in her care
2/2/2018Domestic Battery Triggered By Sting Song Police: Ex-Police mans tune escalated dispute
2/1/2018Florida man swung a sword in road-rage attack
1/31/2018Man dies after sand tunnel collapses on him at Florida beach
1/30/2018Florida man breaks into stranger's garage makes coffee
1/24/2018Florida man accused of fleeing scene of rollover crash abandoning injured step-daughters
1/24/2018Florida man severely beat 3-year-old girl put her in oven
1/22/2018Florida man attacks girlfriend with an unlikely weapon his dinner cops say
1/19/2018Woman who struck South Florida principal accepts plea deal
1/18/2018Florida man arrested for DUI after mistaking bank drive-thru for Taco Bell
1/17/2018Cops: Man Called 911 To Report Wife Was Spider Floridian busted for misusing emergency system
1/17/2018Florida man drunkenly called 911 to report his wife is a 'black widow spider'
1/11/2018Bear attacks man walking his dog in southwest Florida neighborhood
1/6/2018Florida man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving
1/6/2018Police: Florida teens lie in wait rob and fatally shoot man
1/2/2018Florida woman charged with neglecting son with cerebral palsy
1/1/2018Detectives: Florida man beat 6-year-old stepson to death for sneaking out of bed to get cookie
12/22/2017Man Charged For 911 Calls About Tiny Clams Seafood fan upset clams were "extremely so small"
11/30/2017Florida man tells deputies he shot up heroin during car chase
11/29/2017Deputies: Florida woman fatally shot misbehaving puppy
11/29/2017Police: Florida teen tries to carjack couple fails because he ca't drive manual transmission
11/27/2017Deputies: Florida man abandoned 3 children on dark highway
11/27/2017Florida man says he punched ATM for giving too much cash
11/27/2017Man arrested in Floridas Turnpike shooting that injured 2
11/26/2017Man arrested in deadly Florida sword attack
11/25/2017Florida woman celebrates 110th birthday on Christmas Day
11/25/2017Pregnant Florida woman fatally stabs attacking pit bull
11/24/2017Man tries to break into car arrested by deputies waiting inside
11/23/2017Florida man arrested for dinner complaints
11/23/2017Florida man fighting for his life after chasing monkey
11/17/2017Florida man left 2 kids in car while in strip club
11/16/2017Florida man charged with blowing off dogs paw with M-80
11/15/2017Elderly woman arrested after refusing to be evicted from Florida senior home
11/14/2017South Florida conman sentenced to Supermax — at his own request
11/14/2017Walmart Worker Walloped By Would-Be Thief Cops: Female employee punched in face by punk
11/13/2017Florida man accused of fatally kicking toddler because she got out of car seat
11/8/2017Florida executes man for pair of killings dating to 1991
11/8/2017Florida man charged with DUI while riding lawn mower
11/7/2017Police arrest Florida man accused of raping impregnating disabled 14-year-old girl
11/6/201713-year-old charged with carjacking abducting woman in north Florida
11/5/2017Ex-Florida child welfare spokesman accused of child porn
11/4/2017Florida man sentenced to life for killing wife her 2 kids
11/3/2017Florida woman arrested for DUI while riding a horse
11/3/2017Florida woman charged with DUI on horse
10/30/2017Deputies: Florida man shoots at imagined intruders arrested
10/27/2017Cops: Hooker Wanted Beanie Baby From John Woman nabbed after barter offer to undercover
10/25/2017Woman who married at 11 seeks to change Florida marriage law
10/24/2017Florida man gets 7+ years prison for pimping teenage girl
10/18/2017Florida Keys woman paddleboards with pet chicken
10/9/2017Florida woman arrested after leaving child in hot car during jail visit
10/4/2017Naked Gun: Police say nude drunk Florida man fired weapons
9/26/2017Woman arrested in 27-year-old Florida killer clown case
9/25/2017Florida deputies: Man poured scalding water over 2-year-old
9/21/2017Florida Road Ragers Facing Felony Charges Police: Duo pummeled female motorist
9/13/2017Case Dropped Against Bikini Contest Brawler Woman was accused of attack with high heels
9/10/2017Florida ma's joke about shooting Irma gets taken seriously
9/5/2017Couple Nabbed After X-Rated Beach Romp Floridians frolicked "in the middle of families"
9/1/2017Florida man charged with using Confederate flag as weapon
8/28/2017Florida man stuffs over $1 000 in rectum in attempt to hide it from deputies
8/25/2017Florida man charged with stabbing mom to death
8/17/2017Police: Rifle Pulled During Ice Cream Beef McDonalds workers fled when customer got gun
8/15/2017Florida man gets 6 years for firing gun while taking selfie
8/15/2017Florida man wrecks liquor shop blames 'caterpillar' from Alice in Wonderland
8/14/2017Police: Florida man dies after punch from Uber driver
7/29/2017Florida man faces charges after baby dies in hot bedroom
7/25/2017Woman says South Florida felon gave her $200 000 bad check from dead perso's account
7/12/2017Cookie Monster Was Stuffed With Cocaine Key West man 39 jailed on pair of felonies
7/11/2017Florida man escapes alligator by punching it in the face while searching for golf balls
7/11/2017Police arrest Florida man on 100 counts of child porn
7/6/2017Florida car salesman robbed at knifepoint during test drive
7/6/2017Police: Florida woman attempts to chew meth found in buttocks
7/5/2017Florida woman found with meth in "buttocks area"
7/4/2017Iguana in toilet nothing Florida man ca't handle
7/3/2017Police: Florida man sits on gun shoots himself in penis
7/2/2017Man arrested for stealing ambulance from South Florida medical center
6/29/2017Police: Power line shocks man picking mangoes in Florida
6/27/2017South Florida woman bitten by monkey
6/19/2017Florida man fights off gun-wielding robbers with machete
6/19/2017South Florida man jailed in Middle East over prescription pain pills
6/16/2017Florida Mans Mousetrap Plot Fails Bigly Scheme to ID mail thief catches letter carrier
6/12/2017Man dies in Florida after being sucked under street sweeper
6/9/2017Naked Florida man damages patrol car after fleeing crash
6/7/2017Woman Busted After Booty Call Goes Bad Fists flew when suspect found woman in exs bed
6/6/2017Florida woman faces possible child abuse charge for letting snake bite baby
5/23/2017Neo-Nazi' in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene
5/19/2017Florida woman burned by Starbucks coffee awarded $100K
5/18/2017Couple Nabbed For X-Rated Public RompWoman 62 and beau 55 face lewdness raps
5/18/2017Woman burned by Starbucks coffee awarded $100K
5/17/2017North Florida man bit on tongue while trying to kiss rattlesnake
5/13/2017Man calls 911 in Florida to ask to be deported
4/30/2017Florida woman arrested after agreeing to swap sex for $25 McNuggets
4/27/2017Woman Arrested For Xylophone Rage Attack Police: Perp poured pot of cold grease on man
4/23/2017Florida man convicted in fatal fight over gumbo spices
4/18/2017Wanted Florida woman arrested thanks to her Facebook Live video at Chuck E. Cheese
4/10/2017FBI: Florida man wanted for multi-million dollar mortgage scheme
4/10/2017Florida Man Shits in Washing Machine at Soapys Coin Laundromat
3/30/2017Florida woman stabbed by ex-boyfriend marries firefighter who rescued her
3/30/2017Police Pop Pistol-Packing Penny Perpetrator 7-Eleven employee declined change faced gun
3/24/2017Florida man blocks traffic by sitting in crosswalk to eat pancakes
3/23/2017Central Florida woman accused of using stolen identity to pay for plastic surgery
3/17/2017Florida businessman creates red light photo jammer FHP says its illegal
3/16/2017Florida man finds gator in garage
3/10/2017Florida man asks for lighter sentence gets life instead
3/9/2017Man in Iron Man shirt robs South Florida blood bank in broad daylight
2/27/2017Cops: Customer Deposited Coke In Bank ATM Tech discovered drug after machine got jammed
2/23/2017Florida man admits to attempting to hack NY charity computer
2/22/2017Florida police chief officer charged in woma's death during gun safety demonstration
2/21/2017Cops: Suspect Used Sex Toy During Attack Victim said she criticized beaus performance in bed
2/17/2017Florida man accused in plot to bomb Target stores
2/9/2017Man 76 Shot Wife In Butt Over Lack of Sex Cops: Perp angry over failure to consummate union
2/9/2017Woman pleads not guilty in case of baby kidnapped from Florida hospital in 1998
2/6/2017Teen admits killing Florida woman in London knife rampage
2/3/2017Man dies after being hit by freight train in Florida
2/1/2017Florida woman says iPhone exploded into flames while charging
1/31/2017Jury convicts man in Florida Keys bomb plot
1/31/2017Police: Florida pastor caught with ma's wife flees naked
1/26/2017Florida man could get life in prison for selling cocaine found at sea
1/26/2017Florida woman accused of throwing tampon at police officer
1/15/2017Deputies: Florida man confessed to killing ex-college prof
1/13/2017Central Florida man gets life sentence for raping impregnating 10-year-old
1/12/2017Police: Central Florida man posted on wifes Facebook to cover up killing
1/11/2017‘It was insane’: Maid of honor turns Florida wedding into nightmare
1/4/2017Florida woman beats fiancé in fight over engagement ring
1/3/2017Man accused of shooting at cows along Floridas Turnpike
12/28/2016Police: Naked man jumping on cars along busy Florida highway
12/27/2016Man 81 Cops Shuffleboard Rage Plea Floridian socked fellow retiree at senior citizens center
12/23/2016Deputies shoot kill Florida man allegedly aiming crossbow at them
12/21/2016Florida woman sues Toyota for delectable car wires that attract rodents
12/20/2016Central Florida woman accused stealing from Toys for Tots
12/19/2016Construction machine slides into Florida canal kills man
12/6/2016Florida woman in half-marathon lost for 12 hours then found
12/5/2016Florida woman arrested for twerking resisting officer
12/5/2016Florida woman gets diploma 7 decades later
12/5/2016South Florida woman accused of choking 6-month-old husky
12/2/2016Florida man breaks into neighbors home to pet their cat
12/1/2016South Florida man charged with impregnating 11-year-old girl
11/28/2016Florida deputy fatally shoots pit bull who attacked homeless man
11/28/2016Woman Arrested After Groping Sexual Advances Floridian 53 made moves on men and women
11/21/2016Cops: Man Used 7-Eleven Cooler As A Bathroom Suspect 46 failed in search for restroom
11/21/2016Florida Keys caregiver accused of abusing elderly woman
11/18/2016South Florida man arrested for operating illegal horse slaughterhouse
11/17/2016Elderly man dies on JetBlue flight from Florida to Boston
11/10/2016"Law-Abiding Pervert" Faces Child Porn Raps Suspect: "Im not a pedophile Im just a pervert."
10/25/2016Florida man gets 3 years for slamming dog into wall
10/24/2016Pregnant South Florida woman infected with Zika
10/10/2016Woman drives 3 miles wrong way down Florida highway
10/8/2016PBSO: Man violated restraining order on same day it was issued
10/5/2016On This Day Peak Florida Has Been Reached Man busted for crimes epitomizing Sunshine State
9/29/2016Florida officer faces suspension for slapping homeless man
9/29/2016Man charged in 26-year-old double murder rape in Florida
9/29/2016Sorry-I-Tased-You cake does't cut it for Florida woman
9/26/2016Cops: Quarrel Over Orgy Got All Stabby
9/20/2016Florida man arrested for swimming with manatees in Islamorada
9/20/2016South Florida airport lost and found now includes a mannequin
9/19/2016Police: Gator attacks homeless man in Florida river
9/19/2016South Florida man sues Samsung for phone explosion in pocket
9/18/2016Naked man dies shortly after breaking into Florida home
9/14/2016Report: Florida woman made bomb threat to halt ma's urine test
9/12/2016Florida man gets 11+ years prison for $4.8M gold truck heist
9/8/2016Florida man claims his Jeep caught fire due to exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7
9/7/2016South Florida man charged with murder in fatal road rage shooting
9/5/2016Uber Driver Arrested For 5 AM Creep Act Man seen prowling at home of female passengers
9/2/2016Armed South Florida man warns intruder: Pokemon Go Away
9/2/2016Florida man uses his wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture
9/1/2016Senate Candidate Took Donations From Wiseguys Money went to Democrat challenging Marco Rubio
9/1/2016Stuart police: Man uses wanted poster for Facebook profile photo
9/1/2016Young Florida woman hopes her long tongue will break Guinness World Record
8/30/2016Woman identified as rapper T-Pai's niece killed in Florida
8/28/2016Florida man survives lightning strike spider snake bites
8/26/2016Facebook like gets Florida man a return trip to jail
8/25/2016Sheriff: Suicidal man shot by Florida sheriffs deputy in Orlando
8/23/2016Deputies: Argument over kiss lands Florida man in jail
8/22/2016Florida man finds wallet with over $3K in cash returns to family on vacation
8/22/2016PBSO: Man threatens brother with knife after being called fat
8/22/2016PBSO: Riviera man arrested after posting Facebook status about crime
8/21/2016Florida City man shot dead during argument
8/19/2016Coast Guard bursts Florida ma's bubble stunt for 3rd time
8/15/2016Theft Suspect Trashed Store For 10 Minutes Cops: Florida woman was spotted stealing candy
8/12/2016Man accused of killing 81-year-old central Florida neighbor
8/11/2016Owner of South Florida assisted living facility charged with manslaughter
8/10/2016Florida man dies while diving off Florida Keys
8/10/2016Man walks 1 300 miles from South Florida to White House for childhood obesity awareness
8/9/2016Police: Woman killed by Florida officer in academy exercise
8/6/2016Husband of Florida woman killed by train dies 1 day later
8/4/2016Husband tries fails to save wife from being killed by train
8/3/2016Wife of man who faked death set for arraignment in Florida
7/31/2016Florida man hits tourist with shovel
7/28/2016Florida man arrested after Krispy Kreme doughnut flakes mistaken for meth
7/25/2016Florida homeless woman lights boyfriend on fire for not providing drugs
7/22/2016Naked Toothless Woman Huffing Propane Threatens to Blow Up Police
7/22/2016Police: Video shows Florida man raping unconscious woman
7/18/2016Man hits injures Florida police officer with car
7/15/2016Officials ID homeless man eaten by gators in Florida canal
7/10/2016Florida man charged with burning bunny that bit him
7/10/2016Florida man shoots girlfriend as she calls 911 kills self
7/7/2016Man charged with burning rabbit named 'Thumper' arrested in Punta Gorda
7/5/2016Florida man loses 3 fingers when firecracker explodes
7/2/2016Islamic group: Muslim man beaten outside Florida mosque
6/30/2016Man drives himself to hospital after shots fired on South Florida highway
6/28/2016Man accused of killing pregnant Florida teen 4 years later
6/28/2016Man who went on mac and cheese tirade is arrested in Florida
6/27/2016Cops: Suspect Dumped Vile Slurry In Pool Man angered over mobile home park eviction
6/26/2016Florida man scams woman by posing as country star
6/20/2016Deputies: Florida man kills wife neighbor who tried to help
6/19/2016Florida woman killed outside of home by falling palm tree
6/13/2016Key West Gas Leak Triggers Tavern Brawl Police report does not identify party who dealt it
6/9/2016Florida man charged for calling 911 because girlfriend would't buy vodka
6/4/2016Brevard deputy shot several times suspect killed after argument over feral cats escalates
5/31/2016South Florida woman arrested after stabbing sister
5/22/2016Florida woman stabbed with broken metal broom handle
5/19/2016BSO: South Florida man accused of raping 6-year-old girl while grandmother slept
5/17/2016Florida man faces 60 years in prison for prostitution ring
5/16/2016Plea hearing for Florida man in Jewish Center bomb plot
5/14/2016Man dead after fall from South Florida hotel
5/9/2016Man with murder tattoo arrested for murder in Florida home invasion
4/25/2016Bubble burst: Florida man using “hydropod” at sea rescued
4/20/2016South Florida woman accused of drugging dates placed on house arrest
4/20/2016South Florida woman arrested for drugging man stealing his Rolex in Brickell
4/19/2016South Florida man behind 2015 gold heist makes plea deal
4/5/2016Man charged after Florida City police chase
4/4/2016South Florida man arrested after chase crashing into police cruisers
12/23/2015Florida Man trying to time travel plows car into Florida businesses
12/22/2015South Florida man accidentally kills himself while cleaning gun
12/15/2015Florida Man on drugs rams car into IRC Jail
12/8/2015Florida Man Arrested After Driving 110 MPH While Naked with 3 Women in a Cadillac
12/7/2015Florida Man Driving 110Mph While Naked With 3 Women In A Cadillac Arrested On DUI Charge
12/3/2015Man crawls under Cracker Barrel bathroom stall seeking sex with woman
11/20/2015South Florida man bit by shark catches shark says hell eat it
10/2/2015Florida Man Drinks Goat Blood in Ritual Sacrifice Runs for Senate
8/1/2015West Palm police: Man on Clematis asks to be arrested, punches cop when he isn’t
7/23/2015Florida man gets life in prison for killing drag queen
7/13/2015Florida Man Stole Operating Room Surgical Table
7/2/2015Keys Deputies Arrest Man Dressed as Pirate for Firing Muskets at Cars
7/1/2015Suspect in wifes murder removed from courtroom after outburst
6/26/2015Homeless woman allegedly takes children ages 3 and 5 from Florida park to teach them how to steal 'l
6/8/2015Florida Man Jailed For Pizza Battery On Roommate
6/4/2015Florida man caught on video dancing atop deputys cruiser
5/29/201582-Year-Old Florida Man Slashes 88-Year-Old Florida Womans Tires with an Ice Pick for Taking His Sea
5/13/2015Nearly nude Florida man tased in airport
4/13/2015A Florida Man Who Advertised Legit Counterfeit $$ On Craiglist Was Predictably Arrested
4/13/2015Florida Man Impersonating a Police Officer Pulls Over Real Cops
4/3/2015Florida Woman Kicks Cop in Groin Offers to Kiss the Boo-Boo
3/27/2015"Florida Man" Has Better Approval Ratings in Florida Than Gov. Rick Scott
3/20/2015Florida Burglar Tells Police He Actually Owns Home with Mariah Carey
3/11/2015This Florida Church Just Lost Its Tax-Exempt Status Because Its Reportedly Just a Nightclub
2/25/2015WATCH: Florida Man Vapes Semen
2/13/2015Drunk Couple Slept in Dumpster Woke Up in Garbage Truck
2/11/2015Florida dumpster sleepers end up trapped in garbage truck
2/10/2015The Ghost Of Macho Man Randy Savage Is Allegedly Haunting A Florida Wrestling Promotion
2/3/2015Florida man accused of killing gators for Super Bowl dinner
2/2/2015Florida Man claims dolphin seduced him into having sex
1/27/2015Barbecue Bandit Takes $4 000 Worth of Chicken and Ribs From Restaurant
1/23/2015Radio Stations Porn Star Foursome Contest Prize
1/20/201583-year-old DeBary woman charged with felony in husbands beating
1/19/2015Dog Wins $3 Million in Florida Lottery
1/9/2015Man in "I Have Drugs" Shirt Totally Had Drugs
1/6/2015South Florida man sentenced 8 years after online sex sting
10/16/2014Meet the Florida Man Who Surgically Removed His Junk for Fun
10/6/2014How a Butt Dial Busted a Meth Ring
6/18/2014Florida man becomes 3rd executed in US in 24 hours
3/5/2014Fla. man arrested for having sex with pit bull in yard as neighbors pleaded with him to stop: report
2/13/2014Florida man convicted of killing burying ex-reporter in concrete and selling his Magic: The Gatherin
4/29/2013Florida Man Asks Cops to Cut Off His Genitals Tells Them Hes God
1/23/2013Gregory Matthew Bruni Naked Intruder Pooped And Masturbated In Tony Lands Florida Home: Cops
10/9/2012Florida man dies after winning roach-eating contest
6/11/2012Florida Man Arrested For Calling 911 After His Kitten Was Denied Entry Into A Strip Club
3/1/2012Florida woman burns down the 5th oldest tree in the country by lighting a fire so she can see her me
3/1/2012Florida's Oldest Tree Burned Down By Woman Smoking Meth Beneath It
6/2/2011Sovereign Citizen Opens Fire On Store Because It Ran Out Of Crawfish
4/2/2010Obese Florida man George Jolicoeur avoids jail because he s too fat
8/7/2009Man: Naughty Kitty Downloaded Kiddie Porn Florida man arrested, says cat downloaded thousands of ima
6/27/2008Woman puts home and heart up for sale on Internet
4/4/2008Man threatens Virginia Tech-style attack
3/25/2008Florida teen dies during corrective breast surgery
6/13/2007Two florida women sue Girls Gone Wild creator
6/4/2007Florida collector buys 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' car
5/22/2007Doctor convicted of supporting al Qaeda said he did not know he had offered his medical expertise to
4/13/2007Robber lets clerk call 911 but still steals money
3/16/2007Florida Girl who hiccuped for over a month starts again
2/21/2007Florida teen stumbles upon mammoth tooth
1/21/2007Wounded duck survives two days in refrigerator
9/21/2004Puppy shoots Florida man deputies say

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