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Florida Man David Stull Takes DNA Test, Realizes His Brother In Blue Is His Half Brother From Another Mother


Teen urinates on Walmart shelf days after woman sullied another store’s potatoes: report


Police: Florida man attacks another man with a machete, charged with aggravated battery The victim was "bleeding profusely" when police found him.


Perverted Hypnotherapist Robert Andrew Nichols Used Ritual Magic And Sexual Therapy On A Woman | July 27


Florida man who was captured naked after fleeing chicken coop pleads not guilty


'Something we're not proud of': Fired deputy Zach Wester arrested in drug planting probe


Florida man's meth mouth not improved by exploding e-cigarette; appeals court upholds award


Woman heading to rehabilitation in Jackson County jumps out of vehicle, steals another


Florida man caught with cocaine on his nose insists drugs were not his: deputies


Florida man and Florida woman arrested for having sex on the beach "in every possible position fully nude...They did not cover up...It went on for 25 minutes."


Florida man drops off baby cheetah at fire station After lots of investigating fire crews determined it might not be a cheetah cub after all.


APRIL 19--While being booked for causing a disturbance at a bar a Florida Man rubbed the buttocks of a fingerprint technician according to a police report which notes that the suspect said he pawed the female victim because she was sexy. Jack Dylan Evan


Deputies: Pregnant Florida woman stabbed boyfriend for looking at another woman on roommates phone


Florida man learns hard way he stole laxatives not opioids


Man Accused of Killing Ex-Girlfriend Shooting Another Woman


ops Bust Man Who Said Name Was "Ben Dover" At least perp did not claim to be Heywood Jablome


Florida man arrested after another sex toy was thrown on the field during Bills-Patriots game


Do not warm urine. Florida gas station warns people not to put pee in the microwave.


Iguana in toilet nothing Florida man ca't handle


Woman pleads not guilty in case of baby kidnapped from Florida hospital in 1998


"Law-Abiding Pervert" Faces Child Porn Raps Suspect: "Im not a pedophile Im just a pervert."


Florida homeless woman lights boyfriend on fire for not providing drugs


Key West Gas Leak Triggers Tavern Brawl Police report does not identify party who dealt it


Doctor convicted of supporting al Qaeda said he did not know he had offered his medical expertise to the terror group.

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