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23 Florida Man Search Results.  Show All


Markeisha Ransom Got Into Argument With Roommate, Grabs A Pair Of Scissors And Gets Arrested 


Joshua James Hallock Got Into An Argument With His Roommate, Beats Him With A Wrench, Gets Called The Devil 


James R Severson Got Grocery Store Road Rage; Runs Into Store Clerk Who Blocked The Aisle, Flashes A Handgun


Jonny Buchanan Got Hungry After Breaking Into A Home, Makes Herself A Sandwich On The Way Out


Jonathan Tucker Stole A Gun And A Car, Fled From Police, Smoked Some Meth And Got Arrested


American Psycho; Christopher Brady Got Fired From Law Firm, Shenanigans Ensue; Starts Firm With Same Name, Breaks Into Old Firm To Steal Safe And A Gun


George Stubbs Got Into Argument With Girlfriend Over Video Game, Chokes Her And Throws Door At Her, Gets Arrested


Yesenia Casiano Got Into An Argument With Her Baby Daddy, Kicks Him In Stomach, Bites Off Part Of His Thumb


Joseph Howard Bryant Stole A Land Rover, Rammed Into Police Vehicles, Rear Ends Vehicle On The Interstate And Got Arrested


Christopher Lacy Got Pulled Over For An Obscured License Tag, He Was Arrested For Chilling A Live Alligator In A Cooler


Chris Cordarrel Anderson Got A Case Of The Road Rage; Fired A Gun At A Vehicle Whose Driver Cut Him Off 


Things Got Slashy After Boyfriend Told Florida Woman He Was Too Tired For Sex


A Dunedin couple got so romantic they broke a salon window. Now the owner says: Pay for it


Florida man wouldnt flush. Thats when the police got involved


Contraband Charge For Woman Who Told Jailers She Forgot About The Pills Nestled Between Her Breasts


PORT ST. LUCIE A naked man accused of actively tugging at his private parts in public got locked up according to police.


Florida man charged after grandma dies; bed filled with maggots


Florida man accused of letting it all hang out in the pillow aisle of Walmart got locked up


Doctors find maggot deeply embedded in Florida woma's groin


Florida man accused of fatally kicking toddler because she got out of car seat


Police: Rifle Pulled During Ice Cream Beef McDonalds workers fled when customer got gun


Cops: Customer Deposited Coke In Bank ATM Tech discovered drug after machine got jammed


Cops: Quarrel Over Orgy Got All Stabby

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