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  his (121)     after (181)     they (16)     year (43)     old (43)     that (24)     police (140)     her (74)     report (21)     florida (750)     man (668)     child (19)     suspect (20)     not (22)     from (75)     south (43)     arrested (175)     home (36)     during (28)     accused (76)     off (39)     charged (43)     with (178)     woman (232)     store (23)     over (50)     for (257)     sex (33)     years (28)     who (52)     then (22)     found (28)     says (34)     say (73)     cops (70)     got (18)     because (28)     out (39)     dog (26)     911 (20)     him (49)     was (92)     meth (26)     stole (18)     allegedly (19)     into (67)     naked (35)     she (34)     before (17)     the (45)     while (41)     gets (50)     when (29)     you (16)     arrest (29)     get (17)     and (49)     gun (37)     car (63)     fire (17)     boyfriend (22)     caught (23)     alligator (17)     being (19)     deputies (68)     000 (21)     jail (23)     killed (20)     girl (17)     shot (20)     tells (16)     stealing (22)     cocaine (16)     about (17)     baby (23)     girlfriend (18)     wife (22)     killing (22)     steals (20)     beat (16)     dies (16)     officer (21)     video (26)     himself (17)     murder (20)  

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Anthony Richard Williams Robbed A Bank, Stole A Car, Tries To Swim Away From Police, Cries When He Gets Caught In A Current And Threatens Rescuing Office


Jonathan Tucker Stole A Gun And A Car, Fled From Police, Smoked Some Meth And Got Arrested


Florida man reports handgun stolen during orgy at his home Volusia County sheriff's sergeant says crime unlikely to be solved


Bradley D Knirnschild Stole Bikes In Washington, Tried To Sell Them In Idaho; Gets Arrested


Raytheon Slater Insured His $8,000 Rims And Claimed They Were Stolen, Gets Insurance Check And Tries To Sell The Rims On The Line 


A law firm fired an attorney. He became the firm’s stalker and stole an AR-15, cops say


William James Westberry Broke Into A Car And Stole A Gun, His Momma Recognized Him On Camera And Turned Him In


Arthur Shamilevich Gerbekov Stole $1,000 Sweater In July To “Get His Brother” Something Nice, Gets Arrested


Mason Bannister Goes On Crime Spree, Uses Stolen Credit Card, Headbutts Cashier, Tries To Carjack Woman, Gets Taken Down By K9


He served two years for grand theft. Now cops say he stole over $60,000 of boating equipment


Piercing Pagoda worker at West Oaks Mall stole identities to make $35K in fake sales, cops say - Orlando Sentinel


Joseph Howard Bryant Stole A Land Rover, Rammed Into Police Vehicles, Rear Ends Vehicle On The Interstate And Got Arrested


His job was to load ATMs with money. He stole over $100,000 doing that, cops say.


Miami-area man allegedly stole truck trailer containing $65,000 worth of soup headed for a grocery store.


Woman accused of pawning goods stolen from man's trailer while he was in jail


Florida man says he had sex with stolen pool toys instead of raping women


Florida man arrested for ramming main gate at Mayport Naval Station with stolen dump truck


Florida man arrested after stolen caskets found in stolen rental truck


An allegedly drunk Florida man stole a car set fire to a home and then led Union Beach police on a wild foot chase into the marshland.


Florida man set fire to N.J. home stole car then ran from cops authorities say


Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser police say


Florida Girl 14 Makes Like A Florida Man Teen stole deliverymans car for rendezvous with beau


This Florida man stole laxatives because he thought they were opioids police say


Florida man learns hard way he stole laxatives not opioids


Monkey in diaper found clinging to Florida man in stolen car police say


Florida man robs bank throws stolen money out of window of getaway car as he leads police on chase


Florida man arrested after asking What would happen if I stole some beer


Central Florida woman accused of using stolen identity to pay for plastic surgery


Florida Man Stole Operating Room Surgical Table

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